Having sex with a sex robot means cheating to our partner

Having sex with a sex robot means cheating to our partner?

June 30, 2020


Technology will advance to make humans fall in love with robots, marry them, and have sex. This will be a natural extension of our relationship with others. It doesn't sound crazy now, because technology has developed to a frightening speed. Many artificial intelligence researchers, such as David Levi, agree on this issue.

Having sex with a sex robot mean cheating to our partner

Cheating should belong to the category of psychological terms in the modern language system. It refers to one or both parties of a spouse (couple) who seeks to meet their sexual or emotional needs with a third party outside of marriage (out of a relationship). Among them, the occurrence of "sexual behavior" is the first factor to determine whether cheating is established. A whole new moral issue has emerged. If you are in a love relationship or a marriage relationship if you go to sleep with a sex robot, mean cheating to our partner?


People are only unrequited love for sex dolls

It is true that when it is discovered that the couple uses real sex dolls, it will be very painful for the "betrayed" party. But having sex with sex dolls is not real cheating.

The so-called marriage means that the two parties use a paper of marriage to restrain the behavior of the two parties, which is an exchange of loyalty and loyalty to each other. Sex with a doll is still very different from the real world cheating, for example, the lack of third-party realistic characters.

Because sex dolls can be changed at will, the doll owner will not forget a certain face, nor will she have a deeper connection with her, such as having a common memory. This is very different from the real human-to-human interaction.

However, for those who are derailed, it may just be your partner's, unrequited love! Sex dolls are not aware of their own behavior, you can treat her as an object, after all, there are no worries that a third party will come to your door. People are always above virtual sex dolls.




Having sex with a sex robot mean cheating to our partner

Does sleeping with a robot mean cheating?

Imagine if your sex doll suddenly turned into a super sexy guy, her skin and facial features are exactly the same as real people, and even her skin feels more comfortable than real people. She can walk, talk, and know your sexual preferences because she is programmed in this way, which may be more difficult for the public to accept.

Raising a sex robot at home may pose a great threat to the relationship between couples and couples. For example, as time goes by, the wife will prefer to have "electronic" sex with the robot in real life, what should her husband do? Her husband may feel lonely and insecure, and may eventually buy his own sex robot, and then program to satisfy his every desire, even the most taboo sexual fantasies.


You may remember a plot of the big bang of life, Howard is addicted to the game, he has sex with a virtual character and gets spiritual satisfaction, he and a green troll have sex under the bridge of the soul, this thing is her girlfriend Berner Dete found out. His girlfriend thinks this is a cheating and wants to break up with her.

 Having sex with a sex robot mean cheating to our partner

These robots are set to have infinite patience and perfect kindness, and they will definitely be more loyal than humans. Moreover, if the most important thing is that we give them a strong protective desire and affectionate character, there is no doubt that robots will gradually replace human sex organizations. It is only a matter of time before they become more reliable friends and more harmonious lovers of mankind. When you go to bed with a robot, you are just a person who gives one-way love. The relationship between you is very fragile. An accident may break your relationship.


Can robots understand love?

Many people think that sex dolls have no love, so the sex between the person and the new robot is not a cheat, at most, it can be called a spiritual cheat. But with the development of technology, you may find that robots are programmed into the program, this program will let the robot learn the concept of love.

We may not be able to fall in love with the female sex doll, but before figuring out whether the robot has feelings for humans, we first want to know whether the robot can understand being loved. According to Rodolphe Gelin:

Robots can fully understand the signs of emotion. But then again, it all depends on how we express our feelings. Robots learn slower than humans, but their understanding is more precise. They analyzed many parameters, including context, background, sound size, and pupil size. "


 Having sex with a sex robot mean cheating to our partner

On the other hand, just like humans, robots are fully capable of simulating emotions, and can even “empathize artificially”. We further explored the interaction between robots and humans in the future, and we contacted Laurence Devilliers and computer scientists and researchers at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Her views are slightly different:

"It is important to understand that robots do not have their own intentions, so they cannot fall in love, but they can be achieved through programming." On the other hand, even if people know that they are dealing with simulation, they may tend to think that The situation is real. "

Having sex with a sex robot mean cheating to our partner


This is a typical anthropomorphic projection. In other words, humans tend to empathize with human emotions and reactions with animals and other objects. So, even if your robot can say "I love you", it will not feel a tumult in its metal stomach. Therefore, there is a serious problem in the love between robots and humans. Unless we start to define the concept of love with completely different basic rules, in this case, spontaneity and feeling are pre-set based on personalized programming

Although robots may never truly return our feelings, humans must have a unilateral emotion. Take the Japanese concept of otaku, where people fall in love with fictional characters, or the BBC documentary "Men and Dolls." In this story, people desperately fall in love with their sex dolls. In the documentary, some men have lived with their latex "wife" for more than eight years! Their emotional depth seems to have no boundaries.

Although these men seem to want to fall in love with their dolls, we cannot deny that they got what they wanted. As long as they can let go of their doubts, they will always have what they want. As long as there is such a possibility, there is no doubt that thousands of men and women will eventually fall in love with their robots. As Laurence Devilliers explained: "We are attached to things because they did something for us."

If this is the case, all of our robot sex doll in the future will have to figure out what we are missing in love to fill our spiritual needs.

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