Is the impact of the coronavirus on sex dolls positive? |

Is the impact of the coronavirus on sex dolls positive?

July 30, 2020


Lifelike silicone doll believes that everyone is no longer unfamiliar, and many people have begun to take the initiative to understand this new but hidden industry. Our current sex dolls have developed to an amazing level, and many ultra-real sex dolls are just like real people. These real silicone dolls have a real skin touch. Their bodies are very flexible and can take any posture you like. A lot of high-tech has begun to be applied to these different real doll adults, such as AI sex doll and VR sex doll. These high-tech real life looking sex dolls can give dolls more functions. Many new users are willing to try these different sex dolls, and even opened a lot of sex doll experience halls, and some countries directly opened sex doll brothels. These all indicate an upward trend in the development of sex dolls, and the recent new crown virus has helped to spread the popularity of sex dolls. But is the sales of sex dolls soaring as the news said? Let’s now learn about sex dolls under the new crown virus! Hope you are interested in it.

positive impact

The positive impact of the new crown virus on dolls

The new crown virus has disrupted the pace and pace of our lives when it was caught off guard. The new crown pneumonia virus has swept the world at an amazing speed. Europeans who stayed at home fell in love with indoor exercise. Statistics show that sales of treadmills in Spain have increased by 1159%, tension bands have increased by 500%, comprehensive fitness equipment has increased by 421%, and coffee machines and hair straighteners are also popular products. In addition, there is another data that has caught everyone's attention, that is, in Spain and Italy, the total turnover of real doll man increased by 262% and 480% respectively compared with the same period last year. Some netizens teased that this is the result of human instinct being infinitely stimulated under the epidemic.

In fact, this is also very understandable. It is difficult for people to find things to do in isolation at home for a long time. If you play games every day, it's easy to get tired of the game. So people hope to strengthen their bodies and exercise their muscles during this period, so the sales of sports equipment are very good. People always hope to find new tastes when they are bored. For example, Chinese people are isolated at home for a long time, and many people cook at home when the epidemic first broke out. Many netizens have shared their own lunches, such as rice cooker cakes, Liangpi, etc. Many people ridicule the new crown virus for making every Chinese a chef. Our psychological desires are met materially, but how can the sexual needs of our bodies be met?

During this time, most people have nothing to do and can only get along with their families at home, but the long-term isolation makes many people have to separate from their partners, especially couples. Then the desires of each other can not be expressed, some people hope to use sex dolls to solve their own sex needs. This is indeed the case, and the sales of sex dolls can tell how popular sex dolls are today.

positive impact

The survey shows that if a person stays at home for a long time, then this can easily lead to mental illness. People began to doubt the outside world, they began to worry about gains and losses. They don't know how to relieve their inner tension, so they constantly deny themselves and suffer from mild anxiety. People are the product of society. If a person does not get along in society, he will stay away from society for a long time and not talk to others. People in this state for a long time are very easy to fall into a mental crisis, but the emergence of sex dolls allows many people to have spiritual sustenance, not only can make these people who are alone at home feel that they are accompanied, but sex dolls can be your conversation Object. And at the same time, the dopamine in your body can be released normally. So many people bought sex dolls during the epidemic, which is not just a physical need. It is the sustenance and placement of emotion. The realistic life size sex dolls industry has also suddenly prospered, but does this kind of prosperity reflect a good development direction? This is not the case.


The truth under the boom of sex dolls

In the sex industry, real dolls are a compelling niche market. Ke Mingxun of Nantou's "Glue Wife King" grabbed the exclusive agency rights of Japanese real dolls in Taiwan more than 10 years ago, with a yearly revenue of 30 million yuan.

"In the past, Japanese dolls dominated the world. After the successful development of China's truly real dolls in recent years, a Japanese doll with an asking price of 230,000 yuan has rushed to the market and beat the asking price of 2300,000 yuan. I sell about 150 dolls a year, and Chinese dolls account for 8 Due to the low unit price, it’s easy to start, and the consumer base has dropped from 40 to 20. The source of customers seems to be open, but the unit price of Chinese goods is only one-tenth of that of Japanese goods. There are more competing sellers, and this pool is not Great, with only a few million yuan in revenue for a year!"

Is the impact of the coronavirus on sex dolls positive?

Now the outbreak of the new crown virus has caused the sales of real life blow up dolls to surge, but this also has a fatal weakness. It means that everyone is isolated at home, including workers who have sex doll parts or accessories. Workers cannot return to the factory and cannot produce some basic accessories. Without raw materials, the production and transportation of dolls cannot be carried out naturally. Ke Mingxun's orders for "The King of Plastic Wife" could not be shipped.

"The current sexy real doll can make the mouth function, the important parts can be heated, it will breathe when shaken, and some even claim to be able to talk to the owner, but in fact they only have a basic response, which is not a chat. Most of my guests They are introverted otakus. Some buy based on their physical needs, and they throw the dolls back to me when they have a girlfriend. Others really like the company of dolls. They change makeup and dress up and feel happy. This kind of guests will last long, like a Customers from Kaohsiung bought 8 of them.” He explained that the real feel sex doll is made of silicone and TPE (thermoplastic rubber). The silicone material is more durable than TPE, but no matter which one, the chest feels soft and elastic. .

Wigs, eyeballs, eyelashes, remote controllers and wires are all made in China and are currently out of stock. "The real live sex dolls assembly plants are located in Guangzhou and Dalian. Because motors, wires, wigs, and eyeballs are not available, complete sex dolls cannot be produced. The factory delivery period has been extended. Arrival! Customers can only wait innocently.” At the same time, due to logistics reasons, logistics has also been affected by the new crown virus, which makes the transportation process very slow. Some logistics have even increased the price, and if it is transnational transportation, the freight has increased a lot. Many customers and doll manufacturers have expressed that they cannot afford such high transportation costs. This is also a blow to the sales of sex dolls.

Is the impact of the coronavirus on sex dolls positive?

The sales of human like sex dolls are not always as hot as it seems. Although many people have the idea of buying real life size sex dolls, they just maintain a wait-and-see attitude. It has not really been decided whether to buy a super real sex doll. But now these difficulties have been resolved to a considerable extent. With the improvement of the epidemic situation in some countries, many people have begun normal lives. The problems faced by sex dolls are also solved. If you want to buy a brand new sex doll, please contact us. We have the most abundant supply of sex dolls and a wide range of sex dolls. You can also choose different sex doll heads . And we will contact you as soon as possible and arrange the delivery, you will soon receive the super realistic sex doll of your dreams. We are committed to providing you with the most comfortable and perfect real like sex dolls, bringing you the best shopping experience!

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