Sex dolls help solve the aging population |

Sex dolls help solve the aging population

August 19, 2020

Sex dolls are being accepted by more and more people. And sex dolls are gradually entering our lives and playing a huge role in our lives. It is hard for you to think that such an exquisite sex doll can bring you so much fun and incredible pleasure. Nowadays, science and technology are making great strides forward, and what we are facing is a more intelligent sex doll. The function of sex doll is not only sex, but also more functions have been developed. Make sex dolls play more roles in our lives.

Sex dolls help solve the aging population

Not only can we take care of our physical needs, but also our spiritual needs. Especially in the grim reality of an aging population, our sex dolls are facing a broader future. Will be loved and understood by more and more people. The sex doll  is no longer the object of stigma. It seems that we can also start to face our ever-changing society and our real needs and desires. If you are interested in the role of sex dolls in solving population aging, please continue reading.


The beginning of robot sex dolls

A sex doll company is located in a warehouse in Dalian, China. They are neatly lined up with metal frames wrapped in silicone. They are plump and resemble high-fidelity robots. The engineers in the studio work hard to give them life.

"My name is Fluttershy, but you can also call me baby..." The robot's lips did not move at all, and the female voice without emotion at all came out through the horn in his body.

Xiaodie is a smart sex doll, she has the function of surfing the Internet and processing voice commands. She can also connect to the Wi-Fi in your home and turn on and off all electrical appliances connected to the network. Fluttershy's price is 25,000 yuan, which is about 2,500 yuan more expensive than traditional sex dolls on the market.

Sex dolls help solve the aging population

The company said that they hope to launch next year robots with more advanced artificial intelligence, the eyes can follow people's movements, can do complex facial expressions and body movements, and have a stronger voice recognition system. The company's chief developer said that they want to create the most beautiful and humane robots because their goal is to solve the problem of China's aging society through these sex dolls.


Sex dolls solve the physiological needs of the aging population

Among China's 1.4 billion people, there are 33.6 million more males than females. The huge gap is attributed to the one-child policy and the illegal abortion caused by the patriarchal tradition, which ultimately led to the 1.14:1 ratio of male to female infants in China, far exceeding the global level of 1.07:1.

Coupled with the aging population, the healthcare and social welfare systems have brought tremendous pressure. Especially busy work, so that men now have no time to deal with complex feelings, and at the same time the huge proportion of men and women, it seems that it is not a simple problem for men to find a girlfriend or wife.

More and more men are facing the pressure of being single. The most direct impact of being single is that the desire of the body is nowhere to be released, and more serious psychological problems may arise. Although the needs of the elderly are not as great as those of the young, we cannot ignore their physical needs either. We need to get rid of the fallacy that "the elderly don't need sex", especially the men who lost their wives in their early years, they also need the soft care of women. The inability to release dopamine in men will lead to more serious consequences. But sex dolls help ease the spiritual and physical needs of these men. What's even better is that today's sex dolls are almost comparable to women, not to mention that the robot sex dolls in the future will definitely be better than real women. The biggest advantage of sex dolls is that you can choose the sex dolls you like, such as big boobs sex dolls, skinny sex dolls, red-haired sex dolls or transgender sex dolls . As long as you like, you can customize it freely. These sex dolls have soft and elastic skin, which can bring you more wonderful experiences. And she will not refuse your physical needs.

Sex dolls help solve the aging population

Sex dolls solve the psychological needs of the aging population

Moreover, since men generally devote most of their time to career work, they not only lack the ability to take care of themselves, but also lack the experience of participating in local communities when they are young. Therefore, after retirement, they are not only unable to take care of themselves, but also difficult to integrate into the community. After entering old age, men are more likely to have emotional problems and suicidal tendencies than women. We design them so that they can have meaningful conversations with you, help with housework, and even work as medical assistants or hospitality. Said the company's chief developer.

Now the company makes 400 custom sex dolls every month. It is estimated that sex toys made in China account for more than 80% of the world. Over 1 million people across China are employed in this huge industry with a market value of more than $6.6 billion.

In addition, the robot sex doll will also help them relieve their inner pressure during the process of communicating with the elderly. Most elderly people live alone at home, and their daily lives are monotonous. When I got home, I was in a cold room and couldn't find the warmth of humanity, but the sex doll can shoulder this mission. Sex dolls can chat with the elderly, they talk about different things every day. Moreover, there is a huge knowledge inventory inside the sex doll, and there will be no embarrassment without topics. When the elderly are inconvenient, the sex doll robot can help them deal with some family affairs. For example, washing clothes, practices and the like. Even some sex dolls can take the elderly to the hospital to help with some medical procedures. If the technology develops to a certain level, the sex doll can even directly help you diagnose your condition. The elderly can also know their physical condition all the time and make appropriate adjustments in time.

Sex dolls help solve the aging population

However, it seems that not everyone likes sex dolls. Some people criticize it online. These sex dolls that look like young girls will eventually only strengthen gender stereotypes, or even pedophilia. If the technology of sex dolls becomes more advanced, would men be more willing to use them instead of respecting human wives? But what we have to admit is that the future robot sex doll  will inevitably take on a more important role in our lives. This is the trend of society and what we hope for. And she also plays a very important role in solving our aging problem. Help our seniors spend a good old age. We believe that our technology is developing in this direction. We are also committed to providing more diverse services to different groups of people.

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