sex dolls make sex workers lose their job

sex dolls make sex workers lose their job?

June 30, 2020


In the beginning, the appearance of sex dolls make sex workers lose their job brothels caused a huge sensation. This is also inevitable. The emergence of new social things will always cause a sensation. Many men want to try the feelings of sex dolls. And this is also a relatively anti-traditional thing. After all, traditional brothels are already unacceptable, not to mention the newly emerged sex doll brothels. Some concerns have also arisen. Many people are faced with the question of whether sex doll brothels will replace real brothels, and whether real sex workers will face the risk of unemployment.
sex dolls make sex workers lose their job


The advantages of sex dolls

The biggest competitiveness of sex dolls is that her price is relatively cheap. Although the price of sex doll brothels is not cheap now, this is because the industry has not yet developed. If sex dolls can develop, it means that more and more People will choose to use these sex dolls, the price of these sex dolls will be greatly reduced. This is a very cost-effective thing. Because sex dolls are not real people, they do not need to eat or go to the toilet. Their only expenses are cleaning and sterilization and skin care. These prices are limited. Realistic prostitutes may only entertain one guest at one night, but different sex dolls, she will not feel tired, and can have several guests in one night. Only the vagina of the sex doll needs to be replaced and disinfected, and the sex doll can be put into a new transaction.


As long as it can be well maintained, sex dolls can be fully used and play a great value. The price of a sex doll is only about 1500 US dollars, plus her replacement vagina and all repair and maintenance costs, which will be much lower than the cost of real people. Under the comparison of more price power, I believe that sex dolls will definitely become the choice of more people.

Sex dolls can also satisfy different sexual habits of guests. Many people have different sexual habits, but in reality they can't find the right person to match their hobbies. For example, sm and other sm, it is difficult for real people to match these hobbies. After all, this is the hobby of a small group of people. If you make these demands on your girlfriend, your girlfriend will definitely scold you for perverting, and then re-examine you This love relationship.


sex dolls make sex workers lose their job 

Disadvantages of sex dolls

The shortcomings of sex dolls are simply obvious, it can be said to be a fatal shortcoming, which is caused by technical limitations. For example, a sex doll can't cater to your movements. A sex doll is an individual without a soul. No matter what you do, she will look at you with a smile and will not make any dissatisfied eyes. But this is also a deficiency, which cannot bring them a happy feeling, after all, having sex is a matter of two people.


When you have a relationship with your curvy sex doll, she will always look at you with a smile, you can not get her emotional reply. Even early sex dolls will not make any sound, all of which reduce the authenticity of sex dolls. When you have sex with sex workers, they will warmly cater to your movements, and will give a lot of praise words, and the sex doll will not do anything, and her body can not automatically secrete liquid, can move with you Scream when culminating. The sex doll is very lacking.

Of course, sex workers and sex dolls can hardly provide the same services. In a world that teaches men to infuse emotions, sex workers play the role of therapists very commonly, providing many clients with a sexually asexual intimate relationship, and they may not be able to reach this kind of things elsewhere. So is there sufficient ground for fear of being replaced? Can we believe that the booming sex doll industry will not become an emotional cane for men who refuse expressions?


sex dolls make sex workers lose their job Let sex workers lose their jobs?

The sex doll brothels that many sex workers worry about are not moral but economic. Obviously, by 2030, robots may replace human workers, and sex workers do not want to be the first to be displaced. It is undoubted that sex dolls will replace some sex workers. When it comes to technology, to what extent can sex dolls be replaced with the development of technology? Is it better to have sex with sex dolls than real women? Can sex dolls bring us more passion? Unlike legal brothels that do not allow public advertising, sex doll brothels will have the potential to fully function and advertise on billboards, just as a Vancouver agency recently did. In addition, because dolls cost less than an hour to live sex workers, competition is a problem.

Sex dolls are certainly not able to replace sex workers, especially sex workers who specialize in providing emotional services. They are good at giving customers emotional service and understanding. In them, guests can find trust in life. If sex workers do not want to be replaced, they must find a new way out, a way that cannot be replaced only by labor. At present, sex dolls can't give people more emotional responses. For example, it is life distress and annoyance. Sex dolls can only listen. They can't help people solve their life troubles. It is difficult for people to get spiritual sustenance from sex dolls. Some people can't feel the feeling of being in love when they have sex with sex dolls. Many men look for sex workers not necessarily to solve the needs of sex, sometimes they are also an emotional need. This process of making love is like falling in love. The two people are sharing the same emotions.


 sex dolls make sex workers lose their job

This also gives us some new inspiration, how sex dolls should develop, if sex dolls want to develop, they have to fill their technical shortcomings. Sex doll brothels may take a while to become mainstream. Nonetheless, as AI technology advances and sex dolls that can replicate human sexual responses become a reality, sex dolls may one day have relative "respect" like vibrators and other sex toys. The limitation of technology is the main factor that sex dolls cannot develop. Right around us, many sex dolls are unable to respond to our emotional needs, but once technology can meet the needs of interactive emotions, sex dolls can expand the market and get more development. And progress. This is definitely a great innovation that is disruptive.

All in all, for sex workers, sex dolls must be a huge impact, just a matter of time, this replacement will eventually come. Therefore, sex workers have to consider their future development path and need to enhance their competitiveness from those angles. These are all issues worth considering. Robot sex dolls are now moving forward at an unstoppable speed, and we can look forward to them. In fact, whether it is a sex doll brothel or a real brothel, there are certain risks, such as health problems, which is a problem that must be considered. If you want to have a healthy and non-infectious sex doll, you can contact us, we Will provide you with your own special sex doll, you can now buy your most exciting sex doll at the cheapest price.

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