How do I change different clothes for the doll |

How do I change different clothes for the doll

July 01, 2020

The clothes for dolls are various and have different styles. Sometimes best sex dolls do not stay at home, you need to take her out to participate in various activities, obviously, she can not go out naked, you need to choose some beautiful clothes for her. Other consumers like to put different types of clothes on dolls. If you like to put different clothes on the doll and create different types of doll images, then read on!

 How do I change different clothes for the doll


First of all, before buying clothes for dolls, you need to pay attention to the following points. First of all, don't wear dolls that are easy to dye and fade. This will be a very serious matter. Because the material used by the doll will have some gaps, if your doll's clothes fade, and then some of your sweat is mixed, then the sweat will be mixed with dark dyes and penetrate into the skin, resulting in uneven color patches on the skin of the doll. Therefore, before changing the doll, you must test whether the doll's clothes will fade, this dyeing is irreversible, so we must pay attention to it at any time.

Secondly, don't wear tight clothes for the doll, and don't wear it for too long, otherwise, it will cause the baby's skin to deform or produce some wrinkles, which will affect your experience. After all, the skin of the doll is not as flexible as the human skin. Even if a real woman wears tight clothes for a long time, it will cause the skin to deform.

 How do I change different clothes for the doll

Finally, when the clothes you try on for the doll are not easy to put in, you can add some powder, so that the doll's dressing process will be smoother and will not damage the doll's skin.

How to buy

Before you change the doll, you need to consider, where can I buy a rich variety of sexy clothes? The clothes of the dolls are exactly the same as those of real women. You can buy clothes according to the size of real women. If your doll is a mini sex doll, you can buy children's clothing for the doll, many cute children's clothing is very suitable for wearing on the doll's body. But if you like sexy doll clothes, or some role-playing costumes, such as stewardess suits, sailor suits, police uniforms, Lolita or sexy school uniforms, children's clothes obviously do not have suitable clothes, then you need to customize the mini Sexy clothes for dolls. This kind of clothes will be more expensive, and you will spend more time.

But if your doll is full size, then you can buy clothes exactly according to your preferences. Because these manufacturers supply real women figures to meet the real women's clothing needs. So she has a variety of types and can have different styles of clothes. You can also choose some sexy bras for dolls to make your dolls look more sexy and cute.

The biggest problem will come from the breast size of the female doll. Many men like to get dolls with large breasts, and these dolls are usually disproportionate to other parts of the body, and it is difficult to find real people of this proportion in real women. This imbalance means that it may be difficult for you to find the top and dress that suits your doll. If you have a particularly plump doll, you may need to order doll clothes specifically.

 How do I change different clothes for the doll


Dress up

Dressing up a doll is a very happy thing. You can see countless possibilities on the doll. She can change into a different image according to different clothes and makeup. For example, you can change the doll into a stewardess uniform, wear a stewardess hat, pull a small suitcase, put on stockings and professional high heels, then she is like a real stewardess! You can also replace the doll with a delicate and gorgeous Lolita skirt with a lot of lace on it, you can put her on lace socks, put on Mary Jane shoes, put on a big pink lace headband, a big skirt It looks more gorgeous, you can also add a parasol full of lace and pearls, and the doll appears in your room under a beautiful umbrella. How can this make people resist?

 How do I change different clothes for the doll


A sex doll is not just a toy. When you think of her as a real person, you cannot restrain the desire to buy clothes for the doll. Sex dolls will bring you a lot of magical experiences. She can enhance your emotional contact in the process of making love. You will also feel that she is like a real person. This kind of inner satisfaction is fabulous!

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