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Harley Quinn:Hot anime sex doll

August 31, 2020

Are you a big fan of anime? Do you want to have a wonderful sex with your favorite anime sex doll? Are you worrying that your miniature anime figure cannot satisfy your desire for sex dolls? Anime sex dolls can satisfy all your desires. Harley Quinn is a very popular anime sex doll. Seeing this sex doll is like seeing an anime character perfectly restored on her body. You can also realize your dream of owning anime sex dolls. Are you curious about the experience of a wonderful sex with such a sexy sex doll? If you also want to have your own sex doll to realize your dream, come and learn about this attractive anime sex doll !

 Harley Quinn:Hot anime sex doll

The crazy and paranoid Harley

Harley Quinn is the follower of Batman's number one enemy "Joker" and the best friend of "Poison Ivy", and Harley Quinn's anti-drug physique, excellent reflex nerves and athletic ability are given by Poison Ivy. Harley Quinn was originally the psychologist of the "Arkham Asylum", whose real name is Harlen Quetzer, but while she was treating Joker, she was seduced by Joker and felt deeply sympathetic and moved by the tragic past he fabricated. She became obsessed with Joker, and finally Harlen Quetzer also left Arkham, and began to wear Joker's clothes to become later "Harley Quinn". Harley is known as Joker's girlfriend, but the relationship between the two is not equal. Harley has been abused mentally and physically by Joker for a long time. The relationship between Harley and Joker is a typical domestic violence relationship.

Harley, who was attracted by Joker, later committed more dangers to help Joker escape from prison. Later, he was arrested and imprisoned with his doctor's license revoked and was considered a mentally abnormal patient. From then on, her criminal career began. Joker wanted a gun, Harley gave it to him, Harley really liked to adore this crazy Joker. But after Joker came out, he tied Harley to shock her brain, making Harley crazy, but there is a detail in it that Joker put a piece of cloth into Harley's mouth to prevent her from biting her tongue because of the pain. Joker thought Make Harley as crazy as her, but with a trace of distress and possession.

Joker and Harley are at the bar. They are the "kings and queens" of Gotham. Joker does not allow anyone to miss Harley because he is a sickly crazy Joker with powerful possessiveness. One of them came to the bar. Joker jokingly wanted to give Harley to him. This person was deeply fascinated by Harley, but still didn't dare... But in the end he was killed by Joker, just because he was fascinated...

Joker used Harley to do what he wanted to do, kicked out after doing it, even beat and scolded, and once even tied Harley to a rocket and sent it into space. But Harley forgave Joker again and again. Harley was crazy about Joker and dressed herself as a traditional Joker. The blind love to Joker was her only weakness.

 Harley Quinn:Hot anime sex doll

Soft body

Harley Quinn doesn't have any superpowers, but through a potion given to her by Poison Ivy, her strength, speed, and agility have been improved, and her physical resistance has also been improved. She is a master of combat, often using acrobatic tricks, with extraordinary wisdom and elusive thinking, often a sledgehammer, baseball bat or a special pistol. She is an Olympic gymnast with strong legs.

The sex doll Harley inherited the characteristics of her in the comics. She is made of TPE material. The TPE sex doll  is relatively cheap and highly restores Harley. Get a better experience. She is soft and resilient. Her body is explosive and can burst out huge power in an instant. And because of special treatment, her joints are very flexible and can withstand many of your movements. You can even let her pose in a variety of different poses to cater to your needs, and she will not refuse no matter what needs you make. You can make her wear her character clothes, so that there will be more real feelings, so that you can really feel that you are making love with your dream lover.

Harley's body has three holes, namely the mouth, anus and vagina. These different positions will bring you different sex experiences. You can own this sex doll from top to bottom, from the inside out, and let her surrender under your body. She worships your masculine charm. You can stop Harley from being obsessed with Joker in an instant, and she will cut off the deformed relationship that makes her feel sad. Love is a nutrient that nourishes each other, not a weapon to hurt each other. Your appearance will definitely make her get rid of her old sadness and pain.

 Harley Quinn:Hot anime sex doll

Master of Disguise Harley

Harley Quinn is also a master of disguise. She often disguises herself as people of different professions and identities on different occasions. No matter who she pretends to be, it is difficult for others to recognize her, and her ability to pretend is amazing. Because of her excellent proportions, it makes her look very real no matter what she is dressed up as a character. And it can maximize her sexy figure and let you sink into her body.

Harley in the anime has a limited number of disguised characters, not all of our favorite types. You can use your creativity and let Harley show a different appearance under your hands. She can also change to different wigs, which will make your Harley completely another person, but her body and facial features remain the same. Harley actually belongs to the Lolita sex doll , but her heart is not so naive, Harley's heart is strong and brave, even full of determination. You can dress your Harley as a young sex doll and imagine the purity and cuteness of your youth. Harley is hard to refuse. She must be very soft and cute when she was a child. Harley, who hasn't gone crazy, shows the innocence of a little girl.

 Harley Quinn:Hot anime sex doll

Harley is undoubtedly very distressing, distressed by her crazy attachment to Joker, no matter what the other party does to hurt her, she will never give up loving Joker. This kind of feeling is enviable. We hope that Harley can come out of this deformed love and let her find her truest self. Can you bring her back to the way she was before? If you are interested in the sex doll Harley, you can learn more about it. You will fall in love with the cute and charming Harley!

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