How to weigh a girlfriend and a sex doll |

How to weigh a girlfriend and a sex doll

October 25, 2020

When you have a sex doll and a cute and playful girlfriend at the same time, sometimes you will feel annoyed by the existence of your girlfriend being jealous of sex dolls. But facing a sexy mature sex doll and a girlfriend who understands your heart will often make you entangled. Because who you favor is your choice. Although the doll will not mind you having sex with your girlfriend, your girlfriend will mind your relationship with the sex doll. Because sex is the most private thing for everyone, after all, it is the contact between two people's most private body parts. Although the sex doll is not a real person, the girlfriend knows that her boyfriend has such close contact with the sex doll. Knowing that her own boyfriend and sex doll hugged and fell asleep in bed. Knowing her own boyfriend and the sex doll French kiss. Know that your boyfriend’s penis is combined with the sex doll’s vagina. Generally girls are very angry, especially some sensitive girls. They will think that their charm is not enough to attract your attention. They think that because of this, you will choose to have sex with a sex doll. Faced with such things, as a responsible boy, you should handle such things well. In the face of sex dolls and girlfriends, it is inevitable to make trade-off preparations. Therefore, how to weigh is a question you should consider.

How to weigh a girlfriend and a sex doll

Communication is the bridge of mankind

Communication is the most basic function of human beings. When you are faced with such a thing, you should make good use of this feature. When you start dating with your girlfriend, you should communicate with your girlfriend the fact that you have a curvy sex doll. Through gentle explanation, let her accept its existence. There are many explanations, the first one, Before associating with you, I have been dependent on this doll for life, and have never had an intimate relationship with other women. You are my closest woman for so many years, not one of them. " Of course, the specific situation still depends on your personal experience. Lying will also provoke your girlfriend. The second type, "Sex doll is a good companion to accompany me on business trips. In order to solve my own physical needs and for our physical health and safety, I don't find prostitutes outside and only stay with my sex doll. In this way, you will not betray you, and you can be more assured of my sincere intentions for you. " This will make your girlfriend trust you more and let her know that you will not have other women besides her. This also protects your health very well. The third type is, "This kind of real-life sex doll is just your substitute. When you are not by my side, I can vent my thoughts of you on it. If I miss you too much, want to linger with you too much. Then my physical reaction has not been vented, and my body will be damaged if I hold back for a long time. If my body is damaged, then our sex life will also be severely hit. In this way our feelings will also be affected. " Of course, there are many such verbal skills to help you resolve misunderstandings between you and your girlfriend. Through communication, you can let your girlfriend know your realistic sex doll better.

How to weigh a girlfriend and a sex doll

Let your girlfriend know more about sex dolls

You can introduce the sex doll around you to your girlfriend, so that your girlfriend can better accept your sex doll. It's like a micro film involving sex dolls. The film mentions that the heroine found a sex doll hidden in her boyfriend's wardrobe, but the sex doll is like a living person who can talk to the heroine. The story revolves around a series of amazing things that happened between the heroine and this sex doll. The heroine was unacceptable from the beginning to exchanging heartfelt voices with this sex doll. In the process, they seem to get along in disharmony. They quarrel with each other and dislike each other. In fact, the voice of this sex doll is to make the hostess accept herself better and understand herself better. So through this perspective, sex dolls can be more accepted. In this complex society, sex dolls are not a rare species. It can better serve humanity. Let people understand themselves better in a rapidly developing society.

How to weigh a girlfriend and a sex doll

Sex dolls are not something that harms humans. It can make human beings walk themselves better. When you face your girlfriend and sex doll, you don't have to abandon one of them. Because they are not species of the same nature, they cannot replace each other. But when you have both, you can only weigh the pros and cons between the two. When you get along with your girlfriend, the sex doll is just a display. When you are with a sex doll, your girlfriend is still your girlfriend. Such things do not conflict. So, if you don’t have a girlfriend yet, it’s not an embarrassment for you to have a sex doll. If you have a girlfriend now, but your girlfriend is often not by your side, a sex doll will make some things between you better resolved. So, if you are willing to buy a real sex doll, our mall can provide you with a lot of sex dolls for you to choose.

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