Is it necessary to lose weight with sex dolls? |

Is it necessary to lose weight with sex dolls?

July 27, 2020


We know that a real-life model realistic sex doll was launched several years ago, and the realist sex doll has achieved a super high level of human simulation in technology. But this kind of hyper realistic sex doll sacrifices the weight of the doll. We can't have both. We still remember the best-selling inflatable dolls. These inflatable dolls are very light and you can take them with you. But the same is that these inflatable dolls look too fake, they don't look real at all, and can only meet our most basic sexual venting needs. If you want to pursue a more advanced emotional experience, only living sex dolls can meet your needs, but these real fuck dolls are inevitably very heavy. The question before us now is: Is it necessary to reduce the weight of real looking sex dolls?

super reality of sex dolls

The super reality of sex dolls

Its brand concept is to make loneliness no longer, hoping to play a companionship role in people's lives. Why is it called a real doll? One is because realdollshop uses a full-body real model inversion technology, choosing to apply specific materials on the real model, and then the skin of the molded doll completely replicates the real person and looks like a real person. The touch, even the skin texture can be seen. The second reason is that the head sculpture of its doll is a wax-like silicone head. The simulation details of this kind of head sculpture are very well done, very much like a real person. In addition, it has successfully achieved hair transplantation and eyelashes. It's hard to tell the truth from the distance and from close.

Especially some realistic silicone dolls are more real, and the skins of real silicone sex dolls are very real. Sex dolls made of TPE material are relatively weaker in authenticity. The skin of sex dolls made of this material is powdery and softer, just like some jelly. Soft and flexible. In addition, the extension of the sex doll material made of TPE material is more flexible, and her body can stretch to an exaggerated degree. For example, the nipple of a sex doll is extremely flexible, and some can even stretch a very long distance. But silicone sex dolls can't. The skin of silicone sex dolls is closer to real people, both in color and touch. Its skin is very delicate, just like the skin of a real person.

super reality of sex dolls

If you think that the body of a sex doll is very rigid and difficult to move, then you are very wrong. The body of the sex doll uses very flexible brackets, which will carry a certain weight, which is inevitable, but this also guarantees the authenticity of your sex doll. She is so flexible, you can move your sex doll to any position at will, and assume any posture you like. Her powerful internal support can make her stand freely, while her shoulders can swing freely, and she can shrug. If you like to take photos of your real life like sex dolls, then this kind of shrugging and standing the real doll is definitely your best choice.

From far to near, from big to small, from outside to inside, the real doll strictly implements the word "real", which can bring you a more real touch. But this is also at the expense of weight.


Super heavy doll

So if you think that dolls that look real are very popular, and they are sold out every minute, you are wrong. No matter how realistic, there are many good-looking ones. Everyone has different preferences and different choices. For these dolls, almost all doll lovers have a common voice and opinion, that is, these dolls are a bit heavy. It can't reduce the weight, the dolls are realistic and at the same time, it is better to be a little more convenient for players to play.

The weight of these so truly real dolls is very heavy, some are just or some torso sex doll  and the ass cast weighs 27kg. The weight of a full-size sex doll is even heavier. If you want to buy a mini sex doll because of a lighter weight, the authenticity of your experience will be relatively reduced. Imagine that you bought a sex doll that is too heavy, and just moving her consumes all your energy and energy, not to mention spending a good night with the sex doll. You have to clean his body and keep moving her. This requires you to have a strong physique and body.

Many customers who bought mini sex dolls bought new full-size sex dolls due to unreal sex experience. Because in their opinion, even though mini sex dolls are very light, compared to their weight, they pursue real sex dolls with tactile experience. Therefore, it is very necessary to reduce the weight of the doll.


Super heavy doll

It is very necessary to lose weight for sex dolls

Dolls are too heavy and the owner of sex doll can't play with them. This is almost a flaw in this industry. Is it necessary to reduce the weight of sex dolls? Is it really that difficult? Why are few manufacturers able to easily reduce the weight of sex dolls? ? Regarding the weight loss of dolls, the current reality-level inverted model entity dolls can hardly escape this level. The adult version of the dolls are at least 30kg in weight. It is difficult for ordinary players to play, and those who are able to play also indicate exhaustion and exhaustion of energy.

In this way, it is really necessary to reduce the weight of sex dolls in the future. For this, we will focus on the development of lighter weight dolls to meet the needs of doll lovers, and develop and produce human-level mold entities that are satisfactory to players. The doll is really necessary. So what can be done to reduce the weight of the doll? There are actually many aspects. Here are some ways to lose weight, such as reducing the weight of the doll stand, and using a stronger and lighter sex doll stand. Or use a smaller and lighter foam material between the bracket and the doll material, so that the sex doll not only ensures the authentic appearance and touch, but also reduces the weight of the sex doll.

 lose weight

The above is a very good way to reduce the weight of real life dolls. It is very necessary for sex dolls to lose weight in the future, and it is indeed difficult for dolls to escape the level of overweight. This is an inevitable trend of the times. Many people are pursuing better future prospects. I believe that with the passage of time and the continuous development of technology, there will be more ways to lose weight for sex dolls. Real love doll can successfully lose weight and bring more gospel to singles. It can be said that I am looking forward to it. Our future real robot sex doll will have more functions and at the same time, it will bring more comfort to people, and will not add too much to us. Much burden. If you have any thoughts on this topic, please leave a message in the comment area below the blog.

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