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Popular science knowledge of sex dolls

September 05, 2020

The knowledge of many basic concepts in the manufacturing process of dolls is very interesting. We received a very exquisite sex doll, these dolls after a long time of manufacturing, these dolls will make you very surprised. But in fact, the process of making sex dolls will experience many interesting things, and it is a very complicated process. In the process of making each doll, there are some words to describe these cute young sex dolls , these words are very appropriate. If you are interested in this, you are welcome to continue reading. These little knowledge can help you learn more about sex dolls. Although we were all novices at the beginning and were not very familiar with the contents of dolls, after a long period of practical knowledge, we had a good grasp of these contents. So when we choose our own sex doll, we can choose our own suitable sex doll without being deceived.

 Popular science knowledge of sex dolls

Sex doll manuscript

For the graphic design of the doll, the designer of the sex doll will have a draft at the beginning, and the doll craftsman will use these drafts as the blueprint when shaping the body of the doll. Generally speaking, the doll craftsmen are all graduated from the University of Fine Arts, and they have superb painting skills. The faces or bodies of the sex dolls they painted are very in line with aesthetic standards. They are all human dolls made according to the highest standards of beauty. Can you fall in love with this sex doll?

Many doll craftsmen will design dolls' drafts before making them, and then reproduce similar people according to these drafts. Turn a piece of silicone or TPE into an exquisite sex doll head . The face of the doll is delicate and very beautiful. The doll maker will display the most beautiful sex doll in front of you, and whether it is the shape of the eyebrows, it has been designed thousands of times. The beauty is the beautiful willow eyebrows or the lingering European and American eyebrows. They will be adapted according to the different styles of the doll. Adjustment. There is also the shape of the doll's eyes, whether they are beautiful, charming Danfeng eyes or sentimental peach eyes. These different eyes will make people desire, and make your sex doll show different postures. It can be said that the drafts of sex dolls are very different and very important, which can directly affect the appearance of your sex doll.

A good draft of a doll can make a good-looking sex doll, and the most important thing is the creativity of the doll's face. The wonderful combination of facial features can present different sex doll postures. Maybe the facial features of sex dolls are impeccable, but the effect of the combination is very rigid. The doll's draft is just an initial idea. If you want to see the final appearance of the doll, you need to look at the craftsman's production method.

 Popular science knowledge of sex dolls

Naked baby

Baby with only doll body but no clothes. If you have visited a sex doll factory or seen photos of a sex doll factory, you know how the sex doll is placed. Generally speaking, after the doll craftsmen have carved the dolls, they are all naked dolls. The dolls are all naked at first, maybe you don't start dressing your sex doll until you receive your sex doll. These sex dolls present the most authentic appearance, which helps the doll maker to adjust the shape of your sex doll in time. Although it's a naked doll, you don't need to worry about it. The naked sex doll will have a transparent packaging on the outside. A layer of transparent plastic cloth covers the naked body of your sex doll, which is good for placing your sex doll. Dust contamination, or contact with other harmful substances.

Make a sample

The appearance of the physical dolls, the dolls were not mass-produced at the beginning, they were all made by doll craftsmen based on drafts of the initial sex dolls. The changes in these sex dolls are relatively large, and they all make different changes according to the craftsman's aesthetics. Just like making clothes, the clothes at the beginning are used as samples, and after appropriate adjustments, you can make the clothes you like, or adjust the size and shape of the clothes according to the comfort of the human body. The same is true for sex dolls. Generally speaking, there is only one sample doll. If your sex doll has some mistakes in the process of making it and your sex doll is not shaped, you may make another sample.

 Popular science knowledge of sex dolls

Bulk goods

The manufacturer conducts mass production, and our sex dolls have made samples. If sex dolls conform to the public's aesthetics, they will be mass produced. In fact, sex dolls are a very expensive commodity. The possibility of mass production is very small, and they are generally made according to the requirements of the seller to customize sex dolls. These sex dolls are made after the customer places an order. The time required to customize a sex doll is not long, and you can receive your sex doll soon. The disadvantage of custom dolls and non-custom dolls is that custom dolls require more time and effort, and the price is higher. But being able to make the sex doll you like can meet your aesthetics. Let you get a true goddess, not a simple replica of a template. After all, no one wants his own sex doll to be exactly the same as others. Each of us needs a customized and unique sex doll.


This sex doll is not made for other reasons. Miscarriage is almost synonymous with failure of every project. In fact, the possibility of sex doll failure is relatively high in the early stage. But in the later stage of the doll, the production factory has mastered the temperature and some external conditions needed to make the doll. The probability of the doll's success has also increased, and it will indeed waste some material in the first manufacture of the doll.

 Popular science knowledge of sex dolls

Sex dolls will experience a lot of hardships in the manufacturing process, but when we overcome these difficulties, we can receive many beautiful and exquisite sex dolls. These sex dolls will definitely fit your aesthetic. This information will help you learn more useful information about sex dolls. We hope that the full-size sex doll  presents a beautiful posture, and we also hope that our first sex doll will not be deceived. After understanding these contents, I believe you must have more and deeper insights into sex dolls. If you want to know more about sex dolls, please contact us. We will make the most accurate reply for you.

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