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If you can't bear to break up with your real sex doll

September 04, 2020

Every item has its own life span, and the life span depends on the attitude of the people who use it. The same goes for your sex doll. If you treat it well, its lifespan will be extended, and it will be farther away from your breakup. Give it a regular sanitation, change it with comfortable and soft clothes regularly, scrub the stained place after use, and so on. Then its life will be delayed to the day when its own conditions cannot bear it. If you take it home, you just treat it very simply and rudely, put it in the corner, drag it out when you want to use it, and then put it back in the corner after using it if you don’t clean it. Life expectancy will decrease little by little in your hands. If you are going to inject all your feelings into the upcoming sex doll, then you should choose a high-quality sex doll. You have a deep affection for your full-size sex doll, then you should configure it with all advanced equipment, let it have a good life, and extend its time in your home. Only in this way, you and it will not be separated so quickly.

If you can't bear to break up with your real sex doll

Extend sex doll life

When you feel that your doll's body is not as brand new as before, becomes dim and colorless, and no longer leaks oil, that is the warning of its body, which is equivalent to human menopause. This is the first step for the real doll to die. When its skin begins to crack, it is the middle-aged man. If its body has reached the point of splitting, then its life span should end here. If you continue to use it, it may bring additional risks. It's like: the stent in its body pierces its cracks and then hurts you. So when its damage reaches a certain level, you should stop using it.

If your realistic sex doll has the above situation, what should you do to extend its lifespan? First, when its body no longer produces oil. This is because you did not do the next step of the work well after you cleaned it. After cleaning a sex doll, you should dry its whole body and sprinkle talcum powder on every place. This can well prevent the oil on its body from exposing, and it can also reduce its contact with air and make it less oxidized. When he no longer produces oil, you should also sprinkle talcum powder after washing it. This can prevent the only remaining oil from leaking out. When the oil leaks out, its skin will crack. Second, when its skin began to crack. At this time, you can repair it by contacting the manufacturer to purchase the same material as the doll, or use a specific glue to repair its body. If it is not repaired at this time, its body will suffer further errors, and the cracked place will crack deeper and produce larger cracks. Third, when there are cracks in its body. In this case, you can only take it to a repair shop to repair it. According to the degree of injury, you can choose to replace the body or just scrap it. Extending the life of a doll is what everyone who owns a full size sex doll tries to do, because once they have it, people will have an inexplicable emotion towards her.

If you can't bear to break up with your real sex doll

Subtle emotions towards dolls

After many people own a mature sex doll, they will have a very magical emotion towards it. They said that when they were working outside, when they thought that there was a well-behaved doll waiting for him at home, he would have more motivation to complete the work, and he would think that he could get home quickly and live with it. Even if they have a girlfriend, they still don't want to abandon it, or keep it at home, sometimes they still look at it secretly. This is not a substitute for other items. It is not as simple as using chewing gum when you quit smoking. This is a feeling and emotion that they can't describe themselves. They think that although they have feelings for a best sex doll, their girlfriends are more important than that, but they still don't want to lose this doll in their hearts. This kind of ambivalence is common in many men with dolls. This is not a situation that occurs when girlfriends can't satisfy themselves, it's just an emotion they have for the doll. It may be a special dependence on a real doll, or a special desire to protect it.

If you can't bear to break up with your real sex doll

On the premise that you are reluctant to break up with your doll, you should carefully choose your doll. Choose a doll brand to make the product more secure. Choose a real sex doll size to make yourself more comfortable. Choose the quality of a doll to extend the time for the doll to break up with you. If you are reluctant to break up with your doll, then you should take good care of it. It is not only a tool for solving your physical needs, but also a comfort for your spiritual needs. A real doll can really become people's best friend. It is not just a simple dummy, it can also be your family. If you need to buy a doll, we can provide a good platform. Come to our official website, and we will help you to buy a full-size doll that suits your preferences. There are various types and everything. Regardless of male sex dolls or female sex dolls. We can all help you select or customize.

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