How heavy are sex dolls |

How heavy are sex dolls

July 01, 2020

Before buying a sex doll, you may have such a question, what is the weight of a sex doll? Can I hold a sex doll? Many consumers who do not understand the weight of sex dolls will be amazed when they get the real doll. The doll is heavier than they thought. If you are curious about the bodyweight of the doll, then go on!

First of all, before you buy a doll, you must think twice. What you need to consider the weight of the doll is, what is your personal fitness and energy?

Because this is different from person to person, if you are physically fit, you can choose a larger doll, the process of storing and carrying the doll is relatively easier, and you can also compare when you have sex with a sex doll Choose your posture and movement flexibly to meet your sexual needs.

 How heavy are sex dolls


Material selection

The weight of a sex doll is not fixed. Her weight will vary according to the manufacturer and the material used. She does not have a fixed value, so we can only estimate an approximate weight. A sex doll is mainly made of TPE or silicone. The weight of silicone is usually heavier than TPE. If you like a lighter sex doll, you can choose a sex doll made of TPE. The doll made of Tpe material is softer to touch, and at the same time, it stimulates the touch of a real person. You may almost think that it is the skin of a real woman, which is hard to resist.

The inside of the silicone doll uses a very strong metal bracket, which can well support the entire body of the doll, and even the doll can stand freely and stand there like a real person. If you are looking for a lighter doll, you can choose a new type of metal frame, which is very durable and uses the latest technology. The metal frame can maintain a strong form under a lightweight, so this is a very rare bracket.

You can also customize a sex doll yourself. The chest of the doll can be adjusted. The larger the chest, the lighter the weight. This is because in general, the dolls above the C cup use a hollow production process so that the weight of the doll will be Relatively light because the breasts of the dolls are hollow, the breasts of the dolls are more elastic and soft to the touch. The dolls below the C cup have solid breasts and buttocks, so the touch is relatively soft and hard. The final weight of this doll is relatively heavy.


How heavy are sex dolls 

Approximate weight

Generally speaking, the taller the body of the doll, the weight of the doll is relatively heavy, and the height and weight of the doll are relatively equal. The key is what size doll you choose. The smaller the doll, the lighter her weight, and the easier it is for you to pick up the doll and do whatever you want.

The weight of the Mini doll is generally only 16kg, you can easily pick her up. The weight of the medium shape is about 40kg. If you choose a bigger doll, the weight of the doll will increase with height.

Because sex dolls are different from real women, real women are more flexible, they can adjust their posture at will, and the center of gravity of their bodies will also change, which reduces your burden, but the hands and feet of the doll are fixed, she does not It will automatically adjust the posture according to the curvature of your back, so you will feel that the weight of the sex doll will be more difficult for you to bear 

 How heavy are sex dolls

Recommended weight

If you are a newbie who has just come into contact with dolls, then we do not recommend that you choose a doll that is too heavy. We recommend that you choose a doll with a weight of 40kg. This doll has the most weight to simulate the weight of a person, although it is more than most women in reality. Light, but you may find that this is the most suitable weight during use. Because it is difficult for you to bear the weight of a large doll, she is likely to ruin your self-esteem. Because you are too tired during the handling, you may spend most of your energy during the handling. This process is greatly weakened your sex experience. You may also be tired because of the difficulty in dealing with an overweight doll in bed.


Therefore, you must understand the weight of a good doll before you buy it. Overweight dolls will bring you a great burden. You can also conduct a series of training on the weight of the doll, and constantly adjust your posture to become familiar with the weight of the doll. If you are worried that the weight of the doll is too heavy, you can choose our doll. We use the latest materials, which can greatly reduce the weight of the tpe and silicone sex doll. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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