How to avoid sex doll scams |

How to avoid sex doll scams

February 20, 2021

Scammers target people from all walks of life, increasingly using their creativity and becoming more and more mature over time. Obviously, 138,291 fraud cases were reported in 2016. According to research, this slot machine lost more than 72 million US dollars. Scammers will imitate legitimate things and are willing to use your generosity and friendliness to quickly raid you when you least expect it. Although usually a naive victim, anyone can be vulnerable to scams at some point in their lives.

Since the "Iwawa" business is entirely online, and there is almost no contact with people, the "Iwawa" business exists in situations where fraud and fraud are very rampant. With the popularity of sex dolls, and thanks to the advancement of technology, manufacturers can now create realistic love dolls that can provide a feeling of authenticity, and as the reputation continues to increase, challenges will follow. Scammers, well equipped, ready to tear you apart, really great.

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This article will delve into the two main forms of scams you may encounter when buying sex dolls, and most importantly, discuss various techniques to make you safer. Get rid of this ruthless threat.
When buying modernity dolls, you may suffer from two forms of scams. The first and perhaps the most common one is to buy fake dolls. When the delivered doll is different from the doll you ordered, it is usually because the product advertised by the seller does not match the excellent quality they actually provide. The doll does not meet customer expectations at all, and the seller exaggerates the function of the doll to deceive potential customers. The difference may lie in the quality of the materials used and the specifications and modifications that are not promised in the doll.
The second technique involves paying for the product without delivering it at all. Surprised? Well, this is the most common scam. One person sets up a website and promotes many sex dolls supported by attractive pictures, but there are actually no such dolls. Then, the unsuspecting customer ordered the doll and paid, just because that was the last time they received a message from a scammer. Believe me, this is the reality you may encounter when buying sex dolls (especially the first character dolls). Before you become a victim and destroy the pursuit of unlimited sexual pressure, we will use some techniques to avoid being cheated when buying sex dolls.

Product research

Buying sex dolls for the first time can be frustrating, I mean, you are a novice, and you may even know nothing about these happy gods. Well, most people are looking for real doll sex reviews or asking around to understand what a high-quality doll is. Do you want a silicone doll or a thermoplastic rubber doll? Well, conduct research to understand the pros and cons of each factor that correlates the quality of the materials used with the price of the doll and make a decision. Learn about the various sizes and changes and the benefits of each. This will help you find the best doll for you.


Research how to maintain and store the doll after use, you don’t want to get into trouble after buying it. you? In addition, please check whether the product has maintenance instructions, and legal sex dolls should always be used with the product.

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Seller Research

Just like other products, reviews are also important. They can help you assess the integrity of the seller and help you decide whether to buy from a merchant. Investigate to find out if the seller has done transactions with others and how they feel about the transaction. But don't expect everyone to be happy, but if more people stand on the unhappy side, it should be a red light. You don't want to join the "unhappy team", do you? In addition, please check the clarity and correctness of the information and description about the doll communicated by the seller.

Since the sex doll business is an online business, be sure to check whether the seller’s website provides you with relevant information. Is the information clear? Well, scammers always have obscure websites full of incorrect and unclear information. You can always find from the seller's information that you think your website does not involve your information. The legitimate seller will be happy to answer your queries to ensure that all your queries are eliminated.

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Product Description

Well, one person will ask. Okay, the product description should help the decision. The description should include height, weight, product changes, and instructions on how to maintain the sex doll between uses. Genuine dolls should have clear and accurate descriptions.

You can always consult the seller, you have other questions that are not covered in the description. A good seller should quickly share with you more information about the product and appropriately make you clear about the subject. In fact, the agility and tone of the seller’s response should guide you whether to buy from them. The legitimate seller will be happy to answer your questions; after all, they want you to buy from them.

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Price and payment method

In the end, you have completed all the steps and have the ideal doll that you can't wait to own. The last step is definitely the most critical step. This is the hot spot for every liar. Let you send money to them. So, how to ensure the safety of your money? Well, check the payment methods accepted by the seller and choose the safest one. The smartest way to buy products online is definitely credit card and PayPal. why? Both methods provide a recovery method in case there is a problem.


If the transaction is too good. Think twice! No matter how cliché it sounds, it is definitely wise to study the feasibility of the transaction. Always make sure that the price is reasonable. simple! The price should match the product; for example, compared to rubber dolls, silicone dolls are definitely the most expensive. If the seller’s product looks too cheap or too expensive, please ask.


In short, fraud is a vice that occurs in almost all transactions involving the transfer of funds or any other means of wealth. Anyone can become a victim. Passionate about finding warning signs and always conducting research in advance, the Internet provides features beyond your imagination. Research sellers and look for comments and suggestions from others. Good sellers will always satisfy their customers. It is best to contact the seller by phone and ask about the product. The seller’s affirmation fully demonstrates the authenticity of its business. Focus on pricing and payment methods. Always insist on using secure payment methods to ensure that refunds can be made in case of problems. The ideal pricing should be realistic; one is neither too expensive nor too cheap.

We hope this article is helpful to you, and you will use these tips to protect yourself from fraud.

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