Newbies must: How to choose a sex doll that suits you? |

Newbies must: How to choose a sex doll that suits you?

October 30, 2020

As a newbie, it is the first time to buy sex dolls on the website or online store. There are all kinds of dolls, including height, material, skin color, appearance, figure, etc. Of course, first choose the appearance and height you like, but It’s hard to choose what material and which brand is of better quality.After reading the guide compiled by the editor, I am guaranteed to find a doll that suits you.Which brand is better to choose first?

real sex doll

Highly recommend JY

JY is the second-ranked brand of China’s top ten real dolls. "Made in China" is world-renowned. The products produced are of high quality and competitive prices. There is no problem choosing JY. If you don’t rest assured, let’s take a look. JY?

JY sex doll

JY comes from Dongguan Lingjun Silicone Products Co., Ltd. It mainly produces clothing models, silicone entity dolls, etc. The entity doll in the company is a new type of environmentally friendly polymer and other raw material synthesis (TPE). It has been treated with high temperature and harmless, and has a built-in metal frame to keep it from deforming for a long time. It can play various postures within a certain range and conform to the country. It is a product that can be used with confidence according to relevant safety and environmental protection standards. The company employs experienced technicians and engineers to fully control the quality of the project, while providing considerate after-sales service to ensure fast, high-quality and efficient service to customers. Among them, the workmanship of JY sex dolls is excellent, especially the processing of facial details is very realistic. It is also one of my favorite brands.

JY real sex doll

Among sex dolls, sex dolls can be divided into TPE dolls and silicone dolls according to the different materials used. Next, let's talk about the difference in materials and their advantages and disadvantages!

JY dolls

  1. All silicone

Advantages: The all-silicone sex doll has better facial details on various parts of the body, closer to the real person, resistant to high temperature and strong acid and alkali, and has no smell and is not easy to deform.

Disadvantages: The silicone material is relatively hard and has poor tensile strength. It is easy to break when posing and posture. If the setting of the vaginal opening is relatively small, it is inconvenient to use, easy to break, cracks and cannot be repaired. Therefore, all silicone dolls are only suitable for viewing and not for use as adult products.

silicone sex doll

  1. Full TPE

Advantages: TPE is a material with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience of rubber, and the characteristics of injection molding. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, with a wide range of hardness, excellent colorability, soft touch, good elasticity, strong pulling force, not easy to tear when posing (except violence), so even if the vagina looks small , It is also stretched when inserted into the vagina, and it can be repaired when cracks appear.

Disadvantages: The full-tpe entity doll's body and face details are not as real as silica gel, and it is not resistant to high temperature and strong acid and alkali, and the TPE material doll has a smell and is more unpleasant.

TPE sex doll

So the question is, can both advantages exist? Yes, silicone head and TPE body. In this way, not only the real silicone head but also the softness of TPE.

TPE& silicone

Novices must learn. Choosing a doll that suits you is just like matching a set of clothes that suits you. The editor sorts out new knowledge every day for the benefit of customers.

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