How to put on a sex doll's wig? |

How to put on a sex doll's wig?

July 28, 2020


The wig of the sex doll can add a lot of color to the sex doll, and it can change the style of your sex doll. So the wig of the sex doll is still very important. Although the wigs of sex dolls are beautiful, many users are stumped by wearing wigs after buying sex dolls. Some people do not have this experience, and it is normal not to wear it for the first time.

sex doll

Wigs to create diverse dolls

blonde sex doll

The sex dolls with different wigs show different styles and different personalities. These sex dolls are extremely delicate.

blonde sex doll  will remind you of American sweethearts. These sex dolls have blond hair and she is very hot. She can be as lively as a young child, or as charming as Marilyn Monroe. These blonde sex is simply a stunner in the world, she will remind you of the blue beach, the endless sea level and the coconut trees swaying in the sea breeze. She looked wonderful, she was lying on the beach chair, her hair reflected golden light by the sun. The sunlight put a honey-like color on her skin, and you almost want to kiss her back. The truth is also true, she hopes you can kiss her.

red-hair sex doll

The redhead sex doll  is even hotter. Her figure is as hot as their hair color. You may rarely see a redhead sex doll. But they do exist, and they are very noticeable. She is a very direct girl, she is very happy when she sees you, she will directly put on a bright smile. Her enthusiasm will not make people feel bored, but you will take the initiative to get close to her. If you like lively and active girls, then this kind of red-haired sex doll is your absolute ideal companion.

How to put on a sex doll's wig?


Silver hair sex doll

Girls with this hair color can usually only be seen on TV. But she can indeed appear in the reality clock. The silver-haired girls are very personal and their personalities are like snow. She is completely different from the red-haired sex doll. The silver-haired sex doll is very cold and unsmiling like a cold goddess. Her heart is very kind, but you rarely see her show her heart. She is strong and always appears as a cold character in comics, and she always plays a warrior.

Black hair sex doll

Black-haired sex dolls also show different characteristics. Black-haired sex dolls are generally oriental beauties. These sex dolls have a mysterious oriental atmosphere, and you can feel the unique style of the exotic. The quiet ones don't seem to need too much speech, because they are gentle, and they all know your inner struggle and pain. Their gentle smiles always look at you, she understands you and supports you. So you see that your sex doll wears different wigs, they all feel different, and they can also show different personality needs according to different hairstyles, and can also meet your different sex desires. After all, looking at the same sex doll every day will inevitably feel very boring.


How to put a wig on your sex doll

After understanding the importance of sex doll hair color, we may still be puzzled: how to wear sex doll wigs? When you get your wig, you will inevitably feel at a loss. If you don't know how to put a wig on your sex doll, please read on.

First of all, you need to pay attention to that, before putting on the wig, cover it with facial tissue or plastic wrap and then put on the headgear. The wig is less dyed but the headgear will be dyed regardless of the shade. Many sex doll buyers will report that the head of their sex doll is dyed with a wig. The head of the doll will be very ugly. If you want your sex doll's head to maintain a clean look, it is best to take some protective measures before wearing a wig. These measures will help your sex doll stay bright and beautiful.

Wear the wig from front to back without covering the eyes of the doll. Then adjust it. There are two size adjustment buckles on the inner back. There is a cloth strip in the middle of the two buckles. There are several small grids on the cloth strip. Please buckle the adjustment buckles in according to the size of the doll's head. Don't make the hair of the doll too tight, otherwise the head of the sex doll will be very easy to deform, and you will find a very unnatural mark on the head of your sex doll. So in order to avoid this situation, you only need to adjust it to a size that fits the sex doll's head.

How to put on a sex doll's wig?


You can make bangs at will. Find two small protrusions on the temples. This is to check whether the wig is worn correctly.

Pinch it with your thumb and index finger, pull down and adjust the position of the wig appropriately.

After wearing it, you can grab the top of the wig a few times with your hands to make it fluffy, and the beautiful wig is ready to wear.


Wig for nursing sex doll

We had a blog before which was devoted to discussing how to care for sex doll wigs. Here we will briefly introduce it. If you still don't know, you can search the blog on our website.

Regarding some combing aspects of wigs, you cannot comb them to the end. Of course, if it is freshly washed, the smooth wig can still be combed through. However, it is impossible to clean the wig every day, and the wig is the same as human hair. After a few days, problems such as knotting and messiness may occur. At this time, when we comb it, it is best to comb it in two parts. Hold the upper hair and comb the end hair. If it is too difficult to comb, you can spray some water. If you comb straight from the root to the end, it is easy to shorten the life of the sex doll wig. It is also easy to lose hair, or the doll's wig falls directly from the head, and you need to reinstall the sex doll's hair increase process, so we must treat our sex doll carefully.

How to put on a sex doll's wig?

It is recommended that the wig should be washed at least once a month, and you can wash your hair if you think the hair needs washing. It mainly depends on whether the sex doll's wig is dirty. If it is clean, it will not be washed too often. Don't expose it to the sun, just keep it in the shade and dry it.

How to wear a sex doll's wig is not a difficult problem, but you also need to pay attention to these small details. This will improve your feeling of use. Otherwise, when you and your sex doll are in orgasm, the doll's wig suddenly falls off, revealing an unsightly bald head, which will affect the feeling of using the sex doll to a considerable extent. If you want your sex doll to remain beautiful forever, you need to give her constant care and attention. If you still have any questions about sex dolls, please feel free to contact us. If you receive your sex dolls and won't be able to install them, you can contact us, or log on to our official website to view the sex doll videos, the video will have some tutorials about sex dolls. We will work hard to serve you.

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