Sex positions with physical dolls |

Sex positions with physical dolls

August 05, 2020

Making love can be said to be the most basic physiological need of human beings. From ancient times to the present, whether men or women, after reaching a certain age, everyone will have a little understanding of sex, and when the time is right, sex will happen. To be sure, most people’s first sexual experience is often bad, except for the lack of understanding of the human body’s physiological structure at the first time, the shyness of having sex for the first time, and the most important thing is The choice of sex positions and so on. Many reasons will cause the feeling of the first love experience to produce different feelings. But if the first sexual love experience happens with a real sex doll, you may experience a different feeling than having sex with people. The kind of experience I want to say will be better. Although you are only doing the action when you have sex with the real silicone doll, you lack the psychological tension and shyness, so that you can better find the entrance of the vagina during the experience, which will make you feel better. The experience of sex is much better.

Nowadays, after so many years of actual combat experience, people have summarized many love gestures. Many people will learn about sex and sex positions through sex images. But in addition, if you just search on the Internet, you can see many animated simulation pictures of sex positions or pictures of sex positions like illustrations. In addition, each different position or action is taken separately. The corresponding nice name. How big is the world? Many of the pictures of sex experience postures we have seen are very difficult, but what are really suitable for human practice? Which ones are suitable for use with sex dolls?

Sex positions with physical dolls

Human-to-human sex positions

There are too many sex positions between people. In addition to the sex pictures or sex images that adults will see, there are many ""Nine times nine equals eighty-one Sex Positions", "The Most Classic Sex Positions" and so on. Many of the complex postures are not used in your daily life, and you have not seen it in sex images. However, the sex positions of people and dolls are all selected from the sex positions of people. In fact, sex positions generally depend on the length of the male lower body and the depth of the female lower body. The length of man's lower body varies from person to person, and is related to race and own developmental conditions, as does the depth of woman's lower body. When choosing sex dolls, men need to choose the length of the doll's vagina. When choosing male sex dolls, women need to choose the penis length of the corresponding male doll based on their own vaginal depth to avoid harm to their own health.

Sex positions with physical dolls

Sexual postures of male and female love dolls

Don't underestimate the sex position, different sex positions can give the doll or yourself a different sense of experience. The most common or practical sex positions between men and real dolls can be the following examples. 

1 Traditional male superior position: Place your realist sex doll on the bed, bend her legs and knees, insert your penis into the doll’s vagina, and then slowly raise her hips with your hands to find your most comfortable height.

2 Back-in pose: Because the back-in pose is the most primitive sexual position of a person, from a physiological point of view, it is the posture of the legs rolled up when the person is not born and in the mother's belly. This posture The style is the best for force and comfort, so the back-in style is the best choice for both parties, but remember not to be too violent when posing for the sex doll.

3 Sit on the table and loin the waist pose: Place the sex doll doll on the table, bend her legs around your waist, and then the man hugs the buttocks or waist of the doll that looks like a human to start the sexual exercise .

4 Inverted "h" pose: This pose originally tests the strength of women, but it will test the strength of man's arms if it is replaced by a doll. If you like this title but you are afraid of hurting the doll, of course you can choose a high- quality sex doll or a lighter weight doll, such as TPE sex doll.

5 Sofa shoulder pose: Bend the silicone doll’s buttocks, then sit on the sofa by yourself, place the doll’s buttocks at the base of your thighs, and then put the doll’s legs on your own shoulders, and then according to your own the comfort level to bend her legs.

These are the more common sex positions between men and full-size real dolls. But in fact, apart from these, all backward-entry movements are suitable for sex between men and real dolls. Of course there are many more difficult sex positions. Don’t forget to cherish the doll’s body when doing sex sports with the doll, and don’t damage the doll due to violence. In the same way, you should cherish your body, and don't overwork and damage your body.


Sex positions with physical dolls

Sexual postures of female and male sex dolls

Because the power of general women is relatively small, the next introduction is mainly the sex exercise posture that does not require women to borrow too much power when using male love dolls. 

1 Female upper position: Lay the male doll's body flat on the bed or sofa, erect his penis, and then sit on it by himself.

2 Back sitting and low waist pose: Bend the male doll's lower body to the place of their belly, bend the knees to put the soles of the feet against their waist, and then move by yourself.

3 Cross-legged bedside pose: Lay the male doll's body flat on the bed, bend his calf, let his calf step on the ground, and then the female adjusts a comfortable angle and sits on the male doll.

Of course, in addition to these, there are many good poses to experience. But women remember to do a good job of cleaning and sanitation, and don’t lose too much because of the short-term happiness of women, which affects health.

Sex positions with physical dolls

The sex position will affect the sex experience, and the sex experience will affect the mood of the person. If you find a pose that suits you and your best sex doll, you can make yourself a rainbow in your life. I hope you can all grow in the experience, and I hope your life is colorful. If you think you need a real sex doll to help you grow, we also provide services that allow you to buy dolls.

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