One Day of a Realistic TPE Sex Doll |

One Day of a Realistic TPE Sex Doll

November 28, 2020

Alisa is a lifelike realistic sex doll for sanhui Doll. This is a normal day of her. (This story is purely fictitious)

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In the morning, the sun shines warmly on her naked body through the window. She doesn't want to get up because last night. . . experienced a "war".

 Alisa opened her eyes slightly, her naked body exuded a tempting milk fragrance, she was still reminiscing about the "war" last night, with a shy smile on her face.

 She sat up lazily, straightened her hair. The sun shine came in, she looked more sexy.

 She walked to the window, looked at the scenery outside the window, stretched out her hand to catch the warm sun. She lowered her head, and remembered the happy time last night.

She is looking forward to going out, but her owner said that she can't leave the room, otherwise unexpected things will happen.

 She can only sit on the sofa and think against the windowsill. But in fact, she was like going out and wanted someone to accompany her.

 She heard a sound outside the door, she was listening to curiously, but suddenly the sound disappeared, she was extremely lost.

 She leaned in front of the full-length mirror by the door. The mirror reflected her impressive figure. She is sad, no one will accompany her, love her, and comfort her. She lowered her head, unable to hide her loss.

 Suddenly, there was a loud noise outside the door, and instantly she felt dizzy, fell to the ground, and lost consciousness.

When she woke up again, she was already naked and lying on the bed , she feel her body is a little sore, she seemed to understand what had happened.

What happened, has nothing happened? What about that person? Alisa sat up, thinking silently.

She didn't care about who broke into the door and what happened with that person. It might be a game her owner played with her.

She played casually in the room, wearing sexy costumes bought for her by the owner, posing in front of the mirror.

At this time, the door opened and her owner came back, Alisa looked at him shyly.

She knew what the first thing the owner did when he came back, she took off her clothes, and the sexy breasts leaked out.

She was a little shy and covered her boobs with her hands. Her owner asked her to come to the sofa. She asked her owner in surprise: What posture does you like?

In order to create a romantic atmosphere, the owner turned on the lamp, and Alisa's body became more alluring under the light of the lamp.

The owner hugged her from behind and said: We only do one thing at this time.

Alisa is lying on the sofa, her body ups and downs, she is thinking whether her owner will leave soon, will stay with her, is she just a tool?

She don’t know how long it took, the owner patted her on the head, got up and went to the bathroom, Alisa gently bit her finger, she hoped that the time would not pass so fast, so that she could stay with her owner a little longer.

The owner left again, she lay on the floor bored, thinking about when the next time she saw her lover.

The sun is about to set, when the owner will come back, she is getting more and more disappointed and sad, why no one to accompany her.

She decided to take a shower first, and then wait for the owner to come back. She took off her clothes and showed her proud figure.

She plays with the water alone in the bathroom, the loneliness of a sex doll, no one can understand.

She puts a plastic bag on herself, wanting to experience the feeling of being wrapped and touched.

She is naked and frolicking and playing, as if she was in a bar rather than in a bathroom.

While thinking about the lover's warmth, she was thinking about his unfeelingness. Does he have many sex dolls besides him?

There is no way, a man’s nature is so, she can only accept it, even if he has a lot of sex dolls, as long as he still needs her. Alisa finally understood in the bathroom that why the owner did not accompany her.

She took a shower and went to the refrigerator in the living room, looking for something.

She saw wine, maybe alcohol can help her forget some things and find some happiness.

Alisa drank the whole bottle of wine, she was a little hot and groggy.

She wants to hide in the refrigerator, but the funny is that the refrigerator is too small to hold her.

She stretched out her tongue awkwardly

She put her head into the refrigerator again, looking for more things that can stimulate her taste buds

Suddenly her eyes lit up and she found another bottle of wine, she was very happy

After drinking another bottle of wine, Alisa has been poured in the refrigerator.

She got up and climbed onto the sofa. Her two hips were very beautiful. She imagined that someone would hug her from behind.

Actually no one hugged her from behind. She was very disappointed and went to the refrigerator to look for beer.

She found beer and was very excited

She turned on the lights and sound in the living room, raised her hands over her head, and danced.

Suddenly there was a spasm in the stomach, the beer that she had just drunk poured into my throat, Alisa ran to the bathroom and threw up.

All the clothes were soiled, she took off naked and lay on the bathroom floor.

Suddenly her body became hot. She missed her lover. It would be fine if the lover was by her side. She took off her underwear with both hands, and she prepared. . . . Take a bath again.

It's late at night, why doesn't the master come back? Alisa fell asleep in a daze, she dreamed that her lover stroked her passionately.

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