Is it illegal to buy real dolls? Is it abnormal? |

Is it illegal to buy real dolls? Is it abnormal?

August 19, 2020

what? There are still people asking such low-level and rigid questions? Now, here, we will answer again carefully and seriously: "It is not illegal to buy lifelike sex dolls! It is not abnormal!" Every time I see this kind of problem, there is always a question in my heart, what exactly did the real doll do wrong? As soon as it was promoted, it was treated with suspicion by the world, and it is always rejected by others, which is really puzzling. The predecessor of the silicone sex doll is an inflatable doll. We cannot deny that inflatable dolls are designed to solve the physiological needs of men. But now the use of full size sex doll is far more than just solving people's physiological problems, they can also have more uses. But returning to the problem of solving physiological needs, if it is also an illegal thing to solve physiological needs, then almost everyone in the world is breaking the law. If solving physiological needs is abnormal, no one in the world is not abnormal.

Is it illegal to buy real dolls? Is it abnormal?

About breaking the law

Since the real sex doll can be sold in a public place, this is enough to prove that it is not illegal to buy it. Have you seen any illegal things that can be sold on the Internet? All things sold online need to have relevant business certificates, and pass the inspection and certification of relevant departments before they can be sold online. So buying real dolls is not illegal! Second, if you break the law, there won't be so many factories that can start making best sex dolls. As long as the factory pays taxes normally, it can make life-size dolls. Finally, when buying real dolls, some are to solve physical needs, and some are to solve emotional needs. From these two aspects, if it is said that it is illegal, this view is untenable.

But if the curvy sex doll is not used in practice, then the curvy sex doll may get you into legal sanctions. The laws of some countries stipulate that sexual acts involving money transactions are illegal acts. Involving pornography, gambling, drugs, and prostitution are also illegal.If you use sex dolls for illegal sex transactions, there will be different regulations in different countries or regions, so if you are not familiar with the laws and regulations, don't be impulsive and don't do whatever you want. It is also illegal for businesses to infringe or produce counterfeit and shoddy products. As a consumer, you are just a victim. There are also a lot of preparations to be done when customizing dolls, otherwise many will infringe on the portrait rights of others.

Is it illegal to buy real dolls? Is it abnormal?

About whether it's abnormal

Abnormal, everyone has a different definition of this word. So in your opinion this is not a perverted thing, but it may be a perverted thing from the perspective of people who do not empathize with you. A netizen posted a question on the Internet: Is buying a real doll to solve the physiological needs of time perverted?There is also a description below: I don’t want to go whoring even if I spend money to buy a silicone sex doll worth more than 100,000. I just want to have something to rely on and solve my needs for the rest of my life. I hope someone will support me. Netizens also expressed support and encouragement to him. Most netizens think that the questioner’s three views are very positive, because even if he spends a high price on a doll, he is unwilling to go to the society for prostitution. In fact, prostitution is illegal in some countries, and for the sake of your own health, prostitution is often the most undesirable way to solve your physical needs. This is a social disadvantage to yourself and others. Using sex dolls to solve physical problems is a perverted thing in the eyes of feudal and stubborn people. Using sex dolls to solve physiological problems is a pervert in the minds of feudal and stubborn people. But they didn't think about where they were. Masturbation was a conceptual matter with them. Or from another point of view, this is a concept of sour grapes. Why do you say that? Some people are jealous that others have the ability to live at heights that they cannot reach (the financial capacity is not enough to buy a high-quality sex doll). They often use the means of attacking others to balance their hearts. But in fact, many worldly visions are beyond our control. We just need to be ourselves. If there is really no way not to care about worldly views, then don't do something like that, don't give yourself too much psychological burden.

Is it illegal to buy real dolls? Is it abnormal?

The use of realistic dolls is a reasonable, legal, healthy and comfortable method. It is just a relatively large and real masturbation tool and sex toy. There is no better experience than it. When there is no way to use personal power to change the worldly vision, you need to hide the doll. Let's talk about the method of hiding real sex dolls. The first is to disassemble the real doll into several pieces, the head, torso and legs. After disassembly, put it in the suitcase directly, and just take it out and assemble it when necessary. Second, buy a storage stool and place the real doll in the storage stool when it is not needed. Concealed and convenient.

In fact, every different individual in the world has different ideas. If you always care about others' perspectives, it will be difficult to do one thing well.So be fearless, obey your heart, and live for yourself. If you have been hesitating whether to buy a doll, do it now. Welcome to come to us, we will provide the best pre-sale and after-sales service. Your personal information and cargo privacy will also be guaranteed at the time of transportation to arrival. If you trust us, welcome to ask our customer service.

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