Sex Doll Experience Hall |

Sex Doll Experience Hall

August 07, 2020

The sex doll experience hall is a place where only real sex dolls provide sex services.The concept of brothels has been around for a long time. However, in the laws and regulations of some countries, it is illegal to open a brothel. But opening a sex doll experience center is not against the law or discipline. It is a business service place. Therefore, many countries and regions have opened such service venues. Especially in recent years, with the needs of society and consumers,more and more countries and regions have opened up the market for real dolls to provide sexual services. In the sex doll experience hall, customers can rent sex dolls of different sizes to satisfy themselves through their different needs. Even some women are dissatisfied when they see that there are only female sex dolls in the sex doll experience hall and ask for male sex dolls. Not only do man’s sexual needs need to be met, but women also have these needs. Sex, since ancient times, has been the most basic human need. Open a sex doll experience hall, let the silicone beauty dolls provide services for people, why not do it?

Sex Doll Experience Hall

German sex doll experience hall

The owner of the German Sex Doll Experience Center is 30-year-old woman,Evelyn Schwarz. The sex doll experience hall she opened is also a BDSM place(Sexual behavior related to sadomasochism, BDSM refers to bondage and training, dominance and surrender, sadism and masochism). She herself is also a BDSM "mistress"(Mistress, female formula, sadistic formula). She also said that in BDSM, mutual communication is very important, but some sex workers from overseas do not speak German and may miss key information. After discovering that it is difficult to find female sex workers who speak German, she accidentally saw a video of Japanese sex dolls. She thought it might also work in Germany, so she decided to open this sex doll experience hall.

Initially, she ordered four silicone dolls in China. But these realistic sex dolls were quickly loaned out, and she subsequently added a few more. She said there are about 5-10 customers every day, and occasionally women or a couple. Many of the customers are people who are socially impaired and cannot communicate with others and cannot make eye contact with others. Some are full of dangerous sexual fantasies. But it is good for them to vent only on mature milf sex dolls. Some people even have an emotional attachment to the dolls, so they come almost every week.Some customers complain that the weight of silicone sex dolls will greatly weaken the experience, and because of this, it will consume a lot of time and energy to change the body position of the sex doll. She also said that after each doll is used, the assistant will perform a comprehensive cleaning action to ensure that the details of the doll are clean and the customer's hygiene and health problems.

Sex Doll Experience Hall

Toronto Adult sex doll experience hall

An adult sex doll experience hall appeared on Yong Street and Xuebo Street in North York, Toronto. Adult entertainment shows are playing in the room, and a sex doll is waiting on the bed. The names, photos and descriptions of different full-size dolls can be seen on the company's website. The price setting is also very user-friendly, ranging from 80 yuan for half an hour to 900 yuan for four hours for two dolls. As far as possible to meet the different needs of customers. Customers are encouraged to use condoms and lubricants before they enter the door, as far as possible to ensure that young sex doll is not damaged during use. These dolls are disinfected and cleaned every time they are used by customers. And taking into account the privacy of customers, the exit and entrance here are set up in different places, so customers will not see other people during the whole process. The marketing director of this company said that it has received a request from women to increase sex dolls for men, and they are considering meeting this demand. Moreover, this company has studied relevant laws and regulations before opening the store. It is completely legal to open such a service place. The only mandatory requirement is that the lifelike dolls used cannot be mini sex dolls and need to meet height restrictions.

Sex Doll Experience Hall

Mississauga sex doll experience hall

The six most watched silicone beauty dolls in North America have found a new and permanent home in Mississauga. They were expelled for violating Toronto's regulations. But now they are back to provide sexual services, the specific location has not been announced, only the customers who have paid the deposit can know the address of the newly opened business premises. The doll’s website stated that “our vision will bring you an exciting new way to meet your needs, unlike a true partner that may encounter many limitations.”

Sex Doll Experience Hall

Can society accept the sex doll experience hall?It is unquestionable that the doll sex experience hall can provide services that meet the needs of customers.In addition to sexual services, it can also address the psychological needs of certain social fear patients. There is no problem just to experience the behavior of the product. The sex doll experience hall has a variety of options to choose from. According to the body, you can choose from big ass dolls, big breasts sex dolls, plump sex dolls, etc. In the large pace of society, to the extent that people accept new things, various experience halls will appear more and more, and the development of physical dolls will become more and more extensive. Regarding the salaries of most part-time workers, a service venue with the concept of experience hall is often the best choice. Because even if you buy a cheap realistic sex dolls and go home, you will get tired of using it. So the appearance of the experience hall provides them with a good choice. In the case of doing a good job of disinfection and cleaning, the experience hall is a very user-friendly service place. But if you don't want to go to the experience hall, then you can also buy or customize your own sex doll through our mall. Our mall ( have sex doll for sell.

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