Me and my sex partner |

Me and my sex partner

November 06, 2020

This is a story between a previous customer and his doll. He shared it with me, and then with his consent, shared it with everyone.

anime sex doll

I bought a sex doll in July this year. This is the first doll I bought. I cherish her very much. I am an anime fan, so I bought an anime doll. She is 165 cm tall and has lavender hair. Purple pupils, middle breasts, slim, slender thighs, TPE material, when I received the doll, I was very excited, she was like my goddess. In the first few days, I hugged her to sleep and embraced the goddess every day. Later, I worried that my sleep at night would hurt her. Then I watched it twice before going to bed, and then I dressed her every day. Sometimes I bought her Lolita costume and some anime costumes in the online store. Because I am afraid of getting her dirty, I must clean the house every day to make me clean.

beautiful sex doll

One day, I was criticized by my boss at work. I was very angry and wronged at the time. I wanted to talk to my friends but because of my face, I couldn’t vent my emotions. After I got home, I told the doll about my grievances. Afterwards, I felt that nothing happened. When facing overtime, I always put her in the most conspicuous place closest to me. Every time I can’t stand it, I just take a look,  she like my real girlfriend, accompanying me Spent a lot of difficulties and sorrows.

high quality sex doll

He said: "In the beginning, I only regarded her as a substitute for the goddess. I didn't expect that she would become my spiritual sustenance later. Even when I find a girlfriend, I will find a quiet, long-term female, even if I have agirlfrends in the future, I will not throw it away."

WM TPE sex doll

 This is a very touching story. Currently, a sex doll may not speak, comfort you, or move, but it can accompany you and listen to all your situations. There are too many things in life that you cannot communicate with others. Two people in a relationship cannot be together every minute. If you are afraid of being alone, you can choose the companionship of a doll, or just want to solve your sexual needs. She is also the safest sex partner you can choose. Experience the best sex toys, what do you think?

big breast sex doll
If you think the price is expensive, you can buy all the cheap TPE sex dolls, they have a good touch, soft and delicate.

curved sex doll

 If you want a good experience, please choose silicone head and TPE body, but the price is slightly more expensive.

custom sex doll
There are various dolls on our website, big breasted dolls, big ass dolls, slim dolls, fat dolls, etc. Only you can't think of it. Without us, we won't sell it. Even if we don't sell it, we can also customize sex dolls for you. If you buy our doll, you can share the story between you and your partner in our website blog, or we can customize a beautiful story for you. Looking forward to your visit!


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