Sex dolls become the new favorite of the model industry |

Sex dolls become the new favorite of the model industry

August 01, 2020

Today, when all kinds of models are popular, many industries need to use models, clothing, jewelry, auto shows, photography, art... However, now there are a number of unique "models", "them" One by one silicone sex dolls are quietly entering the model market. Speaking of models, many people will think of the plump figure under the light, the S lines, the messy hair, the flame lips and the blurred eyes. It is shown to the fullest...Do you think this can only be done by real people? In fact, cheap tpe sex dolls  can also become models, and the photo of a costume model is better than a real person.

Sex doll models are selling hot

Recently, a reporter visited the sex doll display shop. The shop is located in Guangzhou, this sex doll shop is the only silicone sex doll store in China. According to the store owner, at the beginning, most of the silicone sex dolls were purchased to meet sexual needs, but as the shape of the sex dolls became more and more realistic, the workmanship became more and more refined and beautiful, and many people would use sex dolls as clothing Models and mannequins to use.

 During the period, I happened to run into a shopkeeper who produced and sold ancient costume Hanfu who was buying silicone sex dolls. When the reporter asked why a customer thought of using little girl sex doll as a model, the customer said: ``Every time we produce a costume, we need a model to take pictures , To be honest, it is not worthwhile for small clothing manufacturers like us to hire a model for a long time to take pictures; part-time models are not stable enough, and they may not find a suitable one every time. Later, I heard that there are very realistic silicone dolls, so I brought some clothes to try. ''

Later, with the help of Liu Qianghua, the customer put on a set of costumes for the sex doll, with some related objects as a background. A graceful and agile beauty in ancient costume appeared in front of everyone. The customer was satisfied with the "model" and thought it could show the characteristics of his new product. So he bought a doll on the spot.

The shop owner Liu Qianghua said: "Usually there are a lot of customers like today. It is a new trend for silicone sex dolls to replace real models. Because silicone dolls are very close to real people in appearance, they can move joints and can perform various poses without temper. , So you can be competent for static model work, such as clothing shooting models, jewelry display models, auto show models, etc."

Sex dolls become the new favorite of the model industry

It is understood that even art schools have purchased this product as a nude model. Compared with expensive real models, it saves art students from embarrassment when painting, and this "model" can maintain a fixed posture for a long time, which is convenient for students Paint.


Demystifying the super real sex doll

Today's sex dolls are very well done, and some sex dolls can't tell from the pictures whether it is a real person or a sex doll. This is simply unpredictable. Apart from having no soul, the sex doll looks exactly like a real person. You can hardly imagine this is a sex doll. And the higher the price, the more delicate and beautiful sex dolls are. Some sex dolls even have hair implants instead of wearing wigs. This makes the sex doll more real, and even the blood vessels under the skin are clearly visible.

If there is a sex doll experience center near your place of residence, you can try to touch these sex dolls. Her skin looks exactly like a real person. When you touch these sex dolls, you will find that her skin has no blemishes, and the touch of these sex dolls is better than real people, especially when you touch the breasts and buttocks of the sex dolls. You will be addicted to this soft and elastic touch. Moreover, the internal support of her body is also very flexible, and even the joints of her hands are movable. As a model sex doll, it is best to choose a function that can shrug. This will be more real.

When your sex doll acts as a model, her internal skeleton can support her to stand up. You need to buy a sex doll that can stand up. The current sex doll also has the option of standing, if it is a normal size sex doll standing in front of you. You will think that this sex doll is a real, real person.

Sex dolls become the new favorite of the model industry

The competitive advantages of sex dolls

The price of buying a sex doll is not expensive, it is only a short-term cost. An ordinary full-size sex doll only costs 1,000 to 2,000 dollars, and you can have a very beautiful sex doll. Although the initial cost is relatively large, you do not need to spend more money. This is very different from a model, because a model may not spend so much money at a time, and you need to hire a model about $100 per time. But this hiring process is long-term, and it is difficult for you to choose a suitable model. Models are very fluid, and not all models can match the style of your products. But sex dolls can, you don't need to spend too much money to hire models, and it also costs a lot of labor and time.

If your products are of different types, then you need models of different styles. It is difficult for a model to have these common characteristics. Sex dolls can, because the appearance of sex dolls can change. You can dress up your sex doll as you like. You first buy some sex doll accessories , such as sex doll wigs, sex doll pupil colors, etc. You can change these characteristics of sex dolls according to your products. If your product needs cute sex dolls, then you can choose matching wigs and pupils. You can also apply makeup on the face of the sex doll, and the face of your sex doll is still not applied.

This gives you a lot of room for development. For example, if your product requires a Gothic style model to play, you can paint your model with a delicate gothic makeup. But it’s best not to keep the makeup on the doll’s face for too long. When you finish the photo, you should remove the makeup in time. Otherwise, the cosmetics may penetrate into the pores of the baby's skin, resulting in failure to restore the original appearance.

Sex dolls become the new favorite of the model industry

Sex doll is a new product in recent years, it is quietly playing its role in various industries. Many industries have begun to use this type of sex doll, which will greatly save labor costs. After all, it costs a lot to hire a real model for a long time. And this kind of sex doll has a very long life span. Most sex dolls can be used for five to six years, and some very expensive high-end sex dolls can even be used for about 20 years. These sex dolls are simply surprising. If you also want to buy a best silicone sex dolls  as a model for shooting or showing, welcome to contact us and we will provide you with the most authentic sex dolls. It will definitely exceed your imagination. And greatly save your time and money costs. Come and shop!

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