If my sex doll is found by family or friends

If my sex doll is found by family or friends

June 30, 2020


Although more and more people are buying sex dolls to release their desires, many people are still reluctant to make the sex dolls public, which in their view is a relatively private matter. No matter how hidden it is, there will still be a risk of being discovered in the end, which is very embarrassing. Especially for young people who live with their parents now, due to economic pressure, they cannot afford to live alone and can only live with their parents.

 At the same time there is no girlfriend, the physiological pressure can not be vented, and stay with parents every day. So he looked for a TPE/silicone sex doll to act as his partner to ease his loneliness. When your sex doll is discovered, it will definitely be embarrassing, this embarrassment can last for a long time. To ease embarrassment, you can use these reasons to explain why you have sex dolls in your family.


If my sex doll is found by family or friends 

Friend's sex doll

"It's not mine, it's just that my friend is planning to move recently, and his baby can't find a place to put it, so he put it here temporarily. When he stabilizes after moving, I will return it to him." Although the excuse is a bit far-fetched, But it is a very good way to relieve embarrassment. Some people may ask, which of your friends is this time you just need to make up a name, after all, your parents or friends don't know how many friends you have.

Learning medical manikin

If you are a medical student, this reason is simply tailored for you. You know, many medical students now have body models in their homes, and some also have skeletons on them, which are very convenient for them to learn. It helps to study the skeleton and structure of the human body and helps medical students to master the human body structure more skillfully. In order to operate the surgery in the future, after all, we must be familiar with every part of the body and every acupuncture point.

But if you are not studying medicine, this excuse is harder to believe. After all, there is no persuasion, and most people will not suddenly learn medicine, and there is no need to buy a human model in the early days of medicine. This may also make the scene more embarrassing and increase the awkward atmosphere.


If my sex doll is found by family or friends 

Learn body painting

This is also a good excuse, but you need to prepare some paintings and some painting tools in advance and shape the image you are learning to paint in front of your friends. This will make your excuse more convincing. Many art students can draw the human body. This is an image that almost every art student must paint, but the cost of finding a model is actually very high. If you want to hire some real people as the object of your painting, you have to spend a lot of money, after all, you can't paint only one day. If you want to draw a human body, the price is higher, not all models are willing to let you paint completely naked.

Art accomplishment is formed over a long period of time, just like Rome cannot be built in a day. The cost of hiring real-life models for a long time is huge, but sex dolls are different. You only need to spend the price of buying a sex doll, and you can have a sex doll for a long time. In this process, you do not need to spend more money for her.

 If my sex doll is found by family or friends

The above is a good explanation for the reason why you have sex dolls. When someone asks why you want to buy a sex doll painting, you can explain it without embarrassing. The premise is that you need to prepare your paintings, otherwise it will be embarrassing.

Learn to take body photography

The excuse to learn photography is also very good. It is best that you can prepare some photographs you have taken in advance. Now many people are beginning to learn photography. It is also very important to learn to photograph portraits, which can test your photography level well. You can explain in this way that you want to learn photography to prepare for your girlfriend's future photos, but now there are no girlfriends and no women I know would like me to take photos. Mastering the technique of taking pictures is a cool thing, others will appreciate your talents and pave the way for future work. These are good excuses.

And it can also be said that the price of models is so expensive now, no girl is willing to let you take pictures alone, which is easy to cause misunderstanding. So sex doll is a good prop, not only save money, but also exercise your shooting ability, and sex doll will not feel tired, no matter what position you let her maintain, she will stay there steadily. Sex dolls will not make a lot of complaining voices. After all, too many complaints will affect your mood and indirectly affect the quality of the photos you take.

 If my sex doll is found by family or friends

Photography is a good excuse. You can also share the finished products you shoot with your friends so that more friends can appreciate the beauty of full-size sex dolls. Now some artists have broken through the worldly restrictions and boldly displayed sex dolls in the camera. It looks particularly beautiful and has gained a lot of praise. It has also changed the stereotype of many people about sex dolls and helped to remove the stigma of sex dolls.

Do business

In fact, the sex doll industry is a very profitable industry. Many adult products are very profitable and can bring more profits to many sellers. This is a big market, especially the rapid development of sex dolls. The outbreak of the epidemic has caused many people to stay at home, leaving more people unemployed at home. In order to pass the loneliness, many people began to buy sex dolls. Sex doll sales soared.

So you discovered this business opportunity. You don't know the direction of the development of sex dolls in the future, and you don't know what the experience of these sex dolls will look like. When you buy a sex doll, you can discover the advantages of these sex dolls. These sex dolls are very realistic. After you find these advantages, you can understand where the selling point of the doll is. It can help you better understand these commodities and help the expansion of the market.

This is also a more convincing excuse. When we find this excuse, it will help us understand more shopping malls. Your friends may even be interested in it. More likely, you may really stimulate the desire to do doll business, which is conducive to facilitating transactions between you. It also covers up your true purpose of buying sex dolls. This would be a good method.

 If my sex doll is found by family or friends


These excuses can help you cover up your true purpose. You may not think so much. You only need a sex doll to ease your desires. This is not a shame. But in the face of your friends' judgment, you will still feel embarrassed and overwhelmed, not knowing how to relieve these emotions and scenes. These excuses are very persuasive. You don't need to worry about how to ease the atmosphere when you are found. Choosing an excuse that suits you will be a good way. You can deceive others, but you can't deceive your own heart. Best sex dolls can bring us a lot of happy time, which will be exciting. If you are too worried about the scene being discovered, it is not necessary, we will provide you with the most professional advice.

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