How I fell in love with my sex doll |

How I fell in love with my sex doll

July 01, 2020

Sex dolls play a considerable role in our lives, sometimes she is not just a toy, but also a companion. It’s not difficult to fall in love with a sex doll, you just need to put your body and mind on the doll, you treat her with sincerity, and she will treat you with sincerity. It is not uncommon for you to have an emotional resonance with each other. , You don’t need to be ashamed or distressed.


How I fell in love with my sex doll

The death of his wife

Mr. Tanaka from Japan fell in love with his sex doll, he lost his wife forever, immersed in grief and unable to extricate himself, Mr. Tanaka could not forget the good time he and his wife get along with each other, their children no longer live at home, so their husband and wife support each other.

They cook together, discuss interesting things that happen in life, clean up together, go out for a walk together, everything is so beautiful. But his wife's death was a huge blow to him, and he lost someone to accompany. His son took him to live together, but it was difficult for father and son to communicate, so Mr. Tanaka felt more and more lonely and could not find someone to speak.

Customize a doll

So he learned that he could customize the doll service, he contacted the producer and asked them to customize the same body doll as his wife, with the same face as his wife. After a period of waiting, Mr. Tanaka finally received his courier, which was exactly the same as his dead wife. His son didn't understand him very much and even hid his baby.

The son was very scared of his father's behavior. In fact, his father only wanted a company with him. Mr. Tanaka took the doll back to the place where he and his wife lived, and they lived together. Undoubtedly, Mr. Tanaka has fallen in love with his sex doll, he no longer feels lonely, because the doll is always with him, they are very happy.


How I fell in love with my sex doll 

The company of the doll

TPE sex dolls are like real people! In the room, Mr. Tanaka plays with the sex doll, and they are like friends. He put the sex doll on the sofa, so he could watch TV with the doll in his arms. Get up in the morning to comb the doll's hair and change to a new dress, it looks more beautiful. They can also have lunch together, and the doll is sitting opposite.

 Although she can’t eat yet, she is quietly beside Mr. Tanaka, watching Tanaka eating, and Mr. Tanaka will also talk to the doll, saying that this dish is not tasty. , Or some other trivial things in life, this process is very happy, because Mr. Tanaka is accompanied. The sex doll will not betray him or refute him, they get along so harmoniously and naturally.

Sometimes, on a rainy day, Mr. Tanaka held the doll on the wheelchair and pushed the sex doll out for a walk. When they visited the park together and saw a newly blooming flower, Mr. Tanaka picked it and put it on the doll's hair. They breathe the fresh air together. During the walk, Mr. Tanaka also talked with the doll about his daily life and told him his recent experience. This is a very happy process, just like a real person walking with you.

 How I fell in love with my sex doll


 They can also take pictures together, stand on the beach and set up a tripod. Mr. Tanaka left a lot of photos, some photos of them hanging out together, some photos of them hug together, some photos of them having lunch together, and some photos of dolls taken alone. Mr. Tanaka printed all these photos, and the printed photos were hung in the room. Mr. Tanaka could see the pictures of these cute dolls at any time, and he was very satisfied.

Mr. Tanaka lives with sex dolls. There is no doubt that Mr. Tanaka has fallen in love with the dolls. In the process of getting along with them, the doll has been giving Mr. Tanaka company, she always smiled and looked at Mr. Tanaka and encouraged her and support. Falling in love with this sex doll is a very simple thing. Forever companionship is rare happiness. The sex doll will not complain.

 How I fell in love with my sex doll


She will give you endless care and support. She will never betray you. It is difficult to find such a realistic woman in life, and it is not difficult to understand why Mr. Tanaka fell in love with this sex doll. Everything is so cute, we can find countless possibilities on the doll, as long as we pay more attention to the doll, get along with her more, and spend more time with the doll in daily life, you will feel that a real woman exists besides you. A full body sex doll will even give you more tolerance and understanding. She is like an angel, to save your lonely soul and comfort your soul.

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