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Have you heard of the release of shared sex dolls

June 30, 2020


The world changes with each passing day and advances at the speed of light. The development of the world far exceeds our imagination. With increasing popularity and demand, sex toys are becoming easier to use for people. There are physical sex toy stores and even virtual sex toy stores on the Internet. The best sex toy stores you can trust have many options for you to choose from. Some men's and women's toys are lifelike and can bring you the same enjoyment by touching your g-point directly, or even more. In these stores, you can buy many anal toys, dildos, cock rings, lubricants and vibrators to achieve the ultimate satisfaction.


Have you heard of the release of shared sex dolls 

China has launched many shared services. After sharing bicycles, sharing electric vehicles, sharing umbrellas, and sharing basketballs, a Chinese company launched shared sex dolls. Many people were surprised at this. Absolutely these things are difficult to understand and believe, but anything all have their own inevitability, if you are interested, let's take a look at sharing sex dolls with us!


The release of shared sex dolls

On September 14, a Chinese sex goods retailer launched a "shared girlfriend" service in Beijing to provide rental sex dolls. At present, there are five styles to choose from: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Russia, South Korea, and "Wonder Woman" with a sword and shield. Customers can not only specify clothing and hairstyles but also request handcuffs, whips and other sex toys. Moreover, as long as an additional fee is paid, customers can install a mobile phone APP that simulates various sounds before shipment to warm up the "dating".


Shared sex dolls are priced at RMB 298 per night. Customers must pay a deposit of 8,000 yuan. The company will return the deposit after recycling sex dolls. This service will be piloted in Beijing and is planned to be rolled out nationwide in the future.


Have you heard of the release of shared sex dolls 

The advantages of sharing sex dolls

The company claims that these sex dolls feel like "real people", have perfect bodies, and are perfectly capable of meeting the needs of "single dogs". The company said that "sharing a girlfriend" will help solve the problem of millions of men in China unable to find a spouse because of an imbalanced gender ratio. Men who are far away from their wives for business trips or other reasons can also resolve their urgent needs through "sharing girlfriends".

These sex dolls have a perfect experience, and sex dolls are very realistic, many sex dolls are tpe sex dolls, their skin is soft and elastic, and very smooth, touching the skin of these sex dolls you are like touching the skin of a real person same. These sex dolls have been polished many times, carefully carved, and carefully created by the most skilled craftsmen. You can see that their skin is perfect. Their skeleton is also very flexible. It can perform actions that cannot be achieved by a real person.

The high-quality sex doll has extraordinary internal brackets. These brackets are very light and very flexible. Her skeleton can withstand the weight of the sex doll. At the same time, the weight of these dolls can be maintained in a certain posture, she can maintain a certain posture for a long time, these postures can help you intersect, it will be a very beautiful experience.


How to solve the health problems of sex dolls

After all, sex dolls are a very private matter. The biggest problem is health and safety issues. Each sex doll should be exclusive, but it may be used for different purposes. Sharing sex dolls will serve a variety of people. Then this will inevitably lead to concerns about health problems.

Many STDs are caused by not paying attention to hygiene during sex. These sexually transmitted diseases spread from person to person and cause a lot of pain. If sex dolls can be shared, what is the difference with prostitutes? There is a possibility of sexually transmitted infections, so this is a problem that needs to be solved urgently, and the company has given approximate protective solutions.


 Have you heard of the release of shared sex dolls


Regarding people's concerns about health issues, Touch allows users to remove the lower part of the doll and keep it for the next use when a new upper part will be delivered. The company proposed that part of it be shared, but the other part of the doll's body is relatively private, like the doll's vagina, which must not be shared.


When the company recycles the baby, it will disinfect and sterilize the baby in a full range to ensure that the body of the baby will not leave pathogenic bacteria, effectively isolating the risk of infection. This is a relatively safe process.


Who is suitable for sharing sex dolls?

People who want to buy a full-size sex doll, the promotion of sex dolls makes more and more people want to buy a sex doll. The price of sex dolls is usually very high, many people have not been in contact with sex dolls before buying, so these shared sex dolls are a good channel. You can feel these experiences and evaluate whether she meets your desire goals. You can decide whether you want to buy a sex doll based on the results of this evaluation.

Have you heard of the release of shared sex dolls

If the partner is not at home all year-round, because of work reasons, it is difficult for many couples in the family to meet. You need to meet each other after a period of time if you want to pursue short-term emotional needs. You can also buy this shared sex doll to avoid being discovered by your partner. Because when you buy a sex doll, no matter where you hide it, there is the possibility of being discovered. If you don’t want to be discovered by your partner, then this is definitely the best choice.

Sharing sex dolls is still at an early stage and is still evolving. It may be a trend that can help us understand these sex dolls more fully. If you want to buy or want to consult some more detailed experience, we will provide you with more professional advice.

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