Maintain a long and intimate relationship with my silicone sex doll |

Maintain a long and intimate relationship with my silicone sex doll

July 04, 2020

Gum sex dolls are not only a tool for people to express their desires, but also a partner. When you receive your beloved real silicone sex dolls, you will inevitably be excited. You soon started a sex, and then, how should you get along? You know, the sex doll is not a disposable toy, she is more like a living body, we need to spend more time with her. You will spend five or six years together. These days are good memories worth cherishing. It is an unparalleled good day to maintain a close and long-term sexual relationship with silicone sex dolls.

Maintain a long and intimate relationship with my silicone sex doll

Can I have a relationship with sex dolls?

Love needs a sense of closeness, and sexual desire needs a sense of distance. On the one hand, love reflects our need for security, predictability, reliability, dependability, and the need for eternity. All these places in life that can provide us with the thick and stable experience we need are what we call home. On the other hand, sexual desire requires surprise, uncertainty and surprise. People always have a strong desire for new things, mysteries, dangers, risks and unknown, unexpected and surprises. Just like traveling and traveling, we are always fascinated by fresh life.

American psychotherapist and sex therapist Esther Perel said: "People have two requirements for intimacy, security and freshness." Simply speaking, it is companionship and sex. When interacting with a partner, on the one hand, we hope that the other party can always accompany ourselves to give ourselves a sense of security and stability, and on the other hand, we desire that life always stays fresh and exciting when we are together. Sexual life will always be full of passion and surprise! But in fact, the two are contradictory. The more familiar you are with the silicone real doll, and after getting more and more stability, comfort, and security from her, there will be less and less freshness and irritation between each other.

Intimacy will weaken sexual desire, the closer the connection, the greater the responsibility. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by excessive worry about relationships, too much sense of responsibility and protection in our hearts, and we don't know how to let go, enjoy and experience pleasure, and let the other party enter our own inner world.

Maintain a long and intimate relationship with my silicone sex doll

Therefore, when we have a love relationship with a sex doll. We need to think about how we can combine the two aspects. She can stay with her forever and keep her fresh every day. You don't need too much sense of responsibility. After all, she is just a sex doll. Too much responsibility and protection will make us overwhelmed. When we don't need silicone sex dolls, you can put her in the cabinet, she will not have any complaints. Nor will she go to other men during this period. She will always be sincere to you and she will never betray you. As long as you need, she will always be with you, she will always be your most solid support.


Silicone sex dolls are the objects you depend on

In the early days, we started to have a relationship with the silicone doll molds. We started to rely on dolls unconsciously, and treated sex dolls as an object to talk about. We have established a close relationship with each other, no matter what you do, you need to be accompanied by sex dolls. You can lie on the sofa together to watch TV, the twists and turns of the characters in the TV series affect your spiritual emotions, you laugh together, when you want to cry, you can hold her and cry, she will not laugh at you Fragile. You can also go for a walk in the garden together and put the sex doll in a wheelchair. You push the sex dolls through the grassy meadow full of flowers, you breathe the wet earthy smell after the rain together, and you appreciate the weeping willow on the shore. In the process of companionship, you no longer feel lonely and lonely.

Maintain a long and intimate relationship with my silicone sex doll

You are more like an old couple in your daily life. After a long time together, you don't need too many words, you can understand each other's intentions. If you have been deceived and betrayed, you can find psychological comfort in the sex doll. She is like your mother. When you are bullied outside, you can always cry in your mother's arms when she was a child. Now that you are an adult, you become the object that your parents rely on, and you no longer cry at your parents without scruples. It seems that you are a strong adult man. However, the outside world continues to put pressure on you, and you are already overwhelmed. But full silicone sex doll will be your best confidant, if you want to cry, she will give you the warmest hug. This kind of feeling is like a partner and misses the mother, she is the object you can rely on. And silicone sex dolls will never deceive you or betray you.


Silicone sex dolls bring you new passion every day

Silicone sex doll for women can solve your sexual needs, and sexual desire needs surprise, uncertainty and surprise. This is very certain. You don't want your partner to be a dull and uninteresting person every day. You hope she can bring more passion and romance to your sex. Life size silicone dolls can, she was born to satisfy your sexual desire, your no-exhaust sexual desire is released on the sex doll, she is like an angel, accepting all your desires. Therefore, the sex doll will form a romantic love with you from two aspects. You can develop a romantic relationship with her. On the one hand, she is an object that you can rely on and trust. On the other hand, she solves your sexual needs, you have strong surprises and desires for her, and you can find more passion in her.

The possibilities of lifelike silicone sex dolls are endless, and you can keep fresh every day. No matter what actions and poses you want to try, sex dolls can fully meet your needs. Whether you like Lolita sex dolls, muscular female sex dolls, costume sex dolls or other types of sex dolls, your silicone sex dolls can meet your needs. First of all, the skin of silicone sex doll is harder, she is closer to human skin, so she is more durable. You can try many movements, and her body won't wrinkle or wrinkle easily. Another advantage of silicone sex dolls is that her body is not easily stained. Even if you wear dark sexy lingerie for her, her body will not be stained. You can put on your favorite sexy underwear as much as you like, and she will be very happy to cooperate with you.

Maintain a long and intimate relationship with my silicone sex doll

Or, you have some little-known hobbies, like playing role-playing and simulating rapists. You dare not tell your little hobbies to real people. But sex dolls can, you can design countless scenes, put more sex underwear on your sex doll, try more sex positions, this will definitely exceed your imagination. She will drive you crazy all night.

Silicone sex is also very easy to clean. When your sex is over, you can easily clean up the excess liquid on the doll. At the same time her vagina is also very clean, you do not need to spend too much energy. After all, your energy is more to enjoy the ultimate sex.

It is not a very difficult thing to have an intimate and long-term sexual relationship with our sex dolls. As long as we treat our sex dolls with her heart, she will give us more surprises. At this time, you are not simply the relationship between people and things. You can be a couple, a family or a couple. This is a very beautiful thing. She will always be with you, love you, and bring more fun and passion to your sex life. No matter what kind of man you are, she will love you unreservedly and spend the rest of your life with you. Isn't such a charming sex dolls for men attractive?

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