How to carry my solid sex dolls |

How to carry my solid sex dolls

July 21, 2020

How to transport solid dolls is a problem encountered by many doll lovers, because solid dolls are really heavy, usually over 30 kg. Especially huge boobs sex dolls, their weight will also be heavier.

How to carry my solid sex dolls

Why is the physical doll so heavy?

The physical sex doll is different from the inflatable doll. The weight of the physical sex doll is very heavy because the material inside her body is filled with tpe or silicone. In order to maintain the super-real touch of the body, this sacrifice is very worthwhile. I believe you can know about inflatable sex dolls. Although these inflatable sex dolls are very light, they can never compare with the touch of the doll's body in terms of the touch of the doll. Moreover, inflatable dolls are very easy to break and difficult to repair. But the physical doll will not. If your sex doll is hurt and the skin is scratched by some sharp objects, then you only need to apply some glue to the doll's wound, and the doll's wound will be repaired quickly.

Therefore, the material used in the sex doll is an important reason for its heavy weight. In addition, there will be a set of steel frames inside the sex doll, which can support the full-size sex doll more effectively. Although we have tried our best to reduce the weight of these materials, in order to simulate the most realistic touch, these materials have to be used. Moreover, the bracket must also be made of high-strength materials in order to stably support these sex dolls without falling down, and can also withstand your weight. Although the weight of these sex dolls is indeed heavier, they do not lack physical flexibility. The joints of the doll's body are very flexible, and the metal in her body can rotate more freely. She can change different postures according to your different needs, just to make you feel extremely happy and comfortable during sex.

How to carry my solid sex dolls

In addition to the problem of the material of the doll itself, there is another problem concerning the mechanics of the sex doll. It is said that you can easily hold your girlfriend for 50 kg, but a doll weighs less than 30 kg, but it feels heavier than a living person of 50kg. This is because if you hold your girlfriend, your girlfriend can cooperate with you and distribute the force throughout your body, while a physical doll is a non-moving object. The force is uneven when you hold it, and you cannot find a sense of balance. And he didn't dare to hold it with brutal force, for fear of accidentally breaking the doll.

In fact, everyone should not entangle this problem. You only need to communicate with the doll more. How to move her will solve it naturally. At the same time, this is a good opportunity to exercise. It can not only exercise sex experience, but also exercise a strong body.

Although this is a familiar process, you need to keep getting familiar with your sex doll, but in addition, you can also master some small skills, these skills can help you better hold your sex doll, let you The love between will not have too many burdens and difficulties. We believe this will definitely strengthen the familiarity between you and the sex doll and produce more emotional exchanges between each other. So let's take a look at what postures can help you to lift your sex doll skillfully?

How to carry my solid sex dolls

Octopus hug

Do you understand the hold up and sex position? It is also called octopus hug, also called jumping up and hug. The girl hooks the boy’s neck and legs hooks the boy’s waist. You should be hugging her ass, very romantic (recommended the most labor-saving way), pick up the doll face to face, put the doll’s legs around your waist, and hook it with your hands Your head! You hold the doll's butt with both hands.

This is the most energy-saving method. Not only can you easily pick up your sex doll, you can also get in touch with your sex doll. She is lying on your shoulders dependently, and you can feel her big breasts and your breasts hugging each other intimately. This is another kind of happiness. You can also take the opportunity to knead her ass while holding the doll's ass, and you will feel her elastic skin again. This is your two alone time, sex without passion. But there is a shallow warmth surging between you.

How to carry my solid sex dolls

The princess hugs

The above hug posture needs to put the sex doll in a suitable position in advance, and adjust the doll's arms and legs to fit your body. But a simpler way is to sit and then move, raise the doll's hands and put them on your neck. I think it saves energy. That is, the princess hug, the doll will not take the initiative to hug your neck, so put the doll's hand on your neck, so that it will be easier to get better.

But the princess hug requires you to develop more hand muscles. The doll's position at this time is horizontal, so the gravity of the sex doll will be more dispersed. But the octopus-like sex doll won't, because her center of gravity is upright, consistent with your body's center of gravity. But this posture will be more convenient, you can hug your fat chubby sex doll directly.

How to carry my solid sex dolls

Picking up a sex doll is by no means an easy task. We have learned two different postures above. It's not that you just use the same posture, you can also use different postures. You can adjust different postures for holding up the sex doll according to your needs. You can learn the above postures. There is always one that suits you. Bend your knee joints, and the princess lifts up and moves to the bathroom. If you change clothes, put the octopus on your legs. Wearing stockings or clothes can handle it. Just step back and move forward. Put your clothes on your head and hair.

Picking up your sex doll is definitely not a burden, because this process is very sweet and you can get in touch with your sex doll. The position of the hug is when your heart is the closest, you can enjoy this hug process. Although this process may be a bit hard, as long as you master the proper posture to carry your sex doll, you can reduce more pain and annoyance.

After all, you have to pick up your sex doll every day, maybe for sex, maybe clean or put on clothes, you will feel that life is better after learning these positions! Welcome to buy our cheap sex dolls. Not only are the prices cheap, we also use the latest materials to make the body of the sex doll. These materials greatly reduce the weight of the sex doll and will definitely make you feel happy in sex! The process of making you move the sex doll is by no means a burden.

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