Sex doll comparable to supermodel fashion blockbuster

Sex doll comparable to supermodel fashion blockbuster

June 30, 2020


Don't get me wrong, the photo above is actually not a real person, it is the hyper-real sex doll we often say! Today I want to introduce you to a group of supermodel fashion films made with sex dolls. The photographer is Stacy Leigh, and she became famous a few years ago, and she was interviewed by the British "Daily Mail".


Sex doll comparable to supermodel fashion blockbuster 

The development of sex dolls

Such things as inflatable dolls are believed to be heard by everyone. As substitutes for human partners, they have been around for decades. At first, the dolls used for sex were made of fabric. The sex dolls were first made by Dutch soldiers in the 17th century because they had to stay on the ship for many days. In those days, because there were no women on board, they faced the need for sexual stimulation.

Therefore, in order to meet this need, they made real sex dolls to perform sexual arousal. At that time, they used clothes to make these dolls. These Dutch sailors sold their dolls to the Japanese, and they called them Dutch wives. Later, as the market for dolls grew larger and larger, many people realized this happy feeling, so the sex doll industry continued to develop, and more and more categories appeared.


Later, cloth sex dolls developed into inflatable sex dolls. These dolls have a hard plastic texture and a rough structure. They are far from real people. We will not talk about it... Later, the workmanship is getting better and better, not only close to the skin texture, movement Both the appearance and the appearance are almost the same as real people, and no longer need to be inflated, so-called user experience comes up. Now you can also customize sex dolls, sex doll's chest, hair, pupils and nail colors, and even the size of the vagina can be customized. The bodies of these sex dolls are exactly the same as real people, not to mention the more advanced sex dolls.
Sex doll comparable to supermodel fashion blockbuster


Sex dolls are comparable to real senior models

From radical speech to complex criticism, artists increasingly use doll-like portraits to explore politics and gender in contemporary culture. "Play with me" demonstrates the appeal of all kinds of interesting ideas that make lifeless and make dolls live, from the objectification of female forms to the ways in which dolls trigger ethical and political debates to the way of representing themselves.

Unlike sculptures, dolls provide a lively humanoid structure. The artist is responding to this human form in an unprecedented way, which constitutes an exciting new direction in contemporary art.

Photographer Stacy Leigh collected 12 such highly simulated dolls, each about 6,000 dollars. Is it expensive? Engaging in photography is so rich and capricious. From the time she bought the first inflatable doll, she used them as a model to take pictures, until one day she took this fashion blockbuster.

Each photo has been carefully dressed and styled, and the set lighting has also worked hard. Stacy Leigh said: "Whether men or women will choose to use inflatable dolls to replace real partnerships, if this can make them feel that life is not so difficult, I think it is a very good thing.
Sex doll comparable to supermodel fashion blockbuster

What are the advantages of sex dolls as photography models

Relatively cheap

Buying a sex doll is really a part of the price, if you want to buy a sex doll with high quality that meets your various sex fantasies, you will need to spend a lot of money. But this cost is one-time, except for clothes, you don't need to invest for her. Now that you need to hire a model, the price will be very high, not to mention, you need to take pictures every day.

If you are a junior photographer and don’t have enough money to cover the cost of a real model, sex dolls will be your best choice. Today, the price of a sex doll is more than 1,000 US dollars, and you only need to pay you one time. You can use her indefinitely. In addition to photography, you can also have sex with her, no matter where you go, she will always be with you by your side and give you warmth.

save time

A model is not easy to take pictures, because it is necessary to maintain a certain posture, so sometimes it will be very hard. Some models even need to face the tropical temperatures on the beach, which will be very hot and physically exhausting. You will rest for a long time. The model will be in a very bad state due to long-term heat exposure, which will directly affect the quality of the film. But sex dolls don't have this kind of trouble, and she doesn't feel tired or sweat. You only need to put her there, she can maintain a certain posture, and she will not make a complaining voice, and will not suddenly extinguish your enthusiasm for camera.


Sex doll comparable to supermodel fashion blockbuster 

Now the dolls are made more and more realistic, which also brings convenience for photographers to shoot. She believes that technological development will make many things replace people, such as sex dolls and sex robots will play an increasingly important role. Therefore, I hope that this group of works can bring new understanding to people.

So, don’t waste any more time, come and buy a sexy full-size sex doll as your photography model today. When we say that it will be the happiness of a lifetime, please believe us. This is far more than the benefits that a real human can bring to your sex life.

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