How to apply makeup to a sex doll |

How to apply makeup to a sex doll

July 01, 2020

We will use reinforcement materials for each sex doll before leaving the factory to ensure that the makeup of the doll's face will not fade, but as you use it more times, and wash the face of the sex doll multiple times, the makeup of the doll's face is very easy to fade, Causing mottled makeup. At this time, the face of the sex doll is no longer as bright and beautiful as before, and it is too cumbersome and trivial to send it back to the manufacturer for makeup.

So the best way is to make up the doll and maintain the delicate makeup of the doll's face. It would be better if you have female friends. You can invite your female friends to put on makeup for your doll. But this is a very private matter after all, and you do not want your other friends, especially female friends, to know that you have sex dolls. At this time, you need to do it yourself and personalize the doll with beautiful makeup.

How to apply makeup to a sex doll

Step 1: Preparation

First of all, you should be equipped with a series of cosmetics, such as eyebrow pencils, eyelash brushes, false eyelashes, lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, and face-lifting, etc. You can prepare them in advance so that you can avoid the hassle of applying makeup. If you are not clear about the makeup process, you can watch a variety of beauty videos online, they will teach you how to apply makeup, precautions for applying makeup, how to use various makeup brushes and cosmetics flexibly, and How to match the overall color, you can prepare in advance.

Step 2: Planning the makeup position

The face of the doll is the same as a normal female, so follow the tutorial on the Internet, but it should be noted that it is best not to change the skin color of the doll, especially not to use a dark liquid foundation. Because the face of the doll is mostly made of tpe or silicone, there are various small gaps in it. If you use a dark foundation, it will be difficult to remove the makeup on the face of the doll, and will even leave some mottled marks.

It should be noted that these are irreversible and it is difficult for you to restore them as they are. In addition, the skin of the doll is already very delicate, you don’t need to apply any liquid foundation on the doll to modify the pores, and makeup is not needed, which moisturizing products do not need to be used for the doll, improper use can easily block the doll’s face Pores. Therefore, you only need to apply makeup to the face of the doll, and only need to apply some eyebrows, eye shadows, eyelashes, or lipstick or blush. If you like to draw eyeliners for dolls, that's okay, just be careful not to draw them to other positions.


How to apply makeup to a sex doll

Step 3: Clean the skin

Before makeup, although you do not need to apply moisturizing products such as skin lotion, but you still need to clean the face of the doll. Due to the long-term use of the doll, the face will produce some dust. Although this dust will not affect the doll's face too much, it will affect the makeup effect more or less. This process is very simple, you only need to gently wipe the face of the doll with a wet towel, remove the dirt on the face of the doll, and then put it for a while to dry the face and make it easier to apply makeup.

Step 4: Eye shadow

The eyeshadow of sex dolls is generally not very obvious. If you have no requirements for eyeshadow, you can skip this step. When you are holding an eyeshadow palette, you may not be able to start, not knowing where to start. Don't worry, you just need to dip some of the eyeshadow powder, shake off the excess eyeshadow powder, and finally gently paint on the doll's eyelid, you will see the doll's eyes magnified magically and appear More charming.


How to apply makeup to a sex doll

Step 5: Eyelashes

You will find that the eyelashes of sex dolls sometimes fall off. After a long time, the eyelashes of the female sex dolls will not look good. The good-looking eyelashes are thick, long and curled. The best way is to use false eyelashes for the doll to help the sex doll recover its shiny eyes. If you don’t use false eyelashes, you can also apply mascara to the doll.

Mascara is a very easy and interesting thing. Before applying mascara, you need to use the eyelash curler to shape the doll’s eyelashes. It is easy to curl and curl. In addition, you can use the "Z" shape to start from the root of the doll's eyelashes, so that the mascara can be applied to the eyelashes more evenly. The mascara may not be very long-lasting. The paste on the eyelashes is easy to fall, and we need to apply mascara to the doll many times.

Step 5: Eyebrows

The eyebrows of sex dolls are very easy to draw because there is a shape of eyebrows before the doll, you only need to follow the shape of the eyebrows of the doll before. It should be noted that you need to use a similar or darker eyebrow pencil to describe the beauty of the doll, which will make the color more vivid.

After painting the eyebrows, you may still worry that the color of the doll’s eyebrows will be very easy to fall off. At this time, you need to prepare another thing, which is the styling paste for the doll’s eyebrows, which will greatly help the baby’s eyebrows to maintain the original The shape will not fade.

Step 6: Blush, contouring

Both blush and makeup must be used with care. If you are not careful, it is easy to fade, and the makeup on the doll's face is mottled and more ugly. I believe you will never want to see this kind of scene. Therefore, when you make up, you must gently make up the doll, and in a circular way, so that the makeup of the doll's face will look more natural.


How to apply makeup to a sex doll

Step 7: Lipstick

Lipstick is very important for a sex doll. A good lipstick can help the doll to look more like a real female. Similarly, if you don’t know how to choose the lipstick of the doll, please read on. If your doll is fair-skinned, you can use almost any color, because white and any color are beautiful together.

If her skin is wheat-colored, you can use rose or bean paste lipstick. If your baby has a darker skin tone, choose purple grape, brick red, or some orange shades of lipstick. These lipsticks can help your doll to maintain a wonderful facial posture, you will be addicted to the doll's lipstick like fresh juice.

Step 8: Loose powder

When your doll has basically completed the makeup of the face, it is already very good. But if you think the baby's face is a little sticky because some cosmetics are relatively moist, then you can gently pour some loose powder on the baby's face, it will absorb the excess oil and moisture of the baby's face, and it looks more refreshing and natural.


Lifesize sex doll with exquisite faces will definitely bring you a magical experience, you can even try a variety of different styles of dolls. If you like cosplay, then you must learn to make up the doll, and you will see countless possibilities on the doll. In the process of applying makeup to the sex doll, you can also increase communication with each other. You can stay quietly with her. You can also talk to her. I believe this will be a very beautiful process.

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