How to care for your sex doll |

How to care for your sex doll

July 01, 2020

After you have a realistic sex doll, I believe your mood is definitely unbearable, I can't help but want to try your sex doll as soon as possible, but if you want your doll to have a longer life, you need to pay attention How to take care of your baby. Because it means a lot to you, if you do not take good care of your sex doll, the life span of the doll will decrease sharply, at the same time it will bring you a worse experience and even damage your health. So we must treat our sex dolls more carefully, so how can we better maintain our sex dolls? Let's take a look now!


How to care for your sex doll--sexy doll


First of all, it is the clothing that dolls wear most often. Many TPE and silicone dolls have tiny pores in them. These pores are very easy to penetrate. If you are keen to wear clothes for the dolls, then you must test the clothes first, because the current clothes are more or less dyed, especially dark fabrics. Imagine that you have a white and flawless sex doll, you like her very much, but one day you put on the doll easy to fade clothes, then when you have sex, your skin oozes sweat, this sweat It was a disastrous scene to wet the clothes and dye the skin color of the doll black at the same time.

How to care for your sex doll--sexy doll

There is a simple way to test whether a doll can wear this dress, is to always use the attached clothing test adhesive to ensure that you can wear any clothing sex doll. Put the test adhesive on the fabric for at least one hour to test the doll's new clothes. If the adhesive is stained when removing, it means that the fabric is not suitable, so please do not use clothes. You can test the suitability of the doll's clothes through the clothing test adhesive, which is very simple and fast. If static electricity is easily generated between your doll and clothes, you can use a static elimination spray, which can effectively remove static electricity on clothes.

When your sex is over, you need to pay attention, it is best to take off the doll's clothes because wearing a piece of clothing for a long time will also be very easy to dye the skin of the doll. If you don’t need to use the doll, just take off her clothes. The best way to store it is to not wear any clothes. This is safest for your doll. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the doll’s shame, You just need to choose the correct doll storage method.


How to care for your sex doll--sexy doll 


Every time you use the doll, you need to clean the doll's vagina. Since the doll made of TPE will have some small holes, then these small holes are very easy to store some bacteria. If you have not cleaned for a long time, it will definitely cause harm to your body. Therefore, it is best to clean the doll's vagina every time you use it, and the other skin of the doll does not need to be cleaned too frequently. You only need to gently wipe the baby's skin with a soft towel. Use cold water first, then warm water to better clean the baby's skin.

In addition, the skin of the teen sex doll is also very vulnerable. Although we have used some protective materials on the surface of the doll, if you use a hard brush to brush the skin of the doll, the doll is very vulnerable. So be sure to avoid using a hard brush to brush the skin of the doll. Generally speaking, a soft towel can clean the skin of the doll, but if you are worried about washing it, you can choose a softer but harder loofah brush To clean, the loofah brush is a natural material with the most flexible fiber, which is very suitable for use on dolls, and the cleaning ability is also excellent.


We use silicone paint on the makeup for the dolls, which can be used for a long time and last for a long time, and it is not easy to fall off, but please do not wipe or wipe hard. If you treat the doll rudely, wipe the face of the doll vigorously with a towel, it is very easy to damage the makeup of the doll, and eyebrows and lipstick may fade. Never violently treat the doll’s eyelashes, because although we use the strongest Glue, but there is still the possibility of falling. After all, you don’t want to see a doll without long and eyelashes, it will be very strange and weird.

 How to care for your sex doll--sexy doll 

If your baby's facial makeup has faded, you can repair it for her, which is also a good way. You can buy some female cosmetics and buy different colors of lipstick for the doll. If you are bored, you can even change the lipstick to the doll every day. The doll shows different facial gestures under different lipsticks. However, it should be noted that the makeup of the doll should not be too thick, and avoid too thick or greasy makeup, because they will be difficult to remove, or even clog the pores of the doll. If you want to remove makeup, it is also more convenient, just use a cotton pad plus a little makeup remover, and gently wipe the face of the doll.


When you don’t need to use the doll, you need to store it properly. You must never put the doll into the storage box casually. In this case, your doll will be very sad. The most important thing is that when you store the doll, you must not fold it and store it, such as putting the doll in the box, or keeping the doll in a squatting position for a long time, these actions are extremely harmful to the doll's body. . Keeping the folded posture for a long time will not only make the metal joints inside the doll flexible but also put the bodyweight of the doll on a bracket for a long time. For a long time, this bracket may deform the bracket and affect the flexibility with other parts. In addition, the skin of the doll is also easy to change, because the skin of the doll is not exactly the same as the human body, and she cannot quickly return to the original state. If you keep the sex doll in the same posture for a long time, it is very easy to deform the skin of the doll and produce some unsightly wrinkles. Sadly, these damages are irreversible.

The best storage posture is that the hands and feet of the doll naturally hang down without any bending. You can install a hook to hang the head and body from the hanging hook dedicated to sex dolls. This method will be very efficient. Your doll is stored and will not cause extensive damage to the doll.


How to care for your sex doll--sexy doll 

In the end, how each person handles his own sex doll is up to him. But being more cautious and adapting to the particularity of dolls will be more useful and increase their life and fun. Therefore, don't be too savage, we need to have enough understanding of how to deal with this kind of love and sexual behavior, so that you know what kind of state you are entering, and can better know yourself and your full-size sex doll. If you have any questions when reading this article, you can always consult us, we will provide you with the most professional answers.

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