Sex dolls make superstars your girlfriends |

Sex dolls make superstars your girlfriends

July 01, 2020


Have you ever imagined having a couple exactly like your idol, but you have difficulty finding a substitute for an idol in life, there is still a big gap between ordinary people and celebrities. We cannot cross this chasm, so we can only imagine this beautiful scene in our brains, and the scenes where we eat, communicate and live with idols.

But this is a beautiful fantasy, after all, we also dreamed that they can become a reality, but the gap between reality and ideals makes us have to see the facts. But what is surprising now is that there is now a real sex doll that can perfectly replicate the reality star, which is simply amazing!


 Sex dolls make superstars your girlfriends

Perfect sex doll Korina Kova

This is news that has just been launched. We have to sigh with the rapid development of technology and the risky spirit of stars. The superstar in the adult industry is Korina Kova. She worked with a sex doll company and produced her perfect replica at a cost of £2,800, which is almost exactly like a real person.

This sex doll is not an approximate body ratio, but a true and accurate body ratio, which can accurately restore the star's body. This can be called an anatomical replica, so you can expect that these sex dolls will be exactly the same as the real Korina Kova, and fans will soon be able to share the bed with their idols and live together.

 Sex dolls make superstars your girlfriends


The Korina sex doll is still in production and the company plans to start introducing Korina to customers within 60 days. They brag that the doll will be a perfect replica of the star, claiming to be "the second good thing" with real Korina Kova.

For the first time, the company used "Advanced Lightweight Platinum Silicone Resin" to "specially design" dolls. The replica will have the exact dimensions of Kova, its height is 5 feet 3 meters, and the curved curve is in line with Karina's outline. She must be a curvy sex doll. Even the completely hinged bones are exactly the same as the real Kova.


Korina is proud of this

Kova is very proud of her behavior. She is happy to cooperate with the sex doll company. She said: "Soon, fans can take me to bed every night and enjoy the honor of my company. I am very excited about this. "Keep all my curves intact on a more flexible and agile framework.

The 31-year-old Korina Kova is from Canada and has a large fan base with more than 578,000 followers on Instagram. This will be a huge industry, because who does not want to have a dream idol couple? Now people are increasingly dissatisfied with the dreams in their brains. They try to turn all fantasy into reality. It can be seen that technology is a big push, and more and more people are making products similar to real people.


Everything starts to become rapid, and all things in society are changing at the speed of light, so having a dream idol sex doll will not be a distant thing. Korina Kova is the beginning. We believe that more idols will be willing to provide their own body parameters for fans, so that the cause of sex dolls will develop faster and faster.

 Sex dolls make superstars your girlfriends 

Future idol sex doll

In the future, more technology will be applied to sex dolls. The development of the world is changing with each passing day. We never know what the road ahead is. But we know that there will always be robot sex dolls. These sex dolls are not limited to the physical body of the engraved star. It is more likely that these dolls will have sounds. Their human language and movements and even some life habits are related to you. The idol is exactly the same, it is very shocking.

Sex dolls make superstars your girlfriends


Some people may be hard to believe, but we must admit that this is a social reality and the trend of modern society. People have chosen more powerful technologies to satisfy people's fantasies and turn all fantasies into reality. We are still on the journey of exploration, but we know that the future is no longer out of reach, we can even start to touch the future life scene! Is this not enough to make people feel upset?

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