How much does it cost me to buy a sex doll? |

How much does it cost me to buy a sex doll?

July 01, 2020

With the continuous popularity of dolls, more and more people begin to recognize the benefits of sex dolls. They enjoy the process of making love with dolls, and they also enjoy the process of accompanying them with dolls. The material of the skin simulates human skin, the types of dolls have become more abundant, and consumers have more choices. Many people can find their fantasy couples here. You want to buy a affordable sex dolls. So are you curious about how much it costs to buy a sex doll? In fact, the answer to this question is up to you. The key is what you want to get from the sex doll, and what kind of experience you want to get from the sex doll is up to you. But we still summarize the price range of some sex dolls. These price ranges are the basic dolls you can buy at a rough price. Of course, if you like to buy new clothes or new cosmetics for the doll, you like to dress you up Of course, it needs to be treated differently. Now let’s take a look at how much it costs to buy a sex doll!


 How much does it cost me to buy a sex doll--playing sex doll


This price range is for some dolls of abnormal size. Generally speaking, these sex dolls have smaller torsos, and their height is usually below 150cm, which looks very petite and cute. Although the price is cheap, it does not mean that the quality is insufficient. On the contrary, most of these dolls use the same materials as the full-size dolls. These sex dolls meet all the strict quality requirements that we attach to each product we provide. It's just that merchants want to introduce more competitive prices or increase sales to seize market share. In this price of sex dolls, you will find that any relatively cheap sex dolls are made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, these materials and tools are used on those high-end dolls. Before you buy, you can read the good and bad of all the reviews written by our purchase users, and then make a comprehensive decision based on the advantages and disadvantages of various aspects.

In addition to some silicone solid dolls, this price can also customize more advanced doll parts, these parts are taken from some of the doll's organs, we finely process these parts, such as the doll's long legs or the doll's head, and others The buyer chose the doll's chest or hips. The price of these parts is relatively cheap, very suitable for those who have fetish. Because they are very interested in a certain part of the doll, they prefer this kind of doll that satisfies their sexual habits compared to the full-size doll. They can wear stockings on the doll's long legs or underwear on the doll's chest, which can fully stimulate their sexual desire.


 How much does it cost me to buy a sex doll--playing sex doll 


The dolls in these price ranges are full-size dolls. You can choose dolls of different heights according to your hobbies. These sex dolls are made of silicone/TPE materials, giving you the most real skin touch, sex dolls and normal size. As humans, it is almost a 1:1 copy of the real human body, which can simulate humans with a high degree of simulation.

Since the doll is about the size of a real person, your choice is more. Generally speaking, the number of dolls at this price is the largest. The manufacturers have produced dolls with different appearances. This price is also a price that the public can afford. The styles of these dolls are diverse, ranging from passionate and full-bodied dolls to petite and lovely lean breasted dolls, both black-skinned sexy dolls and blonde-haired girls. In addition, you can also buy clothes and other sex toys for the doll. You can also buy her real lingerie or other decorations, which can be easily purchased online. If you buy a mini doll, then your choice is very small, you need to spend a relatively high price to customize the doll's clothes, but the full-size doll avoids this trouble.


 How much does it cost me to buy a sex doll--playing sex doll 


There is no upper limit for the price of a good doll, especially for dolls using the highest quality materials. US$2,000 is a jump price for sex dolls, because most people will choose dolls worth more than US$1,000. Dolls over US$2,000 can bring you a better experience. You can customize the skin of a better doll. It may be able to avoid the disadvantages of silicone dolls or TPE dolls. In addition, these dolls will also use better internal metal frames, which are more flexible and durable than ordinary metal frames, and you can take flexible postures according to your needs.

In addition, if you want to customize the doll, the price will be higher accordingly, especially some special customization. In general, ordinary customization does not require consumers to add additional costs for customization. But if you have special needs to customize the doll, then the price will change according to the difficulty of your customization and the quality of the material.

  How much does it cost me to buy a sex doll--playing sex doll

All in all, if you want a better doll, the cost of this price may have no upper limit, because you will continue to add new tools to the doll, and you will need to spend more money on the maintenance of the doll later The cost of maintaining the doll. However, advanced dolls can bring you a better experience, especially when science and technology are more and more developed, more and more artificial intelligence is implanted into the doll's physical fitness, which can more realistically simulate real women, and the price is also Will increase accordingly. If your budget is sufficient, you can choose this kind of doll to serve you, after all, the higher price will also give you a better experience, which is matched with the price.


 How much does it cost me to buy a sex doll--playing sex doll

When you buy something that can be kept for a long time, don’t be greedy for cheap, and you must be cautious when making this choice. Because this is not a regular sex toy, if you keep these dolls well, you can use them for five to six years. With this sex doll, you will share the most intimate moment of your life with her for a long time. These dolls are different from most other toys you have ever bought and played, and she will have a profound meaning in your life.

Finally, it should be noted that no matter what price you buy sex dolls, you must buy them in official stores. Never try to choose cheap and low-quality dolls at lower prices. These dolls are usually made of toxic materials. If you use it for a long time, it is likely to harm your health. The long-term damage may cause you to spend more expensive medical expenses. If you want to buy a cheap doll, and the quality of the doll must be good, you can choose our sex doll, our sex doll is officially authorized, the source is legal and regular, and we try to bring you a better experience, Let more people enjoy the advantages of dolls, so we provide the best quality dolls and the lowest price, welcome everyone to buy, we will also provide you with the most professional advice to help you choose the best sex doll.

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