Participated in the Guangzhou sex doll adult exhibition |

Participated in the Guangzhou sex doll adult exhibition

August 03, 2020


The sex doll exhibition is a good channel to help us understand sex dolls. But not all regions will have this kind of sex doll adult exhibition. There will be a variety of sex dolls, which will definitely let you. What is the sex doll inside? If you are curious about the sex doll adult exhibition, then look down!

Overall impression of the sex doll adult exhibition

We have seen some videos and pictures of the sex doll adult exhibition before. The real female model inside is well-dressed, protruding forward and backward, holding a vibrator as a display item. In front of her are the eyes and lenses of countless men; she sits on the sofa with a fake sex doll with good workmanship. The three points where men go to touch their bodies; there are also uniform catwalks, actress interaction, and some seductive games full of erotic sideballs. So my impression of the adult exhibition is: a male-centered sex product exhibition.

The previous publicity and the big sign at the door told me that the theme of this adult exhibition is "Spouse happiness, family harmony". Monogamy, marriage, and sex between men and women are legitimate and acceptable. However, this kind of sexual culture has separated sex from the purpose of reproduction, and it has to be said that it is an improvement to emphasize "sex blessing".

More and more people are pursuing the authenticity and pleasure of sex. Sex is a very good way to please yourself. Many contradictions in family relationships lie in the disharmony of the sexual relationship between husband and wife. Because the physical desires are not satisfied, this dissatisfaction is vented into life. Sex dolls are very helpful for us to vent the unhappiness in our lives, especially the transgender sex doll , which can satisfy the sexual desire of both spouses. And can promote the interest and emotional communication between husband and wife.

adult exhibition

Walking into the sex doll exhibition

The first step into the sex doll exhibition is some aphrodisiac products, these people sell a variety of health care products under the banner of aphrodisiac. There are a variety of health products, such as "bigger and thicker" advertisements, and some so-called long-lasting medicines. These medicine merchants will sell a lot of health products. If you come to the exhibition and see these stores, you must buy rationally, depending on your needs. After all, there are some doubts about its efficacy.

After walking through this row of health product stalls full of "masculine temperament", the second row is even more exciting. The eyes are full of sex dolls, which makes people dizzy, and don't even know which booth to start from. I chose the stall with the most people, and it was set up as a fairyland, with all kinds of fairy-like dolls wearing beautiful thin shirts and some with pointed ears on their heads. Although they have no dew points, they can clearly see the plump breasts and the looming private parts under the skirt. It is really imaginative and more attractive than not wearing clothes.

The most unique thing about this booth is that some people make dolls on the spot. A female staff member carefully made the silicone heads on the table under the crowd watching, just like those shops in tourist attractions that painted on-site at the door, telling the audience: we are trying to make the best sex for everyone doll.

In other stalls, I saw something with heavier flavors. Although I have been in contact with this industry for a long time, I was shocked to see a bunch of big penis and various matte private parts so densely. Here, the limits of human desire have been made into real tangible objects: bigger, longer and thicker? Have! Pink nipples? Have! Pink and hairless private parts? Have! Hymen? There are too! Yes, there is a virgin airplane cup, which is characterized by the hymen inside, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of "piercing the hymen".

adult exhibition

I was looking for a male doll on the venue, and finally I found a short naked male doll in the corner. His posture was one hand stroking the big penis, and the other was totally out of proportion with his body. Big penis. However, what makes me feel disgusting is that this male doll's fingers and toes are covered with long French nails! I don’t know what the people who designed the doll are intent, are they too loose, or have any misunderstandings about female desires? If you want to see a realistic male sex doll , you can check our official website. Our real sex doll will definitely exceed your expectations!


What can we see from the sex doll adult exhibition

These silicone dolls are expensive. Basically, the price of silicone dolls is more than US$2,000, and the better ones cost more than US$4,000. If you want cheaper ones, you can only choose cheap inflatable dolls. What does the inflatable doll look like? I can only say that it is so funny! A row of inflatable dolls with strange faces and bodies makes me laugh so hard, isn’t this really funny? Why is the quality of inflatable dolls so different from that of silicone?

I also saw many young women love dolls at the adult exhibition, which surprised me. Some of these dolls have undeveloped flat breasts, some of them have big breasts, but they look like young girls. Should this kind of infant dolls that satisfy pedophiles appear on the market? My first reaction was that this was wrong, because it seemed to promote the sexual desire of young girls, which made me very uncomfortable. But I thought about it again, since the desire for pedophilia is real, it is better to relieve it through fake dolls than to find real children. If a pedophile can do not harm real children, does not support the porn industry using real children, and just uses such a doll to satisfy desires, then why not?

The emergence of the sex product industry is a cheering thing. It has completely got rid of the fertility purpose of sex, and instead aims at enjoyment, pleasure, and orgasm. There are so many naked female sex dolls, but also because they have seen a lot of plump breasts, fat buttocks, pink and tender private parts of the airplane cups and human body molds. Those sex dolls are exactly the same as real people, and they will be more real. These sex dolls almost remove all the shortcomings of women and retain the excellent part of the body. They can bring more mental stimulation and physical comfort to more men, especially when there are more and more single males. These sex dolls can alleviate these mental crises very well.

adult exhibition

In this adult exhibition I'm in, everything is from a male perspective. The vaginal molds and dolls watched and touched by visitors are actually female body images based on male imagination. In addition to these, there are also some female models who wear very little to perform on stage. In front of them is a group of men holding cameras with wide-eyed eyes, including male colleagues who visited with me. "This is one of the few real women here," he said. Yes, there are more female dolls than real women here, so that sometimes I can't tell whether the woman in front of me is real or fake.

This shows that the manufacturing technology of today's sex dolls is so developed that we can't distinguish whether this sex doll is real or fake. But many sex dolls nowadays are for men, and the number of male sex dolls for women is very small. We hope that more sex dolls will appear in our sight, and these sex dolls have more variety The appearance and characteristics meet the preferences and requirements of different groups of people. Moreover, the sex dolls exhibited at the current sex doll exhibition are all lower-priced sex dolls, and the quality is naturally not comparable to high-end sex dolls. We hope that in addition to embodying sexual desire, the doll can also embody certain aesthetic characteristics. It is also very good to appreciate the sex doll as a high-end artwork. Moreover, most of the groups for adult exhibitions are men, and very few women will visit this type of exhibition, which is also a limitation. We hope that our sex dolls are not only popular among small groups, but also that these ultra-real sex dolls  are accepted by the society.

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