Precautions for buying a cheap Tpe sex doll |

Precautions for buying a cheap Tpe sex doll

July 04, 2020

The quality of physical dolls, whether they are toxic, is the most concerned part. At present, the material of realistic sex doll is generally silicone and TPE. The dolls of these two materials, if only from the grade, certainly silicone is more upscale. But in terms of cost performance, sex dolls made of tpe material have a high cost performance.

In comparison, the price of TPE materials is much cheaper. The price of one ton of TPE used to produce physical dolls on the market is about 2100 to 2300. In fact, in the production cost of tpe love doll, the material cost is only a part, in addition, the processing cost accounts for a considerable proportion. A cheap life size sex dolls is not expensive, you can buy a satisfying cheap lifelike sex dolls at a fairly cheap price.

Precautions for buying a cheap Tpe sex doll

About the toxicity and smell of TPE entity dolls

Recently, some consumers will post their views on tpe sex doll in the comments, saying some problems with TPE dolls. In fact, these problems do exist.

  1. About TPE entity doll toxicity

The main component of the TPE of the real doll is SEBS, white oil (or paraffin oil), and some slip aids, flavors, etc. are added. Among these components, SEBS is a styrene polymer elastomer, which is considered to be non-toxic and can provide relevant SGS reports; white oil is generally some saturated linear or cyclic chain hydrocarbons and is non-toxic; Slip aids, generally selected from inorganic substances, are non-toxic. Finally, the essence is said. If natural essence is used, it is definitely non-toxic, but the cost is higher. With artificial flavors, it can be said that it does not contain toxic substances that are prohibited by order. But these fragrances have no potential health hazards after long-term exposure, and no one dares to guarantee 100% that sex dolls are completely non-toxic. It is recommended that when buying physical dolls made of TPE material, it is best to choose dolls with relatively light fragrance.

Precautions for buying a cheap Tpe sex doll


  1. TPE entity doll smell

The smell of tpe doll mainly comes from the essence and the white oil component inside. Some inferior chemical synthetic flavors will have a stronger and more pungent odor. In addition, the low-end white oil will often have heavy distillates that exceed the standard and will have an unpleasant smell of diesel. It is recommended to buy a higher grade TPE doll.

  1. The surface of the physical doll

The core component of TPE, SEBS, has good oil-filling properties, but different SEBS grades have different oil-filling ratios and oil-locking properties. Of course, this is also partly related to oil products. Low-end TPE dolls are prone to oil on the surface, sticky to the touch, and uncomfortable. TPE dolls of better quality will not have these problems.

In general, there are different grades of TPE dolls, inferior TPE solid dolls have a strong smell, and the surface may even be oily and sticky. It is recommended to choose a suitable doll according to your own economic conditions.

Precautions for buying a cheap Tpe sex doll

The harm caused by inferior tpe sex dolls

Dolls with strong oil or irritating smells from Jiaotong University belong to manufacturers with immature technology or cut corners for no other reason, and such volatile gases and oils are harmful to the human body. Long-term exposure can cause allergic skin and respiratory tract. disease. So if you buy a low-end, low-quality doll, you’re kidding.

The oil will also cause the adsorption of dust in the air, which will cause the surface of the doll to be contaminated. It can be seen under the microscope that the skin of the doll looks smooth, but it is actually a sponge, so it is easy to explain if the dye is difficult to wash. Fine dust Most of the surface is fluffy, once it penetrates into the skin of the doll, it will be adsorbed on the surface, which is difficult to clean. Powder, talcum powder is round granules, the surface is smooth, so even if it is adsorbed on the doll's epidermis, it can be easily removed, or even fall off, so the talcum powder covering the surface of the doll's skin will prevent the dust from invading and play a protective role.

Precautions for buying a cheap Tpe sex doll

And the tpe material is a recyclable material, it does not exclude that some businesses will be sub-charged. Some unscrupulous merchants may renovate the used sex dolls again, and these dolls have been re-maintained and become exactly the same as the new sex dolls. Some businesses will not even do some basic disinfection for the dolls. With these second-hand sex dolls looking very new, but still can not change the nature of unhygienic. In particular, some sex dolls may leave certain viruses, and these viruses have not gone through a formal antivirus program during processing. So these viruses are attached to the body of the doll. If you have sex with such a second-hand sex doll, your penis can be contaminated with this bacteria, increasing the possibility of infection. So be sure to choose brand new sex dolls in regular manufacturers.


Shop for quality and cheap tpe sex dolls

The price levels of various shops on the Internet are uneven, but it is still easy to tell the truth. Generally, the mainstream brands use TPE at around 1000. If this price segment merchant tells you "My doll is silicone" That’s why it’s a mischief, because the cost is not right, it’s impossible to make a loss business. The price of 160cm~165cm TPE dolls is about 1000 US dollars, and the normal float will not exceed 100 US dollars. If you see the merchant saying that the 160cm doll is more than 800 US dollars, then you have to be careful, otherwise it is used for materials Poor quality, otherwise it is not a doll as big as 160cm. As for inferior materials, it has been said before that this is to bet on your health. You need to consider whether your health is important or cheap real sex dolls.

The price of regular manufacturers of tpe sex dolls is at an acceptable level. They hope that their sex dolls can serve more single men and solve their sexual problems. But many people's budget is not enough, so they reduce their costs, hoping to get more sex doll orders with sex doll low price. So these cheap sex dolls for sale are inferior sex dolls, of course not. These expensive sex dolls are produced by regular manufacturers, and they strictly protect the interests of consumers. Whether it is production or hygiene, they will use the most environmentally friendly and harmless tpe materials, these materials will not induce allergies. Moreover, after undergoing strict disinfection and sterilization steps, sex doll producers are all tested for body temperature and disinfected throughout the body when entering the workplace, and they are all equipped with masks and gloves. You can rest assured that these sex dolls are hygienic.

Precautions for buying a cheap Tpe sex doll

Some high-quality sex doll shops have lovedollshop. Our shop sells best cheap sex doll. Although the price will be cheaper, we strictly control our technology and hygiene to produce the best tpe sex doll. And our tpe sex dolls are of various types, no matter what style of sex doll you like, you can find your destination here. We not only have cheap sex dolls for women, but also cheap sex dolls for men, and even sex dolls for transgender people. You can customize your sex doll according to your hobbies, she will be shaped completely according to your aesthetic style. Completely your dream lover.

Buying a cheap real doll does not mean that it is a low-quality sex doll, you need to choose the best cheap sex dolls from legal manufacturers, after a strict manufacturing process and disinfection and sterilization process. Comprehensive protection of your physical health and personal interests. Lovedollshop will be your most correct choice. Not only can you buy a high-quality sex doll at a cheap price, you can also enjoy our most sincere customer service. No matter what questions you have, we will answer them in good faith and serve you throughout.

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