Share the experience of owning a real sex doll |

Share the experience of owning a real sex doll

August 18, 2020

The world is harassing, and I don’t let my doll be harassed. This was said by a customer who just bought JY dolls from our mall. He has been fond of humanoid dolls since he was a child. The kindergarten likes to play with little girls, and the little dolls are their children. Elementary school likes to play Transformers with little boys, that's their idol. Now that he has grown up, although he still likes Transformers, he has been fascinated by them since he learned about full size sex dolls. He said: "It's not that I don't want to contact real girls, it's because they are too troublesome. Just like my ex-girlfriend, a little princess, sometimes she asks me to apologize, and I don't know what I did wrong. It’s really a big trouble, and the sex doll is not like this. It is my best listener and companion." Although we didn't know what this friend experienced when we first heard this, we can know that his affection for the real doll is really deep.

Share the experience of owning a real sex doll

From never know to like

When he was in college at the age of 20, he occasionally heard college roommates talking about inflatable dolls. At that time, out of curiosity, he went to the Internet to find photos of inflatable dolls, and was shocked by the strange appearance of the inflatable dolls. He felt that he would never have sex with such things even after he died. Even if someone forces him to have sex, it feels that his penis won't harden. At that time, he became curious and found the silicone sex doll by following other introductions from netizen. He said: "I have never seen such a real dummy. But I am afraid that net maps are deceiving people, and the price of a silicone doll is not low. I was just a student at the time and didn’t have that much money, but I am inspired. To make money, I want to buy a silicone doll to see if it really looks like the picture." He just learned about the existence of this life-size real doll and fell in love with her at first sight. Later, he looked for information about this kind of doll on the Internet almost every day, and he also learned a lot about how to care for the real sex doll.

Share the experience of owning a real sex doll

From unfamiliar to possessed

He said: "Since I have a girlfriend, I have been with her every day, and we rented a cabin outside. It was also at that time that I stopped paying attention to best sex dolls. When my girlfriend and I first started, we were as sweet as newlyweds. But the good times didn't last long, because living together, our shortcomings were exposed every day, there are many differences between the two people, but every time she asked me to tolerate her, she never tolerated me. At this point, I have had many thoughts of breaking up.” From the words, we can see that he finally lost his previous love for his girlfriend, and only tired and exhausted for this relationship. He also said: "The reason we broke up, you must not think of what it is." "It's because she thinks I'm getting ugly. I'm really fucking. We live together, she drinks drinks and eats takeaway every day, she feeds me everything she can't finish, so I'm getting fatter. At that time, the financial capacity was not enough for her to eat and drink like this, so I went out part-time for her every day. In the end, she used this reason to break up with me. I never wanted to associate with any woman ever since. " Because this relationship was really too much for him, when he was single again, he didn't feel sad at all, but he was more relaxed. At that time, he restarted fitness to restore his body shape. At that time, he made some money from fitness. When he wanted to buy something to reward himself, he saw the photos of his real sex dolls previously saved in the computer.So he bought the first realistic doll of his own in online.

Share the experience of owning a real sex doll

Experience introduction

He has had a history of doll ownership for 12 years. He said: "In the beginning, because of limited funds, I bought cheap real sex dolls with no brand. At that time, I always felt that I bought the most exquisite curvy sex doll in the world. However, the improvement of my financial ability made me understand how ignorant I was at that time. Later, I spent more money on branded dolls, only to know that you get what you pay for. It turns out that there are such real people who can't move in the world. The body and touch of a good curvy sex doll are much better than that of a cheap sex doll, and the life span will be a little longer. The packaging used for transportation will also protect the doll well. In addition, just like the JY doll I bought this time. The quality of its wig is very good, as smooth as a woman's hair. The makeup on the face and the touch of the body are also nothing to say, just like a real person. Among the dolls I have so far, I think the quality of JY dolls is really good. Having owned a doll for so many years, I have never felt alone. Thank you for providing such a good channel to us."

Share the experience of owning a real sex doll

These are the experience sharing of this customer, I would like to thank him again,being able to share her story with us also gave us such a high product feedback evaluation. If you want to buy dolls like this customer, please contact us. We will provide the most detailed and serious service. There are many sex dolls of different sizes in our mall, and there will always be a doll that suits your appetite.

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