How to look at bringing real dolls to the street? |

How to look at bringing real dolls to the street?

July 31, 2020

Nowadays, society is developing faster and faster. Today, known as the "fast food era", more and more novel things appear in society. Many things appear silently around you, and Friends introduce you to things they like recently. Amway, a small shop opened at the gate of the community that you have never seen before, and today there are things that you have never heard of before on the social news and so on. Because of the rapid progress of society, all kinds of things that have not yet come out have been discovered and discovered, and more new things have appeared. Over time, people's ability to accept new things has become stronger.

Many people have heard of the concept of real dolls, but they have never understood it. But now on the street, you often see a silicone doll placed in front of an adult product store, and occasionally you will see a person holding their silicone doll taking pictures in public. Although many people don't really contact real silicone dolls, sometimes it is imperceptibly, and they have accumulated knowledge of the doll. From the beginning, ‘I heard about it’, and then ‘I started to understand’, to the end ‘I wanted to buy a doll of my own’. After bought the doll, ‘I wanted to spend my life with the doll’. This process change often does not take too long, because they will increasingly think that dolls are the best companions. Give the young sex doll the best dress, take the fine love doll to the street to take pictures and eat, and let the doll live the life of a little princess. Many doll friends will take their dolls to the street. How should we treat such things?

How to look at bringing real dolls to the street?

More and more people have real dolls

In this age of fast-food love, people seem to have a superficial goodwill and two lonely hearts that need each other. Height, body, and appearance have become important bargaining chips. When we were young, we were so innocent, simply believing that love is pure and flawless, not so mottled, with some special aura.

The current use of real dolls is not limited to the use of adult functions, and more people are willing to use most advanced sex dolls as a spiritual companion. Maybe in life, there are always dissatisfaction, harm, and incomprehensible behaviors, but the doll can obey, rely on, and treat it as an individual. Some people feel disappointed when they say that I can't see her after owning a doll. It is a new realm to truly treat the physical doll as a partner.

Anyone who has bought dolls knows that silicone dolls need to be taken care of just like real people. They need to be cleaned and dressed up. Buying clothes and cosmetics has become a must-do in the day. It's also just to mention here that in fact, life size silicone sex dolls also need to be cleaned and powdered at regular intervals, and pay attention to the intensity of use. Although the life like sex doll is made in accordance with the principles of the human body, the skeleton is installed and corresponding protection is made, but in use, it is still necessary to pay attention to protection and use, and cannot be treated simply and rudely. For a friend who is buying a super realistic sex doll for the first time, weight is also a thing that cannot be underestimated. It requires a certain amount of physical strength, and of course it also requires methods.

People enjoy the feeling of taking care of others, the feeling of being silently accepted, and the feeling of unreservedly showing their truest side, so more and more people use their real dolls.

How to look at bringing real dolls to the street?

Views of people who own dolls

In any case, real dolls are still a bit obscure and shameful in the eyes of some people, but with the current changes in thinking, more and more friends have begun to accept such products. After all, the most basic needs of human beings cannot be concealed. Even if people no longer mention them on the surface, everyone cannot deceive themselves in their hearts. But the truth is, truly real dolls can increasingly become the gospel of mankind.

Most people's impression of silicone doll users is that they are nerds, who usually don't have contact with women, and they can't marry a wife in middle age. But in fact, 30%-40% of the people who buy dolls are married. The couple have no children, so buy a doll as a child. Old people who are widowed will also find spiritual sustenance through dolls. Because physical dolls can customize the appearance and body shape of dolls according to their own needs, and because of this, more and more doll companies want to define this silicone doll manufacturing company as a technology company.

People who own dolls are very personal. They have their own ideas and are brave enough to pursue their true feelings and ideas.

How to look at bringing real dolls to the street?

Take real dolls to the street

More and more baby friends take real silicone doll to the streets. They treat their dolls as their relatives,take dolls to the street and do things that family members only do, and seek their sense of responsibility and belonging through their own care of the dolls. It is a relatively familiar thing for physical dolls to take to the streets now, whether it is restaurants, hotels, or parks, dolls will vaguely appear. Many children and elderly people in the park will also find them very novel and cute when they see the real dolls. They will not have too many disgusting reactions. More will think that taking the dolls out of the house is a very interesting thing, because there are not many people will do this. But in the future, there may be more real dolls appearing in parks and restaurants, because dolls are more and more accepted by the times.

How to look at bringing real dolls to the street?

Real life dolls are a symbol of the development of the times. From simple inflatable dolls to life-size dolls, people will not ignore the satisfaction of their basic needs. Both physically and psychologically, full size sex dolls will give the most silent response. In today's complicated society, a silent response after returning home is the best psychological comfort. Although bringing dolls to the streets is very small now, in the future, the promotion and development of physical dolls will get better and better.If you are a big fan of real dolls, your only difference is that you have more personality than people without dolls.

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