99 The life of police academy in the dream of sex doll dolls---Lolita 2 | lovedollshops.com

99 The life of police academy in the dream of sex doll dolls---Lolita 2

December 30, 2020

Mixue is a physical doll with a silicone head + TPE body. It tells what happened in her dream life in the police academy. Today, I will tell a little story about her and Lolita.

lolita sex doll

After school officially started, Michelle and her good friend Shu began to eat in the school cafeteria. [The school cafeteria is divided into four floors. The decoration, food varieties and food prices of each floor are also very different. On the first floor, the food is relatively simple (mainly Breakfast is mainly), the price is low, and the dining tables placed around are made of plastic, the arrangement is slightly crowded. On the second floor, there are many types of food, affordable prices and simple decoration. On the third floor, there are many types of food and medium prices. The dining table is made of wood, clean and generous. On the fourth floor, there are many shops, the decoration is very beautiful, but the price is expensive. ] On the second floor, I found a place by the window to sit down and eat. While chatting, watching the crowds under the window, suddenly, a young girl who was extremely eye-catching passed by. She had a She has short hair and is dressed mainly in red, supplemented by light yellow. The Lolita knee-length dress with embroidered patterns and small black leather shoes. Everywhere she walks, almost everyone looks at her, some secretly After a few glances, some praised her straightforwardly, and at this moment, Mixue couldn't remove her eyes. He whispered, "What a beautiful lady, what a beautiful dress!" Shu smiled back and said, "If you want If you want, you can save money recently.” Mixue thought that saving money is impossible. It's better to find a job. So, back to the dormitory, Mixue quickly turned on the computer and prepared to find a part-time job. When browsing job recruitment, she happened to see the model in Lolita recently, and after reading the recruitment requirements, she felt that she met the requirements, and then planned to go for an interview on Friday, so she told Shu that she hoped she would go with her, Mixue a little nervous. Shu readily agreed.
The interview venue on Friday,
"Hello, I am a student of police school xxxx, my name is Mixue. I heard that your company is hiring Lolita models. I feel confident that my appearance and height meet the requirements. Do you think I can?"
Mixue was hired that day. After lunch, Mixue began to take photos in the afternoon. Shu was there to help, and finally finished work on Sunday afternoon. After finishing work, the person in charge invited them to dinner very enthusiastically, and because during the chat, After learning about Mixue's love for Lolita clothes, he gave a set of gorgeous Lolita clothes to Mixue for free. After returning to school, Mixue held Shu excitedly and said that he would invite Shu to a big meal. Not long after, a family appeared on the Internet. A very popular shop. The clothes inside are very popular. It turns out that the shop is the one taken by Mixue. Maybe Lolita clothes look good, or Mixue looks good, or Mixue sets off those clothes very beautifully. In short, those clothes Very popular, the shop owner also called Mixue specifically to express that he could cooperate in the future.

The story is not over, if you want to see her story, please see the next chapter.

The big breast sex doll Mixue is very beautiful, her story is more exciting, don't miss it.

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