Must-know ways to increase sexual desire |

Must-know ways to increase sexual desire

March 22, 2021

1. You can choose to watch a movie

Did you know that Duchy's rich thorns are in "Pink Playful". It turns out that he is a master of portraying all kinds of weird and weird obsessive-compulsive characters. This special talent may be related to his personal connection with these roles. James Spader suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, so he has a long-term first-person relationship with people.

This intensity is part of his portrayal of Mr. Gray so sexy. The other part is the complexity he brings to the character. He knew that no one would be exactly the same thing, but each of us has certain buttons that force us to react in a specific way. It is this complexity that allows us to sympathize with his character, and even if he is extremely neurotic, he can take root. We hope that he overcomes his shyness, abuses his deeper self, and enjoys love in a way that satisfies himself and Li.
Although his rule over Lee is jaw-dropping (even panic!) at times, he obviously cares deeply about her. It is indeed touching in a very messy way.

sanhui doll

2. Read sex books

By 2021, more and more people will be used to reading online, and few will read paper books. But for online reading, paper books give people a different feeling and a deep impression. Looking back now, do you still remember? This book was a very erotic book a few years ago.

Moral Sluts: A Practical Guide to Polygamy, Open Relationships, and Other Adventures
Janet W. Hardy and Dossie Easton, "Astronomy Art", 1997
This is a classic. Whether you see it in an interesting queer bookstore or hide it in their cool aunt's library, most people know something about it! When the moral slut came out, it was revolutionary and almost shocking. Of course, mainstream people know the swingers, but it is considered absurd to open up relationships with emotional and physical intimacy. Jealous? So, what about the sanctity of a marriage with only two people? Does anyone think of this family?

This book discards the idea of ​​a slut without humiliation or presumption. How does good sex look and feel about you? How do you deal with jealousy when your partner leaves FWB? This book is the first stop for most people on the journey of moral non-monogamy (also known as non-cheating) because it is comprehensive and good.

cosplay sex doll

3. Sex toys

63% of Americans own some kind of sex toys, so sex toys are another way to solve sexual desire.

Using dildo

Dildos come in various shapes and sizes, so it is important to find the right dildo for you. If you use a dildo to penetrate the vagina, make sure it is made of a material that is safe for the body (such as silicone). If you are using a dildo, please make sure it is safe for your body and that the base is flared so that it does not accidentally slip into your bottom while playing.
Safety first!

Even if you are naturally moist, I strongly recommend using high-quality water-based grease on the dildo and vagina/anus to make things easier. Start slowly, play some relaxing music, and slowly introduce the dildo into your body. Don't punch too quickly-let your body adapt to the size of the dildo, especially if it is large.

Vibrator with bullet

The bullet vibrator is mainly used for clitoral stimulation, which means you should focus on the external clitoris instead of placing it inside. Place these external clitoral toys on the clitoris and set the vibration until you find the desired vibration pattern and intensity.

They feel like heaven.

If your clitoris is very sensitive, try using a bullet to vibrate the clitoral mask or other parts of the vulva. They are also great for teasing other sex areas on the nipples and inner thighs. I also personally recommend using a lubricant with bullet vibrations, although some women are reluctant to use it.

Oh, don’t forget that the bullet vibrator is one of the easiest toys to bring into the bedroom! 81% of women and their partners bring sex toys into the bedroom, why not try it? Clitoral stimulation plus penetrability can be magical.

slim sex doll

Finally, using a realistic sex doll is one of the most expensive ways to increase libido. But the experience is more friendly. Imagine a curvy sex doll, a beautiful figure, and soft skin. You will not want to give up this kind of props to increase sexual desire.

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