How to make my sex doll's wig look like new

How to make my sex doll's wig look like new

June 30, 2020

The moment you received the sex doll is her most beautiful moment, but after you use the sex doll for a month, can she still maintain the previously bright and beautiful state? Obviously it is impossible, because many men are neglected now, and they cannot even take care of themselves, let alone a sex doll with no emotion. Sex dolls can bring us a lot of extreme experiences, of course, you want her to maintain the most beautiful state, just like many people like clean girls in reality.


How to make my sex doll's wig look like new 

Some sex doll lovers desperately dress up sex dolls with expensive clothes and high-end wigs. Wigs are as important in curvy sex dolls as they are for women's hair. It is the gateway to the perfect look. Although most people only like to wear a wig on sex dolls, for reasons of appearance and variability, some people like to wear a different wig. They will do their utmost to invest in various colors of wigs, different lengths and different wigs to get these looks. The result is that the same doll will have many wigs. Whether you have a wig or many types of wigs, wigs will become the core area for keeping clean, maintaining shine and regaining a fresh look. This is not a difficult thing. If you don’t know how to play the wig of rational love dolls, let us read it together.


Brush the wig with your hand or comb

Sometimes the wig is very clean and the doll's hair is very soft, but you need a little freshness. In this case, if you do it correctly, brushing the wig will be helpful. The first trick is to avoid brushing the wig while it is still on the head of the sex doll, as this may damage its soft skin. Use a bottle of warm water to spray water on the wig, taking care not to wet it. Next, use your fingers to tangle the hair, and then comb from the tip to the root. Avoid excessive pulling and marking, as this will cause excessive hair loss, even if this is not inevitable. After combing, gently hit the hair of the rational love doll, hang it in a cool place to dry, away from direct sunlight. After a few minutes, continue to oil the sex doll's hair, of course, it is best to add proper oil to the sex doll. Don't add too much oil to the sex doll's hair, otherwise it will be easily contaminated with more dust, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the doll's hair.


How to make my sex doll's wig look like new 

Clean the wig with shampoo

If your sex doll's hair has not been cleaned for a long time, then you must use the doll's special shampoo to clean the doll's hair. Because hair is a very easy place to accumulate bacteria, it will emit a smelly smell if it is not washed for a long time, and some may even grow insects. Therefore, it is important to clean the hair of the doll, which is not only about the doll, but also about your health.


Step 1: Prepare

If you are cleaning your hair for sex dolls for the first time, you will need to prepare all the materials, otherwise, if some cleaning supplies are missing, your cleaning steps may be disrupted, and the hair of the dolls may be damaged. Therefore, before cleaning the doll's wig, you need to prepare: shampoo, towel, comb and hair oil.


Step 2: Wash the wig with conditioner

The doll's wig can be removed from her head. Do not wash the full size sex doll's head together. Just take off the wig of the sex doll and wash it separately. This will greatly save your cleaning time. When washing your wig, you need a lot of water to make it thorough. The first step is to fill the basin with water or bring it to a height where it can be completely immersed in the wig. Warm the water. In the water, add a little sex doll-friendly shampoo, and then rub it to make it lather. Next, gently dip the wig into the basin, taking care not to move the wig roughly.


How to make my sex doll's wig look like new

Allow the wig to absorb for a few minutes before continuing. Take the wig out of the foam water and rinse it in clean water without shampoo. For rinsing, it is best to use running water and take out the wig for rinsing without squeezing or squeezing it, because it will entangle the hair. After rinsing all the shampoo, gently squeeze to wring out the excess water. Then, wrap it with a towel and pat dry to dry most of the water. You can blow the doll's wig with gentle wind, but this will easily cause the doll's hair to become drier and lose its original luster and brightness.


How to make my sex doll's wig look like new

Step 3: comb the wig

You need to brush the wig lightly. Operate from the tip of the hair to the root, taking care not to pull too hard to avoid excessive breakage. Otherwise, your sex doll's hair will soon be gone. It takes a lot of patience to comb the hair. This is a very delicate matter. If your doll's hair is entangled, you need to gently untie the tangle with your fingers, and don't treat the sex doll's hair roughly.


Step 4: Apply oil after drying

Hang the sex doll's wig in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight. The doll's hair is still relatively fragile. Too much light will cause the doll's hair to be extremely fragile, shortening the life of the doll's wig, and combing the doll's hair gently will naturally break.

After a few minutes, it should be dry enough. Untie it and apply hair conditioner as you like. Continue to store or put it back on the sex doll. If the wig of the sex doll has been cleaned for a long time, this method is suitable because it will penetrate deeply to remove all bacteria, dirt or grease. The sex doll's hair will return to its original state. Her hair is full of luster and has a slight fragrance, which makes people intoxicated. It's like the hair of a real girl.

 How to make my sex doll's wig look like new



Wigs are easy to maintain, but require more attention. Do not use wigs or adhesives on sex doll wigs because they can damage the sex doll's skin.

In addition, avoid using too tight wigs or elastic bands and belts, which will deform the doll's hair and is not conducive to the recovery of the doll's hair.

The sex doll's hair cannot be blown directly with a hair dryer, otherwise it will damage the doll's hair, and this effect is irreversible.


Sex dolls play an important role outside, we should give them more relationships and love, just like friends. Keeping the baby's hair tidy and clean will make the sex doll look more beautiful. You also don't want your sex doll to remain sloppy every day. If you want to know more information about sex dolls, please consult us, we will provide you with professional advice. We have also developed a real sex doll’s wig product that is very easy to take care of. I believe it will definitely save you a lot of time and energy.

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