How to store mini sex dolls |

How to store mini sex dolls

August 20, 2020

When we receive our mini sex dolls, we will inevitably feel extremely excited inside, and it is difficult to suppress our inner desires. When we have this beautiful sex doll, we begin to take a responsibility. This responsibility is a bit like a father's responsibility to take care of his daughter, and a bit like a husband's responsibility to his wife. Because you are responsible for the dressing and care of this doll. The sex doll is not an ordinary toy, she is more like a carrier of our emotions, we pin our emotions on this little sex doll. This mini sex doll  is full of our love and makes us have to think about some things that will happen in the future. In fact, we can start to think about a question, that is, how should we get along with this beautiful mini-elf, how should we store, care, and maintain?

mini sex dolls

The mini sex doll is actually very easy to store, because her small size makes her easy to hide. Her body is miniature, which is also one of the advantages of her being praised by many people. The very light figure allows you to move her body at any time. If it is that kind of sex doll that is too big, it will be difficult for you to move this sex doll with big breasts. But you can easily move the body of the mini doll, you can even pick her up easily, and you can hold your sex doll in your arms with only one hand. This is simply too comfortable. So this also reduces the complexity and difficulty of preservation, so that taking care of sex dolls is no longer a problem for you, and you can do your responsibilities.


Best storage method-lying flat or hanging

Lying flat: There is only one important point when placing a doll on a flat surface, that is, you cannot lie on a "hard surface". Whether you put the doll on a bed, a storage box or even on the floor, remember to add a soft cushion under the doll's body. It is a quilt, which can be used as a pillow, a cushion, etc. In order to avoid the doll's back cloth curve, especially the hips being squeezed by its own weight for a long time, it will be deformed and squashed, especially the doll made of tpe, once the body is deformed, it will never rebound again. Please pay special attention. We recommend placing the doll on its back. You can buy a "slow rebound sponge", also known as "memory sponge", which is generally available in large shopping malls or bedding stores. If it is not convenient to buy a "memory sponge", there is another A more economical way to save money is to add a pillow to the doll's waist and behind the thighs so that the doll's buttocks can be "overheaded" by the pillow, so that the buttocks will not be deformed for a long time.
Hanging: Hanging is a very good way to store dolls, because any side of the doll's body will not be squeezed by the doll's own weight when the doll is hanging. If there is a wardrobe, hanger or other kind of shelf with strong bearing capacity in the home You can consider hanging the doll. Different brands of dolls may have slightly different hanging methods. It is recommended to consult the customer service of the manufacturer in advance to avoid damage. It is recommended that if the above conditions are not available at home, it is recommended to buy a pulley hanger on some shopping platforms to hang your own doll. There is also a customized version, you can search and buy on some shopping platforms yourself.

Best storage

The storage method that must not be used-standing or sitting


Standing: Letting the doll stand in a corner of the house is a storage method that many enthusiasts who don't understand 1:1 simulation silicone dolls often think of. Here I want to remind everyone that in fact, most physical dolls are "not "Standing", even some of the more high-end Japanese sex dolls are the same. Manufacturers will especially emphasize "only standing for a short time." The standing function developed by the Japanese baby factory is actually designed to meet the needs of baby owners to take photos and poses, not to solve the storage problem. Please pay attention here especially! The raw materials of tpe dolls are very soft. When the doll is standing, the weight of the doll will directly fall on the sole of the foot, so it is very easy to cause the sole of the foot to tear, and even the metal skeleton may pierce the hanging sole. Don't try to "stand for a short time", otherwise the damage to the soles of the doll's feet will outweigh the gain!
Sitting posture: Let the doll sit on the sofa for a long time. This may be a very straightforward idea of the doll lovers who do not understand silicone dolls or tpe dolls. They think that there is always no problem with the doll sitting on a soft sofa, right? Here I want to tell you this is also a very wrong storage method, because when the doll stays in a sitting position for a long time, his hips will crack due to the weight of the upper body and the squeeze of the thigh meat for a long time. If the doll is kept in a sitting position , Please be sure to limit it to 1-2 days. After sitting for 1-2 days, please be sure to return to the lying or hanging state to ensure that the doll does not receive any pressure.

You may have seen many sex doll lovers sitting when taking pictures of their sex dolls, thinking that sex dolls can maintain a sitting posture for a long time. In fact, this kind of thinking is completely wrong, because many sex doll lovers are actually very distressed. Every time they take a photo, they will immediately pick up their sex doll and restore a natural posture. So don't let your sex doll keep sitting. Some sex dolls cause surface skin deformation because of sitting for too long. Even torn.

Best storage

How to protect against dust

No matter what kind of storage method, dustproof work must be done in place. Usually, the cloth or quilt that will never fade, the blanket will cover the doll, so that the doll body can reduce the chance of sticking to the hair and dust. During regular maintenance and cleaning It will be relatively easy.

Because there will be oil on the surface of sex dolls, the oozing oil will absorb a lot of dust, if you don't take corresponding dust-proof measures. You will see that the surface of your sex doll's skin is black and shows a very ugly side. And because of the long-term accumulation of dirt, these sex dolls are very difficult to clean. This will greatly increase the difficulty of your cleaning. Or dust infiltrates the pores of the doll, making you unable to keep your doll in its original appearance, which is very regrettable. You must protect your sex doll from the outside world or some of your wrong postures.

Our sex doll is our most cherished baby, the price of a sex doll is not cheap, even if it is a cheap tpe sex doll , we can't bear to put ourselves Threw the sex doll in the trash. Sex dolls can accompany us for a long time, so we must protect our mini dolls. After all, these dolls are so cute, we can't bear to let her suffer any kind of torture. Lovers of mini dolls, if you love your dolls, you must spend your time and learn scientific storage methods, so that beautiful elves can always accompany you! If you want to know more about the blog of maintaining your mini sex doll, please follow us at Realdollshop, we will continue to release new sex doll information for you.

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