How much do you know about Gynoid sex doll? |

How much do you know about Gynoid sex doll?

December 05, 2020

Artificial Human Technology is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of super-simulated physical dolls, beauty art collections, super-simulated high-end models, and artificial intelligence robots. By the domestic top body sculpture artists, digital artists, the perfect combination of traditional sculpture and 3D digital modeling, from mud-like sculptures to coloring of finished products, we pay attention to any detail and accept private customized services. The product uses food-grade platinum silica gel, the bones are alloys and engineering plastics (imitating ergonomics to develop the full body joints to the extreme, including every joint of the finger). Top-level exquisite modeling, great value real experience, only you can't think of it, without sex doll we not make!

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Ginoid sex dolls were successfully founded on August 21, 2017. They mainly make silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls.

Ginoid  sex dolls released a major news on November 11, 2017, that is, the agreement to open Ginoid 3. Robot No. 3 is made by domestic famous artists. From conception to clay sculpture, we always adhere to the spirit of ingenuity, boldly try to make breakthroughs, repeatedly modify, and finally complete the prototype sculpture. Based on the traditional sculpture technology, we and 3D digital A perfect combination is achieved. The perfect combination of zero-degree (soft as real human skin) human body silicone and metal skeleton, every joint of the body is movable (including every joint of the finger), which realizes the maximum mobility of the current global erotic entity doll and can fully and intuitively understand every inch of skin To the thickness of the bone, it can be changed freely in many occasions, and many new breakthroughs in technology! The skin color of the finished product ranges from faintly visible blood vessels to three-dimensional texture spots.

On November 27, 2017, the artificial human doll made a major breakthrough as a sex doll. 1. Each finger joint is movable: imitating human finger bones, it can assume any posture, the world's first. 2. No deformation: The product will not deform when standing, sitting or lying on the bed for a long time, avoiding the embarrassment that the doll can only be hung up. 3. Coloring: Coloring the whole body of a simulated human skin, including detailed features such as blue veins, bloodshot eyes, etc., not easy to fade (excluding malicious friction). No longer is too fake to be able to show for playing simulation, because what we do is not only sex toys, but also art collections. 4. Softness and hardness: The softness and hardness of various parts of the body are changed, and the product feels closer to the human body, breaking through the shortcomings of the excellent hardness of the silicone simulator. 5. Mold line: There is almost no mold line in the whole body, which makes the whole doll more perfect. 6. Detachable: The limbs are detachable, which is convenient for transportation, cleaning, nursing, changing, and holding.

gynoid sex doll

The Gynoid doll was officially launched on January 1, 2018. The global limited edition is 499 and 99 in China.

Product parameters:

▌Height: 160cm
▌Weight: 33kg
▌Bust: 84cm (under bust) 61cm
▌Waist: 53cm
▌Hips: 85cm

gynoid asian sex doll

Product Features:

1. Material: Platinum silicone (food grade, such as the material of the nipple on the baby bottle), environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless.
2. Skeleton: alloy + engineering plastics, the joints are ergonomically movable, and each joint of the finger is movable (non-wire bending).
3. In the privacy: using silicone material below "zero" (equivalent to TPE hardness), split design, can replace the name device, easy to take out and clean. Accept customization: There are three sizes of genitals to choose from, which can be customized (additional payment required)
4. You can choose between eyes open or closed on the head part (two heads need to be purchased separately, and one head alone is not acceptable). Eye color, hair color and hairstyle are optional.
5. The overall appearance adopts the disassembly and assembly method, which is convenient for transportation and cleaning (the head, body, hands and legs are divided into five pieces). The position of the parts can be selectively stuck according to the customer's requirements (it is recommended not to stick, which is convenient for dressing. Cleaning and nursing ) Customizable jewelry beautification interface.
6. The full body mold line coverage is very small, and tattoos can be designed on the mold line according to the needs of the guests, and the plane and three-dimensional tattoos are even.

Cyborg dolls participated in the 20th Guangzhou Cultural Festival on November 2, 2018. Friends from all walks of life, camera enthusiasts, and enthusiasts from all walks of life came to learn about the magic of photography, and the scene was extremely popular. The commander-in-chief of the Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival and the deputy secretary-general of the Guangzhou Sex Society visited the robot exhibition site to discuss sex culture and the entity doll industry with Mr. Yi Dao.

This is the history of the development of android dolls. It took just 2 years to go from an ordinary small brand to a well-known big brand. Behind this is definitely a lot of sweat and sweat. Sad. So let's take a look at some well-known products of android dolls.
Gynoid Model 11 162cm Love Sex Doll Ji xiang-Eyeclosed
Ji xiang-Eyeclosed is a doll with closed eyes. She keeps her eyes closed all the time. She keeps her eyes closed no matter any sex position, so that men will be more excited and more sexually lustful. If you like a woman who keeps her eyes closed during sex, then she is the best choice for you when choosing a real doll. The price is affordable, the quality is guaranteed, and you don't lose money.
Gynoid (Synthetic Humanoid), an amazing designer and manufacturer of life-like, hyper-realistic silicone love dolls. Gynoid Dolls specialize in the research and development of ultra-realistic silicone dolls and artificial intelligent robot lovers.

Size & Info

Brand: Gynoid
Head: Yui Shinohara
Model: 7
Height: 165cm
Weight: 34kg
Bust: 86cm
Waist: 61cm
Hips: 90cm
Material: Premium Grade Silicone & Alloy Skeleton

Gynoid big breasts sex doll

Gynoid sex dolls will bring you the best sense of experience, you deserve to have her, I believe you will not regret it after you buy it, you can also come to our store to see here, we have many sex dolls, anime sex dolls , Big breast sex dolls and so on.

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