Relationship between Barbie and the history of sex dolls |

Relationship between Barbie and the history of sex dolls

July 31, 2020

Many people are rumored to say that Hitler invented the sex doll to solve the sex needs of German soldiers and avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the army and affect the efficiency of combat. So the world's first sex doll was born, the truth of the facts is unknown.

But there is a new rumor that the creators of Barbie dolls are inspired by these very exquisite German military sex dolls in designing these popular Barbie dolls. You may never have boldly guessed a possibility, because the inherent idea that has always existed in our hearts is that real love doll  represents dirty desires and disdainful needs. It is difficult to combine these sex dolls with the Barbie dolls that little girls play every day. We may vaguely think that sex dolls are similar to Barbie dolls to some extent. If you are interested in the history of Barbie and sex dolls, then read on!


Similarities between Barbie and sex dolls

Barbie is the dream of countless little girls, and little girls always look forward to having an exquisite Barbie. They can dress up these Barbie dolls freely. Barbie dolls wear different exquisite costumes, carry nice bags, and put on different hairstyles. Just a simple Barbie doll can make a little girl play for a day. The biggest dream of little girls in the past was to have a Barbie doll that they freely control, and also have a variety of clothing and some Barbie accessories. From this perspective, sex dolls and Barbie dolls are similar, and both can satisfy people's desires and expectations. It's just that the people you adapt to are different. Barbie dolls meet the desires of girls' companionship and dress, and sex dolls meet the sexual desires of single men, women or couples. There really seems to be a similarity between the two. But did you know? Sex dolls and Barbie dolls really have a historical connection.

When you see today's ultra-real sex doll, you can't help but sigh, this is simply an enlarged version of Barbie. These sex dolls are many times larger than Barbie dolls and have more functions. For example, Barbie's vagina is closed, and Barbie's designer did not design the doll's sexual organs. But sex dolls have an extra sex organ, and their skin is more real. But as far as the appearance of Barbie doll and sex doll looks, they look exactly the same.

In addition to men buying sex dolls, women can also buy sex dolls. Some women do not need sex dolls to meet their sex needs. This is a continuation of childhood dreams. You must know that not all families can afford the expensive Barbie dolls. The price of a Barbie doll is not cheap. Coupled with Barbie's clothes and accessories, it makes it possible to own a Barbie doll.

It seems to be a luxury. Many little girls at that time were proud of having such sex dolls. Because their childhood dreams were not fulfilled, or women who liked dressing up dolls very much, they would buy a human size sex doll . These sex dolls are more real. They put on new clothes and shoes. The doll is like a large Barbie doll. Looking at sex dolls of different shapes, this kind of inner satisfaction is beyond addtion.


The history of Barbie creation

Unknowingly, the time came to 1956, when World War II had ended for many years. At this time, a woman named Ruth Handler, who would later be called the "Mother of Barbie", traveled to Europe with her family. It happened to be a German nightclub and some special shops. Here, it happened that she saw "Lily Doll"! Unexpectedly, she was immediately attracted at first sight. Since there was no Alipay at that time, she immediately took out the handbag, the wallet, and the banknotes to buy three in one go. After researching, Ruth suddenly thought: Children should need a doll that grows up but is not exposed!

Finally, with the inexplicable efforts of Ruth, her husband and other engineers, a brand new doll gradually took shape. This is not over yet, or it is a woman's nature to love beauty, Ruth also invited a fashion designer to design clothes for the doll! Finally, the doll was named "Barbie" after his daughter's name. Finally, on March 9, 1959, "Barbie" was officially unveiled at the American International Toy Fair in New York.

Successful sales of Barbie dolls

Sure enough, once this "Barbie" appeared, it instantly occupied the girls' hearts. Although this blonde Barbie is only 11.5 inches (29.21 cm) tall, she has the largest wardrobe in the world. I heard that she has also engaged in more than 130 occupations, the first of which is modeling. The bikini that broke the standard at the time was designed by Louis Reard. The next year, she tied her hair into a ponytail and changed into a shiny black tube top evening dress. Later, Christine Dior also created a new style for Barbie.

Relationship between Barbie and the history of sex dolls

Now, "Barbie" dolls have been sold to more than 150 countries in the world, with a total sales of more than 1 billion yuan. The Barbie doll created by Ruth has become auspicious and lovely in the hearts of little girls all over the world. But with the popularity of this big-eyed, long-haired toy doll, today's "Barbie" is no longer a toy. It is a symbol of American women and a symbol of American culture. The Economist magazine reported in 2002 that American girls between the ages of 3 and 11 have an average of 10 Barbie dolls per person. Even if they have never bought a real Barbie doll, it is easy for people to see her in popular culture and perceive her power as an important symbol. This is similar to the great significance of animation to Japan. Commodities no longer become commodities, but become cultural symbols that invade people's values.

Barbie is no longer a simple toy, but a culture. This is undoubtedly a great success. Barbie dolls have almost become synonymous with dolls. Whenever they want a doll, many people think of Barbie dolls. So I choose to buy this kind of Barbie dolls, not to mention the Barbie dolls imitated in some countries and regions. These even pirated Barbie dolls are very popular and are loved by people all over the world.

Relationship between Barbie and the history of sex dolls

Donald, the author of "Mussolini's Barber", said that Ruth didn't know that these "lily dolls" were adult products at the beginning of the period, so she bought them. But later, when she learned that this "simulation woman" was not an ordinary toy and had hidden functions, he and her husband created a "Barbie" based on it.

We also hope that the development process of sex dolls will be the same as the prosperity of Barbie dolls. Sex dolls began to be accepted by people of all countries, and people began to face their inner desires. But more people think that sex dolls are a novelty, and they regard sex dolls as an abnormal thing. Sex dolls have incomparable advantages in meeting people's sexual and spiritual needs. We are happy to see that our sex dolls can help people. History is always such a coincidence, a small inspiration can make a sex doll and Barbie doll form a certain connection, which seems very surprising. If you also want to own or try a sex doll, welcome to contact us, we will be committed to provide you with more spiritual support. Buying a sex doll is not a perverted thing, you can even customize your sex doll , you can do everything you want to her !

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