How to elegantly convince a girlfriend to accept a sex doll |

How to elegantly convince a girlfriend to accept a sex doll

September 08, 2020

Many people think that sex dolls are very dirty when they mention sex dolls, and they think that these sex dolls do not conform to the ideas conveyed by mainstream media values. But sex is our instinctive desire. Sex dolls are never a shameful thing, but can stimulate our inner desires. Or it brings us some good expectations in life. Many people have a real girlfriend after buying sex dolls. In this way, there is a contradiction in how to deal with the relationship between girlfriend and sex doll.

Normal men are reluctant to throw away their sex dolls, but they dare not let their girlfriends know, so they have to throw away their sex dolls or sell them as second-hand goods to other players. This is a very regrettable thing. We don't want to see this happening around us. We hope that our sex doll can stay with us for a long time. The most beautiful thing is to let your girlfriend and sex doll be with you, so how to convince your girlfriend to accept your super real sex doll ? If you are curious, please continue reading.


Test your girlfriend's true thoughts

Before using sex toys, you need to understand her thoughts and feelings about sex toys. If she comes home and suddenly sees the sex doll you have installed and hung in the bedroom, or your sex doll is lying directly on your bed. She might not be able to accept it. You can test your girlfriend's views on sex dolls. So how to test it?

"I saw a sex doll on the Internet, can you see what it is? How can I not figure it out." First of all, this is a good way to understand whether she is open or conservative in this regard of. If she understands what you are saying and is willing to share with you, then she is interested in this area. But if she is silent or doesn't know, then it means that the time to introduce sex toys into your sex life is not mature enough. In addition, this questioning method makes you appear less experienced. She would think, hey, kind of cute. At this time, you can continue to ask: "So can we give it a try?"

If she is willing to accept it, this is indeed a good time. But she obviously showed her unwillingness, you need to adjust your strategy. It is best not to continue this topic. If you continue this topic, she will be disgusted, and she will show instinctive disgust when you talk about this topic in the future. So be careful at the beginning and slowly test your girlfriend's thoughts.

How to elegantly convince a girlfriend to accept a sex doll

Guide girlfriend to accept

If your girlfriend is not willing to accept sex dolls, then guidance is the key, and you must lead from the emotional world under the bed. You don't always put sex dolls on your lips, don't make yourself seem too frivolous. Otherwise your girlfriend will think that you are a very sexually addicted person. You must give your girlfriend complete love, girls are very emotional. As long as you are willing to take the feelings between you seriously, give your girlfriend a meticulous relationship and make her feel loved. Then she will be willing to agree to your request. The emotions are mutual. As long as you care about your girlfriend more, she will return your love with this understanding attitude. Do not blindly make your own demands to your girlfriend, and you are not willing to pay emotion or money, she will not promise you to challenge your sexual needs.

When she asked how you are today? You can reply like this: "That's right, at lunch. The colleagues in the office said that he had a new girlfriend, and they used sex dolls for the first sex. It feels good and he likes it very much. Women are jealous. They are very strong. They don’t go to the gym for you, but they will compare with their girlfriends. If you tell her that other partners are also using these big boobs sex dolls, or buy transgender Sex doll  in pursuit of novelty , I heard from a colleague that his wife has a lot of tricks when making love, and always challenges her boyfriend to be very happy, so she might also want to be bolder .


Watch sex doll movie

Watch some movies that use sex doll scenes. When the sex doll comes out, you can ask her: "Hi, dear, can I ask you a question? Will you use sex dolls?" This method is frank and honest . In fact, many times, men just hope that their questioning methods will not make them feel that they are thinking about such things all day. Just because it appears on the screen, the problem seems to have suddenly appeared in your mind. She might think this is your humor.

How to elegantly convince a girlfriend to accept a sex doll

Now there are many high-quality sex doll movies, and sex dolls are also on the screen. Japan has produced many sex doll movies, which have received unanimous praise from the audience. For example, the famous sex doll movies include air dolls and love dolls. The sex dolls here are not vulgar, but reflect the philosophy of life. Sex dolls are not very frivolous, but gradually become part of our lives. It makes people start to think about the value of self-existence, or the meaning of survival, and how people should get along with each other. These movies are very enlightening. When you watch these sex doll movies with your girlfriend, you will have a new experience of life. You will also know each other better, and your girlfriend may not be too repulsive of these sex dolls.


Convincing girlfriends to accept sex dolls is definitely not done overnight. We need to continue to guide girlfriends to accept these sex dolls, which may take a year. Haste is not enough. If we hope to have good results, we should take this relationship seriously, so that your girlfriend can feel that she is cherished by you. A sex doll is a good life companion. If you can have a sex doll with your girlfriend, your life will definitely be very different. If you want to know more about sex dolls, watch the rich and interesting sex doll videos . Welcome to our official website, we will provide you with the best service and after-sales experience!

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