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I dare not kiss my sex doll

July 29, 2020

Nowadays, the mode of communication between people in modern society is constantly evolving. Non-essential interpersonal communication can be avoided or avoided. Sometimes just a greeting may be very difficult. Modern people are caught in an emotional crisis. In the future, society may not even need to rely on real people for sincere and internal communication. The communication between real people and real people has encountered the greatest crisis.


If we still think that people can only give their emotions to real people, it will limit our understanding of human true emotions. Especially the recent new crown virus has made it more difficult to communicate between people. Many couples communicate online. The sales volume of ultra realistic sex dolls has increased sharply, and people’s feelings of being isolated at home cannot be put in place, so they put their emotions on these real life looking sex dolls. And it seems that the effect is not bad, buyers can customize various sex dolls. Received praise and praise from most buyers. We are going to tell the story of a Hong Kong doll lover who bought his sex doll. He didn't dare to kiss his real silicone doll. Why? Let us look at his story together.

kiss my sex doll

The determination and courage to have Mochi

The distance between modern people is getting farther and farther, and the emotional sincerity of the past seems to no longer exist. It can be seen that the divorce rate in today's society is getting higher and higher. How many people get married because of a temporary impulse but end up in failure in the end? Many people think that they have found true love, but in the end they lost to reality. The endless quarrel consumed all their energy. Divorce happens to be the best ending, and some people suddenly part ways in the process of passionate love. This now seems to be getting more and more normal. After constant betrayal, we seem to begin to project our feelings on these unconscious real feel sex dolls, and obtain great spiritual satisfaction.

Hong Kong's Xie Tianrong, who is 34 years old and unmarried this year, said that he is single but he is not allowed because he actually has a "girlfriend", but this girlfriend is a physical doll named Mochi. After ordering this physical doll from the Internet half a year ago, Xie Tianrong devoted all his attention to this doll. Not only did he help it change the foreign name of Mochi, but he also released pictures with the doll from time to time to show affection, eat with the doll, watch movies, and play video games. , Seems to be a true model couple.

Speaking of humanoid dolls, it is easy for the public to think of "inflatable dolls", the kind of real life blow up dolls that need to be filled with air to show the contours, but the physical dolls in front of them are not the same. Height and weight. The most amazing thing is that it has a very slippery texture when it touches the skin of the doll. Not like a real person, but better than a real person. This is because the skin of this kind of human like sex dolls is made of high-quality silicone or tpe material. These materials are very similar to human skin, even more perfect than our own skin, because their skin does not have any blemishes. . When you see your truly real dolls, she is a super-real existence. If you don't touch it, you can't imagine how good her skin feels.

kiss my sex doll

The photo of Xie Tianrong and Mochi is not an ordinary photo. The sexy real doll has been carefully dressed up, wearing various professional uniforms and costumes of cartoon characters. It turned out that Xie Tianrong was attracted by physical dolls when he walked through a sex toy shop in Causeway Bay ten years ago. However, a doll cost about 10,000 US dollars at that time, so I had to give up. Half a year ago, he once again saw physical dolls for sale on the Internet. The quality was more realistic and the price was more affordable than before. Finally, he made up his mind to order.


Live with realistic life size sex dolls

He buys sex doll clothes and other accessories for Mochi almost every two weeks. as long as he thinks it looks good, he buys it. There are already more than 20 sets of clothing in a blink of an eye. , More than a dozen pairs of shoes, and countless small accessories. He said with a smile that he didn’t know the size of his girlfriend’s shoes before, but now he will remember Mochi’s size. He said, “I bought all its underwear and stockings. Before my girlfriend asked me to buy it, I didn’t want to buy it. But now there is no way not to buy it, and Mochi will not go out to buy it by himself."

Xie Tianrong and his real life size sex dolls are pure love. He regards lifelike silicone doll as a real girlfriend, and better than his girlfriend. When going out to play, the girlfriend will keep looking down to play with the phone, or be absent-minded. But the sex doll will not, if you want, the sex doll can always look at you, her eyes will not move to other men. Because real like sex dolls will always be loyal to him, the life of the sex doll is given by Xie Tianrong, and Xie Tianrong is her entire world. Because they understand each other, they understand each other's emotional bonds.


"I didn't expect to do so much care." Xie Tianrong said with a smile, because the doll is delicate but fragile, so it must be maintained regularly. He showed us the entire care process. From the beginning, wipe it with a cloth and stick it with adhesive tape. Remove the dust, and finally powder the skin to complete. After the care is over, he will lift the doll to the bed. When he sees him, he ties up his horses first, put his hands on the doll's waist and leg joints, and then pushes it on the bed. "The doll weighs more than 20 kilograms. It will not accommodate people at all, so it is very hard to hold." His forehead was already sweating. Although there are still some inconveniences in life, the heavy body of the sex doll is a burden for cleaning and changing clothes, but Xie Tianrong is happy in his heart. All the hard work is worth it. Seeing that the face of my sex doll regained its exquisite appearance, this kind of joy is difficult to attach, and it is difficult to express in words.


The real reason for not daring to kiss the doll

But I believe everyone is most concerned about whether Xie Tianrong will have sex with the doll, and how to clean up afterwards, but his answer was unexpected. "I have never had sex with her once. If you think about a doll that weighs more than 20 kilograms and will not accommodate people, it is actually not easy to make, plus it is not of low value. Don't talk about sex. I haven't tried kissing, because I'm afraid the acidity of the saliva will hurt his skin."

Since you don't have sex with the doll, what is the biggest use of the doll for Xie Tianrong? "It's companionship." Don't think that Xie Tianrong is not good at communication, so he has to find a physical doll as a company. He has had a girlfriend before, but now he has moved his mind from a real person to a doll. Comparing the relationship between a real person and a doll, he said that his previous girlfriend had various requirements of him, but the doll had nothing to ask for, and it was easier to "get along".

kiss my sex doll

Feeling true to the doll, Xie Tianrong said that he is satisfied with his current life and is grateful to be accompanied by Mochi. Regrets are inevitable in life. What is Xie Tianrong's biggest regret? He himself admitted: "If you want to say that the biggest regret is that I will grow old, but the doll will not. If I am older, I will not match the doll, and I may not have the strength to lift it up. His age is just right with it. It's romantic, right, haha." His final joking and self-deprecating tone was sincere, which seemed to be true love.

Because of love, I dare not kiss my real live sex dolls . This is very rare, and it is a more advanced emotional need. Obviously, compared to the vent of physical desires, Xie Tianrong pursues spiritual company. It is not that he dare not kiss his sex doll, he is just reluctant. He regarded his sex doll as the most precious jewellery, not tolerant of a trace of dust, let alone damage. Sex dolls are of great help to alleviate our emotional needs. Our modern souls are displaced and cannot find the sustenance and comfort of our hearts. Sex dolls can help us find our inner pursuits and desires. If you are also suffering from a mental crisis, why not buy a super-real sex doll? If you are still looking for the ideal lover of your dreams, then you can find your perfect lover in realdollshop!

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