New movie release: The sex doll craftsman reproduces her wife's appearance for sale |

New movie release: The sex doll craftsman reproduces her wife's appearance for sale

August 27, 2020

2020 is really a year full of crises. But this year's sex dolls have become popular, and many people have begun to understand the sex doll industry. Be interested in this. Especially sex dolls are welcomed by many people. During the epidemic isolation period, lonely people began to choose to use sex dolls to relieve their inner loneliness. In fact, there have been many movies about sex doll stories long ago, and more and more have appeared in recent years.

As a big country that produces sex dolls, Japan has produced many exquisitely crafted sex dolls. These sex dolls have been welcomed by many people. Even Japanese sex dolls  have become one Iconic goods. Movies shot in Japan also touched the inner world of many people. The pure Japanese scenery and soft tones, as well as the clear face of the heroine Sonoko, made people think about the world.


Japan's unique sex doll movies

"The next step is to install a hole" "Hole?" "It's the hole under the woman, understand?"

This is the beginning of the Japanese movie love doll. The hero Tetsuo, played by Issey Takahashi, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and was introduced by his senior. Before he figured out the situation, he plunged into the world of a sex doll manufacturing factory. The small door is the entrance to the dark and messy warehouse, from the blue-gray factory into the deeper. I saw rows of beautiful female carcasses displayed horizontally on the workbench. Their skin was as soft as a real person, with a fragrant smell, waiting to be completed, packaged, and taken away.

Directed by the female director Tanada Yuki, the new love doll starring Issei Takahashi and Yu Aoi, it is easy to think of the movie air doll by Hirokazu Ee. "The inflatable doll is a simulated adult sex toy that replaces real people to meet the sexual needs." The doll in the air doll has repeated this sentence several times.

In the movie, a middle-aged man in his 40s, every day after he gets off work from the restaurant, the first thing he does is eat with an inflatable doll, take a bath, and have sex with her. One day, the air doll gains the human soul and life. She will wear clothes of love, do a job she likes, and she will fall in love with someone, but she is still a doll that needs to be blown up. Full of magical colors and lonely atmosphere. The story of the new love doll is a different story from another perspective. It is no longer the doll and the consumers who depend on her, but the story of the craftsman who made the doll.

New movie release: The sex doll craftsman reproduces her wife's appearance for sale

The production of dolls encountered a bottleneck period

The most interesting part of love puppets is the part about making puppets. At the beginning of the film, as a newcomer in the workplace, Tetsuo first entered this heterogeneous world, he took his master Jin Ci to briefly introduce us to the market history of sex dolls.

It used to be an inflatable doll, the kind of famous cheap doll that was often made ugly and stupid, and was used as a tricky tool. Later, it developed to use latex materials. Although it is a historical innovation for inflatable dolls, it is easy to get dirty and difficult to maintain. Therefore, entering the PVC era, PVC materials need to be heated, which solves the problem of dirt resistance and durability, but the texture of the skin always feels that something is missing. In order to be closer to the real skin, then there is a silicone sex doll . But even so, according to master Jin Ci, the current doll is still far away from the true ideal form.

The so-called "perfect doll", in addition to the touch of human skin, a beautiful appearance, no seams, a fully integrated body, and even, in the most ideal state, a human soul. For the "human soul", perfect dolls are made, so there is a story of love dolls.

The budding of love began with a bold request, "Can I touch your breast?" There is nothing impossible in the world of movies. Tetsuo has not touched a woman's breast for a long time with a three-year window period. The sex doll he made only has a nice-looking big breast, but it does not have the real touch of a female breast. The face of the company president who has been kneading for a long time tells us that it is not so satisfactory. Abandoning the sentence "you guy, really graduated from sculpture major?" and "rework" and left.

New movie release: The sex doll craftsman reproduces her wife's appearance for sale

The tragic and romantic love between the doll craftsman and the model Sonoko

In order to make a breast that feels more realistic to the touch, Tetsuo and master Jin Ci came up with a "bad idea": use a real breast to make a model! But will anyone really want to come? They couldn't help lying about this, claiming to be a prosthetic breast for medical aid. So Sonoko, the heroine played by Yu Aoi, appeared at the entrance of the factory as a model who came to apply.

Love happens so naturally. Tetsuo's nervousness when applying mold materials to Sonoko's chest, stunned when watching Sonoko leave his back, accidental skin touch, Sonoko's forgotten eardrops, and finally boldly asked to touch his chest. Their love is related to touching their breasts. After touching Sonoko's chest, Tetsuo thought, "Heaven is here. It's probably like seeing Clara stand up." Sonoko, after accepting such a request, was in the touch of the other party. , I felt a kind of male tenderness and warmth. They fell in love.

Sachiko, who made the model of Sonoko's chest, also brought the first climax of Tetsuo's career. From falling in love, to the two entering marriage, to the birth of discord, and finally confessing the truth to each other, love is an open line, and the making of sex dolls is a more important dark line. They were hiding each other from each other, and what Tetsuo couldn't say was his true job content. From the "deception" of the first meeting, the other party has always thought that what he was doing was the prostitution of medical assistance. Sonoko said that he had cancer.

New movie release: The sex doll craftsman reproduces her wife's appearance for sale

The perfect sex doll based on the Sonoko

On the one hand, Tetsuo became more and more fascinated by making sex dolls, and worked day and night to develop materials closer to human skin. Less and less time and energy are allocated to family and lover. On the other hand, the two are getting separated day by day, and there is no way to talk about the difficulties at work. They hide from each other and wait for each other to speak. However, it is also a sex doll, which eventually became a bond connecting the lovers. After confessing to each other, Sonoko offered, "I hope you use my body as a model to make a sex doll." In the last days, they treated each other naked, making love day and night, touching and examining each other's body.

After the Sonoko left, Tetsuo, like Pygmalion in Greek mythology, projected all his love and miss on the doll made for the Sonoko. He touched her, carved her, and poured her the soul of the Sonoko. He is also like every doll craftsman who pursues the ultimate ideal, and decided to challenge the highly difficult seamless one-piece sex doll to make his own perfect doll.

For the erotic doll, perhaps from the day she was born, there have been workers who have succeeded in setting up the goal of perfectly imitating the real human body. Each generation of her evolution is also moving towards this goal. Fortunately, Tetsuo has a wife like Sonoko, so that he can realize the reproduction of Sonoko.

The "love doll" that restores the Sonoko's body in a 1:1 ratio is no longer just a cold colloid. She also has the gentleness of the wife, the intoxicating fragrance, and even the wonderful voice. Tetsuo can still miss her in his poetic imagination, miss her, and feel her.

New movie release: The sex doll craftsman reproduces her wife's appearance for sale

This is also the most touching part of the movie. Behind the most perfect sex doll is a longing and unending love. What's interesting is that although the love doll is a fictional story, in the history of the development of sex dolls, the desire for real people has always been the most important motivation for her birth. Even now, people continue to explore a robot sex doll , hoping that robot sex dolls can respond to people's feelings and integrate AI technology with sex dolls. So what will it develop into in the future? We don't know that movies can't answer this question, but people will always face many different problems in the future. But what we can grasp is the real world, why not buy a sex doll for long-term pleasure? She will make you feel the salvation and release of your soul, and you can get a sex doll that is more delicate and beautiful than the Sonoko!

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