Sex doll club was exposed in the media |

Sex doll club was exposed in the media

July 23, 2020

With the continuous development of the times, people's attitudes towards sex are becoming more and more open, and more people hope to share their feelings with others. And the joy of getting a doll. But after all, this is a small group of people. Although most people can accept sex, they will not take the initiative to share their experience of sex. When most people face the exposed sex in society, they still have to avoid selectively or do some unthinkable things.

Sex doll club was exposed in the media

Some status quo of society

Over the years, the popularity of sex dolls has grown in impressive ways, even though the topic was taboo at first. When talking about it, there is a sense of shame, especially in public; but that was then. Nowadays, as people realize the benefits of having sex dolls, many people begin to discuss this topic. But many people just want to talk freely on the Internet. They like to watch sex doll videos on the Internet, watch some sex doll purchase experience records, and feel very curious.

However, many people in the market are curious about such items. However, many people are reluctant to inquire about such products, or even to see them sold in retail stores. Similarly, sex toys and similar items are stored in shady shops, and many respectable men and women will not venture nearby. This does not mean that they do not have the desire to own such items and explore their functions.

However, when they see these sex dolls in reality, they cannot accept this phenomenon. Some people even think that such behavior is a perverted behavior, which many people cannot understand. Sex dolls have been abused by people from all walks of life. They think that the act of owning sex dolls is a psychological disease. But they themselves do not admit that they have seen sex doll videos or official sales pages on the Internet. Therefore, society is still in a very contradictory period. On the one hand, sex dolls are becoming more and more known as a new phenomenon, and there are also some people who maintain a positive attitude towards this. At the same time, another aspect is that sex dolls have also taken on a lot of infamy, including the owners of sex dolls who have also been abused. Many people think these sex dolls are very perverted and anti-human, or doll lovers who buy sex dolls are also considered psychopaths. People.

Recently, an insider disclosed the existence of sex doll clubs in society and exposed them to the society, which aroused many thoughts and opinions.

sex doll videos

Sex doll club

In the past two days, there was a man holding a sex doll and hanging a sign everywhere. Many people think that this is another personal hype that some people want to become famous. According to relevant people familiar with the matter, in fact, this incident, like many recent inflatable doll incidents, was the "performance art" of a member of an emerging club in a certain city in China. Because the members were all playing dolls, the club was called by the insider. Inflatable doll club".

The insider claimed that because he was single for a long time, he came into contact with the club’s single exchange group and personally participated in the club’s party activities. Because of disgust, he also published some extreme remarks against the club on some well-known forums.

"This club is not large in scale, and it was established not long ago. It is a private group formed by a group of people who suffer from psychological malformation after being single, and relies on playing inflatable dolls to comfort themselves in search of excitement. The full name is "Doll Love Club" with its own logo and management. The system, the person in charge, will also organize various gatherings on a regular basis, temporarily belonging to a private organization. Club members are mainly singles who come to this city to make a living, probably divided into long-term singles, divorced, and physically handicapped people, because there is no clear The social status is defined, the club is mixed, and the taste is low."
Sex doll club was exposed in the media

"According to my contact at the party, this "Doll's Love Club" is simply a great tragedy in our beautiful society. First of all, the name becomes disgusting. A group of bachelors with no status in their 30s engage in "Doll's Love" and they are completely perverted. Yes. Then, these single men in the "Doll's Love Club" are basically social losers. Some have extremely poor families, some are so long that they affect the appearance of the city, some have low IQs, they are deceived to fall in love, and some are married. Failure, and some physical defects...Anyway, they are poor bugs who can't find a partner and can't talk about love. In the end, they have no choice but to go online to buy inflatable dolls to comfort themselves. It is a tragedy and tragedy."


Is the doll club really perverted?

There are many speeches and voices in society today. Although a small number of people support this behavior, more people do not understand it. Because many people have maintained a traditional way of thinking and opinions, they believe that the existence of sex dolls is an anti-social phenomenon and is not conducive to social development. In their view, how does it conform to social norms? A normal man should find a realistic girlfriend in society, marry his girlfriend and have children, and pass on the family.

Owning a sex doll means that you are separated from the tradition. Spending your life with your sex doll does not conform to the rules of society. So, is this really the case? Why do we live in this world? What does it mean for us to live in this world? Of course it is for my own happiness. Although there are many different opinions in reality, we live for ourselves. Sex dolls have incomparable advantages, and we certainly hope to spend a lifetime with such girls. Everyone has different choices. What we need to give is more respect and understanding. Just like the LGBT group, although we do not belong to this group, at least we have to give each other reasonable respect.

Sex doll club was exposed in the media

Each of us is an independent individual in society, and everyone is free to live in this world. Let us not let too much outside existence constrain our hearts, so that it is difficult for us to be happy again. It's like a sex doll. Without sex dolls, we have to endure boundless loneliness and loneliness, we have to endure the erratic tempers of our girlfriends, and we have to take on the responsibilities of a family. Everything is difficult for us to deal with. But if you have a beautiful and sexy sex doll, all the problems will be solved. If you feel that ordinary sex sex dolls cannot meet your needs, you can also buy some transexual sex dolls.

Those who buy sex dolls are by no means the losers in society. Everyone lives in the world equally. The groups who buy a sex doll are the same. There is no distinction between losers and winners. Everything is reasonable. The key lies in your needs. If you need a sex doll, whether it is success or failure, you can always find your home in the sex doll. You will find that the unhappiness of life seems to be far away from you. If you want to buy a cheap sex doll, please contact us. We will give you the best care and sincere service. You will have a girlfriend who will always stay young!

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