From head to toe-how real the sex doll is |

From head to toe-how real the sex doll is

July 14, 2020

We have been saying that sex dolls are a magical existence. Her appearance is exactly the same as that of a real person, and her authenticity is even comparable to that of real women. Sometimes, when you see a picture of a sex doll, you wonder whether this is a sex doll. What materials are these sex dolls made of? How can she reach such a realistic level? So, let's reveal the secret together. See how real the cute sex doll is, and why she is so real!

From head to toe-how real the sex doll is

Full body of sex doll

The sex doll body is made of super soft TPE material, and some sex dolls will be made of silicone. Different materials make different feels and appearances. Generally speaking, the sex doll made of silicone is more authentic, she looks more like a real person. The sex doll made of TPE material is not the same, the sex doll material of TPE material is more soft and comfortable. Correspondingly, her appearance is not so real, her skin rarely shows a natural skin color, but shows an unnatural pink color. So although the TPE material is more comfortable, in terms of authenticity, silicone sex dolls are more realistic and similar. These materials are very similar to human skin, when you touch it, you will even feel the trembling of the soul, just like touching real people.

From head to toe-how real the sex doll is

Sex doll upper body

First, let's start with sex doll head. sex doll head is separated from the body. When you receive a sex doll, the head and body of the doll are separated from each other. You need to reinstall it. This step is very simple, you don't need to worry, you can even order different doll head accessories, so that your sex doll can have different facial features. The sex doll face is realistic in that her facial features are complete, and there will be concave and convex parts. sex doll mouth really exists, and just like people, they also have tongues in their mouths. Of course, if you need oral sex doll head, you better choose the doll head without tongue.

 Because the presence of the tongue will affect your oral sex experience. Of course, if you pursue a real sex doll, the head of a sex doll with a tongue is more attractive to you. In addition to the oral cavity, the sex doll's hair is also very realistic, and the general sex dolls use wigs. But some high-end expensive sex dolls are not, doll heads with real hair is very realistic, their hair is not simply placed on it. It is implanted one by one, which will make it more real, and some sex dolls will use real human hair, which further enhances the authenticity of sex dolls. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the more realistic the sex doll.

Moving our eyes down, we look at the sex doll's chest. The sex doll tits are very soft, you can customize as much as you want, and the touch of these sex dolls will be more real, even more beautiful than the real female touch. The sex doll boobs are divided into two cases. The sex dolls with small breasts usually have smaller breasts, so they are solid breasts. In order to reduce the relative weight, big breasts sex dolls will use hollow production methods. There is no obvious difference between the two, the touch is very real. The bumps of the sex doll's areola are very real, when you zoom in the picture, you can see that their breasts are especially pink. The details of the sex doll's chest can be customized, whether it is the protrusion and size of the sex doll's chest, and the curvature of the chest. Both can be determined according to your preferences.

From head to toe-how real the sex doll is

Sex doll lower body

The second half of the sex doll's body is the same as that of real women. Both sex doll anal and sex doll vagina are very real. The vagina and anus of the sex doll are very real, no matter the shape of the anus is similar, and the touch of the anus and vagina is also very real, just like a real person. If you like, you can also implant hair, which will make the doll look more real.

sex doll ass looks good, with a curved arc. When you see sex doll butt, her butt is very sexy, with many colors of sex dolls, and the size of the doll butt can be determined. If you like BBW sex dolls, sex doll booty will be very full, just like a pudding, can bring you countless passions and desires. The big ass set off a very slim waist, making sex dolls especially sexy. If you like sex dolls with flat buttocks, these sex dolls look very nice in their clothes, just like the goddess in dreams. And the sex doll of the little ass is also lighter in weight, you can swing her posture at will. Real doll dildo is also something you can't imagine, she has great advantages. Because she can satisfy your various poses and desires, she is more suitable for three-person. This penis is removable, you can install it when you need it, but if you don’t need it, just take it off. There is no obvious difference in the appearance of these sex dolls, you do not need to worry about the removable penis will affect the external appearance of your sex doll.

From head to toe-how real the sex doll is

Finally, we mentioned the content below the sex doll's butt. The sex doll legs are generally very long, imitating the proportion of a real human body, and even the depression of the knee is very detailed. Her ankles also look very real, and the depressions are just like real ones. And at the joints, the legs and feet of the sex doll can be twisted at will, which is very flexible. Although it is a sex doll, her flexibility is even comparable to that of real people. Sex doll feet are like real people, and some sex doll feet even have blue blood vessels on their feet. There are nails on her toes, you can decorate her nails with nail polish, your sex doll will be more sexy and charming.

From head to toe-how real the sex doll is

Our human size sex dolls are very close to the touch of a real person, whether it is from the touch or the appearance, she is simply a replica of a real person. If you want to find a sex doll that can replace a real person, that sex doll is definitely your best choice. Many people are shocked by the reality of sex dolls when they receive them, and surprises fill their hearts. This absolutely drives them crazy. The sex dolls are already so real that the sex dolls do not look very different from real people. The sex doll is simply a gift from heaven and makes you feel extremely happy. If you want to have such a real sex doll, reallovesexdoll must be your best choice. We will provide you with the best products and costumer service!

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