How to treat transgender dolls? |

How to treat transgender dolls?

August 12, 2020

The development of real sex dolls is obvious to all. The development process of the doll is comparable to the evolutionary process of our human beings. As society develops and human needs increase. There are more and more types of dolls. The appearance of male dolls is surprising. Nowadays, more and more transgender dolls appear, and many customers will be excited about it. A transgender doll can have the sexual function of two sex dolls, and I always think this is a very cost-effective thing. But there are also people who question whether the appearance of this kind of doll will have a bad influence on people. Therefore, high-quality sex dolls can have different shapes and appearances according to the different needs of customers. Customers can customize their own dolls to meet their expectations of this companion. So although the emergence of transgender dolls will be controversial, it is a product of the slow development of the times. We should look at new things from a rational perspective instead of raising questions when new things appear.


How to treat transgender dolls?

Transgender doll

As the name suggests, transgender dolls are dolls with two gender characteristics. It is just an upgraded version of an ordinary sex doll, and its penis can be removed or added. When you need it, you can install the penis, and when you don’t need it, it can also be removed and hidden. In fact, transgender dolls are nothing special, because humans have long been able to choose to change their gender through surgery. With the advancement of medical technology, many people will also undergo surgery to change their gender. The Chinese female artist Jin Xing teacher officially became a female in 1995 through sex reassignment surgery. She thinks this is a gift in her life, and she has won this gift herself. When she was fully responsible for herself and was able to leave her parents to live the life she wanted, she chose the gender she wanted, and her parents also expressed support. Humans can choose their own gender through surgery. This is not a violation of discipline or law. Why should we bother with the gender of a transgender doll that is not a living thing? And gender is not the only way to define a person, and now it is the equality of men and women. The transgender doll has two sets of reproductive organs, but it is based on the transgender people, so that the doll reflects the angel's work without any details.


How to treat transgender dolls?

Why do you need a transgender doll?

In fact, if you only look at transgender dolls from the perspective of expectation, you will think that transgender dolls are very attractive. Because it has two gender functions, it can also solve people's emotional needs. No matter how you think about it, you will feel that the existence of this full-size sex doll has brought huge benefits to mankind. It can not only satisfy a person's sexual fantasies, but also solve the happiness of a family. In this fast-food era, whether it’s dating or marriage, most of the unions and separations are due to the reason that they no longer love. But this no longer love is only synonymous with derailment. For women, full-time wives are often the "professionals" with the highest rate of derailment. The daily intimacy between husband and wife is decreasing, and the degree of marriage satisfaction continues to decline. Why is there such a result? The deep affection of the past, you have no "sexual interest" in me, but there are still many people who have "sexual interest" in me. After getting married, many men will lose the passion of the past and become lazy with their women because of work. So women will have emotional gaps after this time. For men, working in society, unless they have abnormal self-discipline, otherwise they face so many beautiful temptations, and few people will not be moved by it. Facing the women at home, from a beautiful girl to a yellow-faced woman, I always feel that the beautiful girl outside is my favorite person. So, isn't it because a man derails because he feels that the woman at home does not have the beauty of a young boy outside? At this time, a transgender doll is needed, seeking a little excitement in the ordinary and boring life, and letting the passion return to the past. The emergence of transgender dolls can restore a family from plain to happy. A transgender doll can solve the needs of two people, and even find passions that could not be found in the past in the ordinary sex life. We all know the principle of the triangle, so make good use of this triangle relationship, the married life will be more stable.


How to treat transgender dolls?

In fact, many things have two sides. In the face of the emergence of transgender dolls, there are always more questions and controversies in society. Many but apart from the discriminatory perspective, transgender dolls are indeed a good thing to solve human sexual problems, and it can even be a good partner in solving marriage life. Even if you don't support the emergence of such new things, you should hold a respectful attitude. Just like transgender people, they are often the most personal and worthy of respect. Because they live the way they want to live, they have their own aesthetics. We must believe that everything is the best arrangement. As Jin Xing said, transgender is a gift in her life. All existence is due to its necessity. When developing transgender dolls, developers must consider the needs of consumers, not just want to make a joke or pretend to be.

When you have not experienced it, you have no right to point to something.If you are interested in transgender dolls, we will provide you with consulting services. If you want to customize a big breasted doll or customize your own doll, come find us, we will provide you with the most perfect service.

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