Sex doll becomes a senior model of the shop window

Sex doll becomes a senior model of the shop window

June 30, 2020


Sex dolls don't just exist in dark rooms. Nowadays, sex dolls are developing very quickly. More and more sex dolls are being developed. These dolls are just like real people. You can see her charming body and smooth skin. , Everything is carefully crafted. Now with the development of sex dolls, various functions of sex dolls have been developed. In the near future, you will likely see a variety of dolls appear in front of you, presented in different social feelings. Now some high-end stores have begun to use sex dolls as models.

Sex doll becomes a senior model of the shop window

Why use sex dolls as models?

It's very simple, sex doll is a very effective tool, her effect has always been very good. Her body curve is better than the average person, and wearing these clothes can add a lot to these clothes. Previous window models, they are very consistent, all models show the same posture, all parameters of their hair color, height, etc. are the same, which makes us wonder why these models are the same. Many high-end clothing stores use models that are the same as ordinary stores. We can see that they all show the same posture, which is very ordinary.

If high-end clothing stores want to show that they are different from other stores, in addition to decoration and clothing, models will be a plus item, and now the models are all the same. If you use this model, a lot will change.

Sex doll becomes a senior model of the shop window


Many high-end clothes shops employ real people as models. For example, models in bridal shops, you can see that many models employ specialized models. The salary of these models for one day is very high because of the high labor cost. But if you use sex dolls, it will reduce a lot of costs, and the life span of sex dolls is very long, you only need to pay for you to use these dolls for a long time. The sex models in front of the window do not need too many poses, they stand there is a beautiful landscape. I believe that there must be many people who think this is the real model.


Unique sex doll

In addition to people who are particularly realistic, you can also customize sex dolls, these dolls have a lot of styles, clothing stores do not have to maintain the same model style. For example, each clothing store focuses on different styles, and some shops focus on sports style, so you can buy sports sex dolls. This doll has sexy muscles and wheat-colored skin shining. She wears high-quality sportswear. The sportswear makes her figure sexier and sets off a good figure.

 Sex doll becomes a senior model of the shop window


Some shops are mainly Loli style, their clothes are very cute, full of pink, it is a dream shop. At this time obviously the tall and indifferent model is not suitable. You can customize a Japanese anime sex doll. These dolls are not tall, but they are very cute. They have big eyes, petite figures, and cute cat ears. You can even put on some pretty maid costumes, full of various laces, and a cute princess dress, which is a dream scene.


If you have a professional dress shop, there are many styles of sex dolls to choose from. You can use a sex doll with a sexy female style, or you can use a gentle and intellectual doll. The doll looks sexier in these professional clothes, and you see how sexy her body is.


Sex doll becomes a senior model of the shop window

Will sex dolls bring me profits as a model?

These sex dolls are more real than ordinary dolls, and they will be substituted for this kind of scene. They may imagine that they will show these sexy sex in these clothes. Indirectly stimulate their consumption desire, many shops do this. Install some slimming mirrors in the store, install bright light bulbs, so the characters on the mirror will appear whiter and thinner, and the effect will be better. Sex dolls have the same reason. If the dolls wear well, the material of these clothes will be set off, which will stimulate the desire to buy.

In addition, when you put a beautiful sex doll in front of the window, it will be a very attractive thing, she will catch the eyes of many people at once. Beautiful things always attract attention. On the street, your model is the most unique and the most advanced. If you show it in the best state, many customers will attract your attention. When a lot of curious eyes are on your store, you will have more opportunities to make profits.

Sex dolls are not as impossible as a window model. A full-size simulation doll will have many functions waiting for us to explore, let alone a robot sex doll will appear in the future, these robot sex dolls not only look like real people, and her actions are more like real people. These robot sex dolls can also show precise movements and self-pose, and they will not feel tired.

Sex dolls have more and more functions, which also indicates that we should seize this opportunity to use sex dolls to do more things, save costs, and bring maximum profits. Buy the best sex doll and bring more beautiful new things to your life. I believe your life will be completely new.

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