Sick man buying sex doll is for love but not sex |

Sick man buying sex doll is for love but not sex

August 10, 2020

When talking about sex dolls, many mysterious smiles and strange sounds appear on many faces. It seems that sex dolls represent sex. With the development of the times, people no longer evade sex dolls. Many people even take the initiative to learn about sex dolls on the Internet Mountain. But when facing people in reality who have a sex doll, their eyes are always full of incomprehension. It seems that many people think that sex dolls have no other functions except sex. But in fact, sex dolls can not only have sex, they can also be a model or a film and television prop, and can even be used as a substitute for a living person at a funeral.

Sick man buying sex doll is for love and not sex

Today's sex dolls have more and more functions. It is hard to imagine that sex dolls can do so many things, but it is true. Moreover, more and more people have developed deep feelings with sex dolls, and people put their thoughts and feelings on these sex dolls to release their mental pressure and get rid of the severe social reality. In life, some people do regard sex dolls as a family member. If you are interested in this story, keep reading!


Sex doll relieves mental stress

For some buyers, dolls are not about sex, but about love. Netizens in Tianjin, who claimed to be Onodera Hualian, recorded his and his daughter Xiaodie on the Internet.

This man is called Song Bo, born in Tianjin, and is a 3D game designer. Sitting next to him is his daughter, Xiaodie, whom he bought for more than $2,000. Fluttershy is an inflatable doll with a height of 1.45 meters. She is generally called a physical doll in the industry. Two years ago, Song Bo was diagnosed with intracranial arachnoid cyst. The worsening condition made him afraid of getting fettered with others, so he decided to give up getting married and having children. By chance, he bought a daughter online for more than $2,000, named Xiaodie, and started an alternative life. 2000 US dollars is not expensive, especially Song Bo is facing the pressure of life. Even if so much money is stored, a disease can take away all his accumulation.

Sick man buying sex doll is for love and not sex

Song Bo suffered from mild depression when he first learned that he was sick. Thanks to this small sex doll , he has a new emotional sustenance for his painful life. He was afraid that his sudden departure would make people who care about him feel sad, and he dared not promise the future to other girls. The future he faced was unknown, and Song Bo couldn't bear the physical illness and psychological pressure. But this bought daughter saved his soul. He began to pin the emotion he released on the sex doll. Fluttershy will not have any emotions. Fluttershy's face is full of smiles. When Song Bo feels a lot of pressure, he only needs to look at the little girl sitting aside. Die, his spirit recovered all at once.


Song Bo takes Xiaodie out to play

Song Bo would take his daughter out for outings from time to time like an ordinary father. I went shopping, ate, watched movies, and sang K together. In May of this year, I took her to Happy Valley. Speaking of Xiaodie, Song Bo can be said to be eloquent.

Sometimes, I will double open LOL (online online game) with Xiaodie. Of course, Xiaodie is not very technical, so I am often called a pit by netizens... Song Bo laughed.

As long as he is free, Song Bo will take some photos and post on Weibo, and Xiaodie has gradually gained his own fans. Netizens affectionately call Song Bo Die Dad. Fluttershy in Weibo, like normal girls, wears different clothes and poses different actions. Yes, Fluttershy is a simulation doll. Her skin is made of silicone, and her bones and joints are made of steel. Her posture can be changed, but each adjustment takes half an hour or more. Song Bo said that sometimes it takes a long time to adjust to take a photo of Xiaodie's life.

Sick man buying sex doll is for love and not sex

But caring for Fluttershy is not a simple matter. Unlike inflatable dolls, Fluttershy is a non-toxic silicone sex doll , her bones and joints are made of steel, and she weighs 20 kilograms. The "skin" of silica gel needs care, and Song Bo always takes talcum powder with him wherever he goes; holding her to go out not only tests his arm strength, it also takes at least half an hour to take photos of Fluttershy changing positions each time. Xiaodie weighs 20kg, and every time she takes her out is a test of her arm strength. When he couldn't move, Song Bo couldn't help but say: "Girl, you are so heavy!"

In addition to taking photos, Song Bo often buys different clothes for Fluttershy in the online store, and also finds a manicurist to do manicures for Fluttershy. How much money did you spend on Xiaodie? Song Bo hasn't counted it. He said: I have spent countless money over the years, but now it's all over the past. Is it worth it or not? The peaceful sense of belonging this doll gives me is that I can't buy it for much money. Arrived.


 Sex dolls change people's mindset

This is not something a normal person does. It's enough for me to live optimistically like this. Despite this and that vision, the world is very beautiful after all. Although he doesn't know how long he will live, Song Bowang can always take care of Xiaodie so lovingly.

A disease may have changed people's mentality. Song Bo, who had always felt negative before, began to face the unhappiness of life. Life will eventually go to nothingness, and we cannot see the future. What we need to do is to live in the moment and grasp the happiness of the moment. We live for ourselves, why should we make ourselves unhappy because of the unknown in the future? The sex doll Xiaodie makes Song Bo come out of the heavy reality. Fluttershy is like a ray of light in Song Bo's life. Life needs company.

But we hope that the companion does not need to be a real person, because real people will eventually leave you. Real people have their own thoughts, you will feel uneasy and dare not confide all the unhappiness in your heart. I can only leave some hidden corners of my heart to myself, and let myself digest these pains. But your unhappiness needs to be told, so you need a sex doll. She will not tell your secrets to others, nor will she laugh at your weakness or the sadness in your heart, she will always be with you. As long as you want, you can see her as soon as you open your eyes. And you don't need to spend too much time caring for her, you don't need to feed her every day. Just need to do some simple cleaning every day. You can have a perfect sex doll.

Sick man buying sex doll is for love and not sex

Although the sex doll is used for sex, it is not just a substitute for sex. It can also be a bearing of human feelings, without having to associate all sex dolls with sex. Song Bo just took her Xiaodie as his daughter and took her to the amusement park. Sometimes it was just an emotional vent and sustenance. In this way, I feel relaxed and happy. We hope to have such a perfect sex doll, especially in today's increasingly complicated interpersonal relationship, whether you have a way of your own sexy can not find a way to tell. Best sex dolls  will be your best object to talk.

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