Some high-tech that you can't miss in the adult exhibition |

Some high-tech that you can't miss in the adult exhibition

August 06, 2020

When we visit some adult exhibitions, we will see many exquisite and sexy sex dolls. These dolls are wearing sexy lingerie, revealing their sexy soft breasts and skin, and we can also touch the skin of sex dolls. Direct intimate contact with sex dolls. As the No. 1 professional adult products exhibition in Asia and the second in the world, Shanghai Adult Exhibition has always been hailed as the "vane" of the industry. What highlights will appear at the Shanghai Adult Show this year that will lead the trend of adult products next year? What kind of experience will the adult products blessed by black technology bring to consumers?


Smart connection

The smart connection of mobile phones to adult products has become a highlight of this year's Shanghai Adult Exhibition. ZALO, a sex toys company from Suzhou, not only pays more attention to beauty and user experience in product design, but also adds Bluetooth connectivity to its recently launched new products for the convenience of users, allowing users to directly control strength and direction through mobile phones.

Shise Group also launched a smart App system-Shise at the exhibition. The system connects the mobile phone to the smart airplane cup, and the user can adjust the vibration frequency and intensity of the airplane cup by setting parameters on the mobile phone. Sex dolls can also use this kind of technology to adjust the vibration frequency of the doll’s vagina or the internal contraction of the doll’s vagina through smart technology. Let you have more fascinating experiences in the process of sex. These sex dolls can bring you more fun and increase the real feeling. After all, most of the previous sex dolls were not equipped with smart devices, resulting in sex dolls just a cold silicone mold, when people use this sex doll, there is not much real experience.

Smart connection

VR experience

At the Shanghai Adult Expo, the VR experience exhibition was overcrowded. Many live audiences rushed to watch VR adult videos. After some experience, they shouted real and enjoyable.

In order to be more authentic, a number of peripheral devices were also placed on the VR experience booth, including egg chairs, VR sex experience suits, and airplane cups. The content of the VR adult videos watched by the audience can be synchronized with these peripherals to bring a more pleasant experience to the audience. The combination of sex dolls and VR technology has further developed the experience of sex dolls. The previous sex dolls may not have so many functions, but the current sex dolls can make you feel that this is a real person. Not to mention the simulated reality VR technology currently used, your chubby sex doll not only has a real touch, but she can also move, she can dance and sing, etc. Multiple skills. You can also see the skirt of your sex doll blown up by the wind. This kind of sex doll starts from solving people's needs and brings us a better experience.

Many users who have tried this kind of technology lament the advanced technology, which gives them more opportunities to experience this type of real sex doll. We can also anticipate an advanced trend in the development of sex dolls in the future.

VR experience

Sex doll

At this Shanghai Adult Exhibition, adult products such as artificial silicone human organs, erotic underwear, masturbation sex toys, inflatable dolls, etc. can be seen everywhere. The most eye-catching one is the inflatable doll. Although most of the inflatable dolls exhibited at the exhibition are made of ordinary rubber, they are eye-catching in appearance. For example, the inflatable dolls that imitate the inflatable dolls in the hit drama "Three Lives III and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom" have become a highlight of the exhibition.

Compared with ordinary inflatable dolls, many inflatable dolls incorporating AI technology appeared at this year's Shanghai Adult Show. For example, a smart inflatable doll named "Shishi" not only has functions such as face recognition and intelligent body surface warming, but also can provide personalized customization according to the needs of users. If you are interested in this kind of sex doll, you can also choose custom sex doll , you will be perfectly customized to the sex doll you expect.


Sexy model

In the adult exhibition, there are so few beautiful models with bright dresses and full bodies. The major booths invited many Chinese and foreign models to perform on the stage to attract the attention of otaku. In addition to models, some Japanese AV girlfriends, such as Yu Asakura, Kazuka Kamiha, Ayumi Sakurai, and Shunka Ayumi also appeared at the exhibition.

In addition to holding various adult products to the audience, these sexy models will also give benefits to the otaku fans. Giving small gifts and taking photos is the most basic interaction. Some models even invite the audience to the stage to simulate kissing with them or try adult products.

VR experience

Charitable activities

At the same time, this year's Shanghai Adult Exhibition also held a large-scale public welfare event with the theme of "Caring for Sexual Health, Staying Away from AIDS" to promote sexual health knowledge and spread public welfare. Not only that, the Shanghai Adult Exhibition also joined hands with the China Red Ribbon Fund to continuously hold on-site charity activities with the theme of "zero new hair, zero discrimination, and zero AIDS" within four days of the exhibition.

At the exhibition, experts in the field of sexual medicine research at home and abroad, centered on the big health strategy, discussed various hot issues of adult health such as sex clinic, sex psychology, sex education, sex culture, and shared the final results with everyone, and at the same time conveyed to everyone Gained some professional knowledge of sex.

Although the four-day Shanghai Adult Exhibition has ended, the highlights that appeared on the exhibition site will not come to an end because of the closing of the exhibition. While adult content promotes technological progress, technology will also feed back adult content and improve user experience.

Judging from the highlights of this year's Shanghai Adult Exhibition, the adult products in the coming year will develop in the direction of intelligence, humanization and more realism.

Some high-tech that you can't miss in the adult exhibition

This is a fairly complete sex doll adult exhibition, because it takes care of the needs of many parties. And the adult sex products inside are very rich, using a lot of cash technology and strong technology support. And finally, it also called for a correct and healthy concept of sex, which helps us not forget to take care of our physical needs in the process of enjoying fun. Stay away from AIDS. Sex dolls can help us solve this problem. The sex dolls you use are absolutely safe. You don't need to worry about cross-infection caused by multi-person sex. And your sex doll can also bring you an equally exciting experience. Sex dolls are definitely one of the best companions in our lives, and we have reason to expect the function and appearance of sex dolls in the future. If you want to experience a brand new sex doll, welcome to contact us, you can also watch our sex doll videos to get more information about dolls , our Sex dolls will bring your girlfriend-like sexual pleasure and warm care.

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