Is it strange to use sex dolls |

Is it strange to use sex dolls

July 01, 2020

I believe many people are very hesitant before buying sex dolls. Wouldn’t it seem strange or abnormal for me to buy a sex doll? The answer is of course: no.


 Is it strange to use sex dolls

Sexual needs are human instinct

Sexual desire is born in man and belongs to the foundation of Maslow’s level of needs. People must meet sexual needs. This is part of the self-sex sexual morality and is also born in life. As ordinary people, our spirit Naturally unable to bear some exciting things, such as some sexy big breasted sex dolls or petite cute Lolita sex dolls. Because of sexual morality, we will stay away from these exciting things, maintain mental health, observe sexual morality, and satisfy sexual desires. This should be the theory, but in reality: sexual morality is both natural (because we humans always have the same concept between different civilizations, if we are born with no morality, why is it surprisingly similar?), sexual morality is social ( Because different civilizations will adjust their concepts according to the needs of society and form differences, otherwise why do different civilizations have different attitudes towards sex?)

 Is it strange to use sex dolls

Unfortunately, most cultures and societies regard sex as "ugly", many people cannot accept talking about sex in the public, and even use many taboo words to imply and refer to sex, making sex more A shameful thing, but it is not.

The development of sex dolls

Sex dolls have appeared a long time ago, and the emergence of everything has its inevitability. Sex dolls first originated from Dutch sailors. Due to the long voyage, the sailors on the ship are almost all male. So their needs were difficult to solve, so they invented dolls made of rags. These dolls are very rudimentary and cannot be compared with the current dolls. Dutch sailors sold their dolls to Japan when the Japanese called them "Dutch wives". These simple versions of the dolls have solved their needs well, and with the continuous development of technology, people have found that there are many materials that can simulate the skin of real women, making silicone dolls or TPE dolls.

With the love of many consumers, the sex doll industry is increasingly developed. Especially in Japan, it has developed into a mature industry and sold to various countries. At this time, the purchase of dolls is still a shameful topic. People are also reluctant to mention the fact that they have sex dolls. The development of sex dolls is still in a relatively preliminary stage.


 Is it strange to use sex dolls

With the development of technology, more and more dolls are manufactured, more and more high technology is placed on the doll's body, the doll's skin uses more simulation materials, the doll's skeleton is more flexible, she can pass Your state adjusts your posture and the size of the sound, everything is customized for you. If you are not good at dealing with real women, then the doll is definitely your most loyal partner.

What can sex dolls bring us?

People used to talk about sex and feel ashamed, but now sex has become a public topic. Buying sex dolls has become a trend. Now more and more men have sex dolls at home, and some women also buy sex dolls. This is not a strange thing. With the development of the times, the distance between people has become farther away.

It is difficult for us to know what kind of people the neighbors live in. We are more and more used to ourselves and our company, but this often produces a kind of Loneliness, sex dolls have helped us alleviate this psychological anxiety and reduce this incomprehensible loneliness. She is not just a toy, but more like a companion, silently with you beside you. The key factor that sex dolls are accepted by more and more people is the development of sex dolls themselves and the promotion of the times.


 Is it strange to use sex dolls

The productive demand is the normal physiological reaction of the human body. The human body produces hormones. If these hormones are not released, it is easy to produce impulses. People may often be angry because of some small things. Some people even have psychological problems due to the accumulation of excess hormones, and they act strangely against society. Sex dolls can very effectively solve your sex needs and release excess dopamine in your body.

 Sex dolls can actually satisfy some men with special hobbies, they have an obsession with something, this obsession can not be satisfied in reality, so they become prejudiced, in reality, they do not hesitate to commit crimes to satisfy their desires.

The emergence of dolls has well solved the needs of this group of people. They can customize exclusive dolls according to their own preferences. Studies have shown that providing life-size child-sized dolls for pedophiles can well reduce the proportion of crimes committed against young children. This is very significant and saves many innocent children from the risk of such harm. However, it should be noted that some countries do not allow the birth of young children under the age of 18, which would violate local laws.

Sex dolls are not ashamed. If you can’t find someone you can communicate with in reality, you can find many like-minded friends on many forums. You can exchange each other’s experiences on the forums and buy dolls that suit you. Popularize the knowledge of sex dolls.

  Is it strange to use sex dolls

Sex is a part of our human body. We should not ignore the messages our bodies send to us. If you repeatedly ignore the feelings of your body, then you can do things that you can’t think of. These things will make you regret life. When you buy a sex doll, you not only release the body's dopamine but also have a friend to accompany you. She will meet your spiritual needs and make you no longer feel lonely.

Shame is human nature, which is also the key point that distinguishes us from animals. The key lies in why we are ashamed in order to satisfy the shame of our desires or when others see the shame of buying sex dolls. The second shame is unable to Avoid, because this is a shame after all. But if you are ashamed of buying sex dolls to meet your sexual needs, then you don’t have to. It’s an unavoidable thing for us, and we should not be ashamed of our instincts.

If you are worried that the sex dolls you buy will be seen by others, then you don't need to worry about them at all. The doll manufacturer will use the most secret method to deliver your doll, and the courier will not know what is in it, it may be a Christmas tree or a bicycle. We guarantee that even your shadow will not be able to identify the end of the box. What's up. After solving your psychological obstacles, why not buy a full-size sex doll? She will meet all your needs.

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